Video: Mariah Carey Performs on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Mariah Carey performed her single “Obsessed” for the first time on TV on Wednesday’s episode of “America’s Got Talent” hosted by Nick Cannon. If MC was a contestant, she would’ve been X’ed. Far more entertaining was her playful interaction with her husband at the end.

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  1. Ken

    WOW seriously, can you really consider this a live performance? I’m so disappointed in Mariah she used to be one of the divas…Now she can’t even sing anymore.


  2. nikehead

    yea she did lip sync 90% of the song i dont find her performances entertaining. she was the shit back in the day but she changed. i think pretty soon she needs to hang it up!


  3. vaun

    I Looove Mariah but that was a MESS! THE ONLY THING THAT WAS LIVE WAS The ending.


  4. Facebook User

    Mariah Carey is known as an icon, but her performances lately haven’t been up to par…all those screeching high notes ,that were symbolic of Mariah, but she could’ve toned it down…I still love her..she’s still drop-dead gorgeous.


  5. jj3309(aka)THE TRUTH

    what is going on mariah….why r u lipsynching…i thought u would step your game up this time..i guess not..i still luv u..just not excited anymore for your performances


  6. bass_man

    WEAK. ugh. & lawd Mariah&Nick. LMAO


  7. bass_man

    & few things upset me more than when hosts or artists scream into a mike. we hear you. it’s loud in there, but quiet over here. kthanks.


  8. Lillovaboy

    Please you dont really know whats lipsync because that wasnt lipsyncing at all.She had a backing track to do the oh ohohohohh that she clearly cant do while shes singing and her three chorist but that was it.All of it was 100% live listen clearly you can ear so much differences in the performance compared to the original song.Anyways i liked that performance very much.Only thing i woulve liked to be better is the sound of her mic cuz that was hard to ear her.


  9. sosiccwitswagga

    Damn i love me some mariah but she has fell off every since she met nd married nick cannon im happy for the both of them but she fell off its like she lost the hunger in her or something i don’t know what it is but she needs to get it bak on track we all know she can sang her ass off n hit them high notes like no one but she is not the same mariah anymore her performances aren’t entertaining anymore but i still luv u mariah..


  10. Jay

    I’m not sure what many of the other commentors were watching, but I thought her performance was outstanding. She was definitely not lipsynching!!! Great job Mimi and I can’t wait for the album.


  11. dan

    it was life…you can definitely hear that

    the end was embarassing


  12. Fresh Prince22

    MAN MARIAH BEEN FELL OFF SINCE HER “DAYDREAM” DAYS! SHE NEEDS TO GO BACK TO THE BASICS…every since she came up with this so-called proclaimed “Diva” status her music has been mediocre at best…smh quit trying to fit in and work on making real music. Not a “diss track, as a first single”

    Back to the performance..the ending was so phony and cheesy…her bodyguard—i mean, husband need to stop.


  13. BP86

    That performance was a hot-tranny-mess. This was really really bad. To say she was singing live the entire time would make me a liar and delusional. She’s not dancing, so I’m gonna need for someone to turn her mic up so I can hear her. I love her, but I’m not sure she still has ‘it’ in terms of singing live….upsetting.

    PS- She looks AMAZING and is physically toned as hell, BUT did anyone else see Nick’s legs buckle at 4:27? lol had me cracking up!


  14. BP86

    ps 2 – they mistakenly spelled her name wrong. lol ‘Maria’ is how they spelled it. haha wtf, this is all just so wrong!!!!!


  15. bijan

    damn those background singers outdid her!


  16. Twinn

    a ah ah ah a HOT MESS a ah ah ah a HOT MESS!


  17. cassie fan



  18. arietis

    love it !


  19. i love ciara

    i think the video was off there’s another video where the voice is in sync


  20. MACH

    She wasn’t lipsyncing.. you can CLEARLY hear her singing.. especially on the adlibs she injected.. PLUS there was a video that a fan made at the taping and you could hear her really good.. When they put this stuff on TV they mix the vocals down with the backing track. But I didn’t expect any of you idiots to know that.

    Performance was good. Love the song.


  21. Carynn

    I agree, it’s not the same MC but times have changed. Her voice has ALL the wear and tear but so what, her songs are still pretty good and catchy. The performance was live, there was a backing track and you could clearly hear her background singers. I think it was better then ones she’s done for E=MC2 promotion. She actually moved around and interacted with her dancers which was a plus for me. And her & nick was cool to see.



    Her background singers were too loud…hard to hear her lead vocals. She was singing live though and sounded pretty good compared to recent performances…especially from E=MC2.

    It was nice to see her singing and having fun again!!!!


  23. Caira

    Okay ppl pls do not think that i’am hating on my Bey or Rihanna because i am one of the Beyonce’s stans but ppl can we pls post our comments base on MC performance without mention Bey or RiRi name Thanks that been said MC performance was okay but her stage persence was horrible.


  24. Essejay

    Well she was definitely singing live. That wasn’t lipped. I thought it was decent. “Obsessed” isn’t really a live type of song. It wasn’t horrible by any means.


  25. LoL

    That was a bad performance! And by bad I meant HORRIBLE! What was she wearing because it made her look like she too much! And the lipsynching was horrible. Idk what show the others were watching but I’m an extreme Mimi fan but even I was disappointed. Ciara performs like that as well (singing with the back track) but she makes it up with her extreme dancing, at least Mimi couldve done something more innovative instead of getting her pot belly lifted up. Mariah go back and get some swag because you lost it like me, goodbye!


  26. Darrell H-Town

    The only thing was live was when she was talking to Nick this was a horrible mess and if that was a back up track she was singing to shame on her it still sounded terribe this was worst than the MJ proformance.


  27. Cari

    that loud ass background singer got on my nerves.. I could barely hear Mariah. But those LIVE whistles and playful notes at the end were good.


  28. Drizzy

    haha that background singer was doin tha damn thang loll…her performance was alright…better than any of her touch my body performances, wait till she hits the stage for the, today show, it gonna be live no pretaping plus she best be performing new shit..can’t wait for her album to drop.


  29. Alexander Ocasio

    whaat its thiss he is lipsyncing


  30. Jay

    I’m the biggest Mariah fan, but I will admit this was not her best performance. Love the song and Mariah is STILL #1!!! :)

    My favorite part though was the way she was actin with Nick. I’ve never seen Mariah light up the way she did when she was next to Nick…it was kinda cool to see! and she was all over him. lol

    also I don’t think she was lip syncing. There are just so many part to the song, she has to only sing some of them. MC STILL #1 baby!!!


  31. True Fan

    Mariah obviously LIPSYNCS! She can’t carry a live performance like before. It will always be 20-30% live. Watch all her performances from 1997 up to now. Her voice just deteriorated. Even the Adventures of Mimi DVD has majority of the vocals lipped. I used to deny that she lips but come on, let’s get real. She can’t do a decent song now. Voice is GONE!

    Also, quit all the excuses like vocal rests, bad acoustics, loud background singers, low-volume microphones, “I’m-sorry-I-got-so-too-emotional-in-Michael-Jackson’s-funeral” twitter updates lol.

    Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, and so many more can blow your voice to the grave this time, Mimi!

    And also, Mariah, please thank your fans that you have 18 #1 singles, because that’s all you have now.


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