Guess Who In-Studio with Pharrell

Guess Who with Pharrell

Which singer logged studio time with Pharrell in New York City?

Estelle and Pharrell

It’s Estelle! The British songbird has been recording the follow-up to her smash 2008 album Shine with The Neptunes and Swizz Beatz, among others.

Spotted at BBC Blog

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  1. carl

    I knew it I could see the teeth through the blur. Lol.


  2. nikehead

    lol at carl. yea the teeth and the short hair did it for me. this was an easy one!


  3. C

    this was an easy one! but i still love guess who’s! =)


  4. Yan

    i thought it was teyana taylor


  5. dee

    i saw fantasia from the head but the mix of the body and the head i knew it was estelle



    i thoghti t was tasia


  7. ugh

    that was too easy. i wish it was fantasia, i need her new album to come out soon! plus if it were fantasia, shed be barefoot and in a chicken fight stance.



    i knew that was Estelle from the head and teeth.


  9. drtash

    ESTELLE OF COURSE!!!!Rap-up that was way too easy!lol


  10. Jay

    Pharrell’s the man!


  11. modi

    what’s up world.


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