Ludacris & Shawnna Prepare for ‘Battle’

Ludacris and Shawnna

Before Ludacris wages war on the charts with his next solo album Ludaversal, he’s going to battle with his female counterpart Shawnna.

The Disturbing Tha Peace labelmates are more than halfway done with their joint album, Battle of the Sexes. “We’re about 70 percent done. We’re just finishing up the last couple records,” Luda tells The set features production from Bangladesh, Swizz Beatz, and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League.

The rapper-turned-actor is branching out and exploring new territory with the unprecedented project. “I’m just trying to make sure that I inject hip-hop in certain things that I feel haven’t been done and give people a fresh face and something new.”

Despite previous efforts, no male and female rappers have recorded an entire album together. “I know that Jay-Z and Foxy [Brown] might have talked about doing it before and maybe Nas and somebody else,” he explains. “But there’s never really been an album with a male rapper and a female rapper together going head-to-head on different issues, mostly relationship issues and just rapping different ways.”

The partners in rhyme had no shortage of topics to talk about on the record. “That’s one of those unlimited issues that people can talk about for days, so we’re just trying to make sure we have as much subject matter as possible and good content and good quality music.”

A first single has yet to be selected, but there are a couple contenders. “We’re always trying to top ourselves. I’m a perfectionist. I’m a Virgo.”

Ludacris and Shawnna’s Battle of the Sexes is scheduled for a November/December release.

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  1. Joey

    I Really liked their buzz single Drunk As Fuck. So I’m curious for this project!


  2. MACH

    CAN’T WAIT!!


  3. B-A-T

    i guess this shit gonna be of the chain…i hope the made couple of songs kinda like they collaboration on “I need a Boss” that was truly fine


  4. nikehead

    ive been hearing so much about this project. Shawnna is probobly one of the fastest and maybe best female rappers in the business shes so slept on. This joint project was such a genius idea. Ludacris is finally gonna put shawnna on cause i kno her last albums havent exactly done well so this should put her on the map. Cant wait to hear it!


  5. Brie

    2 of the best!I love them.DTP for life


  6. Claris (Ceejay)

    yer i think this is gonna be great. they are both gonna kill this.

    B-A-T, it wasn’t shawnna and ludacris on ‘i need a boss.’ it was luda and Shareefa. n yerp that was also a collaboration.


  7. Claris (Ceejay)

    a good collaboration* :)


  8. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    I think that was a great idea … looking forward to it .. Shawnna & Luda has great chemistry 2gthr when it comes to music .. Anyone heard their latest song that have released this year ? If not look it up ” Everybody Drunk” mad crazy song …


  9. nikehead

    I was gonna say what happened to shareefa? Another very talented DTP artist. I Need A Boss was such a big hit i was suprised she didnt blow up after that the video was amazing. i was pretty dissapointed. The industry is so hurt right now when it comes to new artists dropping albums. They will have a huge single and there album will flop majorly. Her voice is incredible, DTP better promote her next project better and get her out there cause i know she got that heat. I hope she works with Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins again cause they seem to have great chemistry when it comes to music.


  10. Kyle

    I really think Ludacris and Shawnna go well together and I really like Luda’s vision on the whole project. I’ll definitely get the album.


  11. bass_man

    “Everybody With Me Drunk As Fuck” story of my life. I want to hear the album, hopefully they get the proper promo treatment.


  12. scpyt2010

    Can’t wait for this one!!!


  13. early_jason

    Since luda said Jay-Z & foxy brown …They needa get Foxy & Jay-Z on a remix.. y’all know foxy & jay-z are BEASTS on the mic’s … they would rip a collbo track. I heard Nicki & Wayne gon be on it..


  14. mississippi girl

    NEXT for the both of them.


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