New Music: Whitney Houston – ‘Million Dollar Bill’ (Full)

Whitney Houston and Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys give Whitney Houston the “Million Dollar” treatment on the much-anticipated track from her new album I Look to You. Whitney hit the jackpot with this one. Cha-ching!

Whitney Houston – “Million Dollar Bill”

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  1. ouchhh!

    I LIKE!!! This is gonna be big….


  2. Kaz

    LOVE IT!!!! This song is straight FIYAH. Whitney sounds great too. Hotness!


  3. dr

    it has a 70s old skool vibe i like it
    not what i expected from swizz


  4. anonymous

    I really like it!


  5. rockon

    Yes! Reminds me of I Wanna Dance With Somebody! Fun song!


  6. nikehead

    wow, wow, wow ,wow wowwwwwwwww. This is nothing like i expected i absolutely love it. It sounds like something that coulda came out way back in the day. Im so impressed with this track. This is classic Whitney right here what we all remember her by. She hasnt changed a bit! Swizz Beats is crazy for this one. #1 Hit!


  7. BP86

    okay………………………….. this is EXACTLY what she needs!this song is sooooooooooo good. From the very beginning you just know this song is amazing. It’s hot. I can NOT wait to buy this album and jam to this song. Whitney is back!

    PS- this sounds like NOTHING on the radio right now, which is a really good thing.:) love it.


  8. bass_man

    um. cha-ching, YES!


  9. bass_man



  10. nikehead

    Um this is the official first single Bass_man lol!


  11. nikehead

    oh never mind you were right bass_man it says i look to you is the official first single on wikipedia. I know why her label did that though. Its cause I look to you is one of those grammy ready records. But i agree this definately shoulda been the first single.


  12. sugar rush

    This is the first single hence why the record label gave away I look to you for free on her website, that was kinda like a buzz single just for radio.


  13. gee man

    Very Alicia Keys to me in other words her writing style shines on this song. Swizz produced a nice one. Should have been released first something different for Whitney but it works best track thus far from the album. I guess approval from the Grammys still matter to some because to me over the years it been more about who hot at the time rather then good quality work.


  14. i love ciara



  15. hellosinjin

    It’s not all that great.


  16. DJ SynCity

    I like it! old is the new NEW. lol


  17. Pjj

    I LOVE IT….. Is so…so…GOOD…..


  18. Dominicano

    GO WHITENY!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!



    hotness ! ! !


  20. listen

    …i don’t really know what i think about this record….i want to like it because i want to see her win…but i’m not sure…


  21. ron.e

    i was excited to hear this song coz of a. keys…. but, to be honest, i’m not sure how this will fare as a single. it’s nice and has an old school feel to it but the radio is way different these days.


  22. Nick

    Yall gettin’ too excited.

    It’s ok, but its not THAT great.

    And sadly, it will flop.


  23. PETE

    Sounds like MJ’s off the wall track, damn this is AMAZING. Catchy-hip-something different from the crap on the radio today which is a ten plus.Definetely buying her new album. Welcome back Whitney, woman’s still got it.


  24. ......

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!! will definitely get her album now…..She sounds great!some won’t like this song because its not a cookie-cutter, it does not sound like the songs currently playing on radios right now, she’s not trying to conform to any one’s standards but…thats a great thing….this all Whitney… futhermore, for those indivduals who eluded to the fact that her album will flop, her sales on Amazon have outshined the new artist with “crap” for songs playing on the radio today…so, lets face fact, Clive and Whitney are a winning formula…haters keep hating…


  25. M!ke

    Man this is a hit!! so funky! so hot! and u kno how i kno its hot? cus the haters already hating but thats their job!!! Whitney is doin the d@mn thing its not like anything else on the radio which is GREAT!!! THIS IS RREAL MUSIC!! PEOPLE NEED TO APPRECIATE IT!!



    Yea she gonna need itunes help this won’t be a Radio smash to make it number one

    Its good and all but mainstream won’t play this on a regular basis like a rihanna or gaga track just how things work

    She gonna need itunes sales to make it number one then that will prompt radio 2 play it based off billboard charting!!!


  27. Ash J

    The song has a distinct 80′s/90′s production which is quite slick. Alicia Keys has done the BOMB with writing this song – it is so current that no other ARTIST in the charts could pull this off the way Whitney does. Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys have worked wonders on the song whicn encaptures everything that Whitney is. Off all of the songs previewed this is definately a knock-out blow to those who said Whiteny is a smack-head.

    With the right video (which should feature Alicia Keys in my opinion) Houston could top charts worldwide. If this is release on CD it should come packaged with a stripped piano version, a dance version (jason nevins or moto blanco remix) and a version featuring additional vocals from a male artist (e.g. swizz beatz or NEYO).

    IT IS THE BOMB…. THIS IS 21ST CENTUARY MUSIC…. F’off to all the haterz and all of the cheap tacky artists that exist today (Rihanna, Aubrey O’day, Kat DeLuna etc.)

    Step aside Whitney is back!!!! whoop-whoop!


  28. MACH

    Infectious.. who cares if it’s a radio smash.. I think Clive and Whitney knew this song wouldn’t necessarily fit in on mainstream. It will probably be an Adult Contemporary and R&B hit though. She did a good job. whitney could have easily done a club Swizz track or a Rodney track like Mary J, but Mary J’s “The One” is kinda flopping. I love it, but I digress.

    Whit did great with this one. Her album is doing extremely well on pre-orders!


  29. Ritchie

    How will this not be a radio smash? Written by Alicia and produced by Swizz Beatz and Whitney kills it. Hope this is the smash hit she has been waiting for.

    Cant wait for the video.


  30. nikehead

    i bet u if michael jackson was still alive he would want to steal this track thats how good it is. The beat is very similar to that of a beat on the off the wall album but way more updated!


  31. DJ Triumph

    i like it.


  32. Jay

    Oh man I’m so late…this song is awesome!!! I can tell Alicia had something to do with this! It just make you wanna buy the album already! This is reeeaal NICE!!!


  33. Jay

    I knew this song would be great! Swizz and Alicia really came through with this one! Hope the song does well and wait to see the video! Alicia should make a cameo! Great comeback Whitney!!! It sounds like the new jam…love this song!


  34. Nick

    It’s hilarious that people actually believe this will be a hit….

    I mean seriously? This sounds like old folk music. Mainstream radio would NEVER touch this.


  35. PETE

    Give it up Nick. Whitney is gonna dominate this shit, yall wait and see.


  36. Arianna

    REAL MUSIC is BACK. I’m 16 and have always wandered if any singer out today would ever attempt a retro smash in this day & age of auto-tune and OVERRATED Music- then POWWWW!!! THE WHITNEY HOUSTON BRINGS IT!!!!.
    I LOVE IT!!!!
    The fact that NO other artist today has anything like this out I mean from the powerful belts to the simplicity of the instruments, awesome bassline & Godly vocals w/o autotune, this is AUTHENTIC-TIMELESS MUSIC you will STILL be jamming to in 20 years time, catchy as hell this is gonna be a chart-topper no doubt about it. Pretty soon other artists will be copying this style of music. This woman is truly an original AN ICON. It’s official yall- Whitney is BACK- WELCOME HOME REAL DAMN GOOD MUSIC!!!


  37. Jay

    This Is Michael Jackson Off The Wall Kinda Sound


  38. Lil' Nello

    Song was alright it wasn’t as great as a lot of ya’ll making it seem! Could be I was expecting to much though since it’s Whitney!


  39. Curtis Jr.

    This song is very catchy. Whitney sounds really good. Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz are relevant to today’s music. There’s no auto-tune. People are ready and WANT to hear from WHITNEY HOUSTON. No stress from marriage. Bobbi Kristina is looking fab. Clive Davis is back in charge. Much buzz on the web and blogs. Pre-sales are off the chain. Economy is bad and people are losing their jobs left and right. The song is feel good. For all of these reasons and more, this song will no doubt be a SMASH! That’s all I have to say!


  40. That's me

    I love this record, really hot. I think initial buzz is making the song seem like it’s going to be much bigger…ut I think it’ll crack the Top 40, barely. Not a #1 unfortunately, anyway…welcome back Whitney! Can’t wait for the new LP!


  41. kissmyfat_swag

    the song is tuff. we need to support her and cop an album.


  42. kravon

    The songs would be great without her vocals. She had ruined her fine Gift From God. She probably is still having newports for breakfast…at least it sounds that way.


  43. zach

    I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it.
    Whit, you’re the queen.
    Can’t wait.
    You go girl


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