Wale’s ‘Attention’ Gets Sidetracked


Wale will have to wait an extra month to get your attention. The D.C. rapper’s debut album has been pushed back.

The new release date for Attention: Deficit is October 20, Rap-Up.com has learned. It had previously been scheduled for September 22.

In the meantime, Wale is preparing to release a follow-up to his Lady Gaga-assisted single “Chillin’.” A viral video for “Pretty Girls” featuring Gucci Mane is also on the agenda.

Look for our track-by-track preview of Attention: Deficit on Monday.

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  1. Nick

    Not suprised.

    I mean seriously. Does ANYONE know this guy?

    Chillin’ only didn’t flop as bad cause Lady G was on the track.


  2. DJ Triumph

    why he a good artist.


  3. Zina

    Excuse me Nick, Wale is a very talented artist who reps the dc, md, va area to the fullest! He is a lyrical genius! Hun, you HAVE heard of him, google him if you haven’t! But uhh, don’t fake-Wale Folarin
    and listen to these tracks before you speak shhhhh
    1)Family Affair
    2)Pretty Girls
    3)The Hype
    4) Look up in da stars (ft KiD CuDi)


  4. bass_man

    i hope it comes out this year. His hype just isn’t up there with Drake’s, but I think he’s right behind him.

    They need to generate interest somehow…


  5. zhendee

    honestly listen to mixtape about nothing and doubt this man! he’s ridiculous. he’s a thinking man’s lil wayne minus the dope


  6. sexiikiim09

    he cool not bad at all


  7. Kendall Harp

    Wale and Drake are reviving the game, they are a new breed are artists which i call Inspirational Rappers….listen to their songs and know what im saying


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