Timbaland Wants to Work with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Timbaland

Timbaland has worked with everyone from Jay-Z to Madonna, but there’s one person he’s yet to check off his list.

The super-producer is eyeing a collaboration with Taylor Swift. “I think the main person I want to get is Taylor Swift,” he told RadarOnline.com. “I love her voice. I just think me and her can do something amazing.”

Timbo reached out to the country singer, but was unsuccessful in his attempt. “Her people said that she was busy. She wanted to do it, but you know, there’s all these people you gotta go through and her people said she was busy… but I’ll make it happen.”

Fans can expect a fusion of hip-hop and country if and when the unlikely pair come together. “It would have a country swing, but just a little bit of me. I know how to do that real good.”

Taylor is no stranger to hip-hop. She recently recorded a rap with T-Pain for the 2009 CMT Music Awards. Timbaland has also dabbled in country music, recording with Keith Urban.

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  1. Randall

    Well, he made a “country” classic with Deliverance.. so with Taylor instead of Bubba, this could be a commercial success!


  2. nikehead

    I swear it must be like 10 times harder now to get a beat from Timbo cause even Jay z only has one song produced by him off Blueprint 3 called “When It Comes To This” and i thought timbaland would be producing the whole BP3 album. I think that would have been a genius and very different idea cause im not feelin the run this town joint. I wanted jay to come harder for his first single. DOA i wasnt feelin either. These first 2 singles arent getting me exited for the project.

    But back on to the subject of the post. I think Taylor swift and Timbo can come up with some crazy heat. Timbaland has already proved he can mix country with hip hop(Bubba Sparxxx-Deliverence and pretty much most of Bubba Sparxxx songs). But if i was buying a beat from Timbo and he was charging like $200,000 for a beat that shit better be on point like the beats he used to do cause now u can just work with new upcoming producers who can make just as good of a beat for wayyyyyyyy less!


  3. Jan

    It would be so hot…he’s what she needs to take her over the top.


  4. bijan

    I’m so sick of Timbo. He needs to EVOLVE


  5. bass_man

    oo fun, but he needs to get that album going before he becomes irrelevant.06 & 07 were a while ago.


  6. totz

    Timbo Evolves over and over again that why he is the best

    after years of recession he produced 3 superb albums
    future sex/love sounds
    shock values

    so he can still do it again as usual


  7. urban noize

    @totz you said it all basically.


  8. in country

    Swift Taylor is really a great country music talent, I think she changed the way people look at countrymusic.


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