On Set of Jay-Z’s ‘Run This Town’ Video

Kanye, Rihanna, and Jay-Z

We guess Jay-Z was serious when he said, “All black everything.” Jay shot the dark video for “Run This Town” in New York this week. Kanye West, Rihanna, and Amber Rose joined Jigga on set of the Anthony Mandler-directed clip, which was styled by June Ambrose. Looks so mean and vicious!

Source: the.LIFE Files

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  1. Vaun

    OMG Rihanna slaying & serving with one stance. Roc Nation bitches get with it or get LOST!

    Jay Coming HARD!


  2. HuGo

    OMFG!!! Rihanna’s just STUNNIN’ !!!


  3. Supergroup

    Super Hot!!!


  4. dr

    oh man this gonna b crazy like some 80′s warrior type shit …wooooo!!!!!!!!!


  5. KJ

    this video is gonna be amazing!


  6. LilWayneHQ

    Rihanna is looking extremely sexy here


  7. hova fan

    Pre-order the Blueprint 3 now on Amazon.


  8. bass_man

    trying too hard?


  9. v

    who is this drag queen in the middle.


  10. Queen RIRI

    #v hater.
    Rihanna should have been on the “Swagger like us” song.


  11. Britt

    The first thing that comes to mind is the Illuminati, everytime I see Rih or Jay I think of the Illuminati


  12. ha ha ha

    This reminds me of the “Warriors” movie or the lords and hawks from brooklyn back in the day around the 70s and 80s


  13. queen beyonce

    wish it was beyonce instead of riri? lol looks gangs the video


  14. lalala

    Im glad its Rihanna and not her. LOL


  15. Deyoun



  16. Tom

    Rihanna looks like a man, look at that jaw!


  17. nina

    this video is gonna be mad they all to good


  18. blueice

    I would have prefared beyonce.


  19. blue ocean

    Jay-z should file divorce from beyonce. she’s a bish.

    im glad she wasnt around at the shot.


  20. ryan

    OMG they look super cool Rihanna is so hot my girl you killed it in that poster i mean hotttttttttttttttttttt. like said keep doing your thing baby don,t care about there hatders.
    love you


  21. sexiikiim09

    sickest song ever go jay!


  22. crunkpoet

    im glad its rihanna and not beyonce..she goes so fucking hard..Rihanna that is


  23. Caribbean Dyme

    This song just exubes Illuminati…Jayz 2nd verse…Its the return of the god, so peace god? who he think he is? he aint no god…


  24. vami George

    tis sick people, av been a kanye fan since conception bt jigga is d lord…lol tis gone rock cant wait 4 d whole thing…..


  25. robinson

    this track needs a remix with weezy


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