Fergie Teaches David Guetta Swag 101

Fergie and David Guetta

Hip-hop has a language all its own. For David Guetta, the French DJ behind the Kelly Rowland-assisted hit “When Love Takes Over,” deciphering the genre’s slang has become as tedious a job as mastering a record.

“I’m not familiar enough to use a lot of American slang,” Guetta reveals, laughing at himself. “Sometimes I ask [about the words], especially hanging out with all those hip-hop guys. They’re always using terms that I didn’t know.”

Case in point: the Black Eyed Peas. When Guetta went into the studio several months ago to record material for the group’s latest album, The E.N.D., he was also taught a lesson in hip-hop vernacular. “Last time I asked [about slang] was with ‘swagger,’” he says. “I was working on a remix to ‘Boom Boom Pow’ and Fergie used this word. I’m like, ‘What’s that mean?’ and [the Peas] were laughing.”

David Guetta will release his fourth album, One Love, on August 25, featuring the new single “Sexy Bitch” with Akon.

–Georgette Cline

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  2. myrl22

    I love when love takes over with Kelly Rowland. it is one of the coolest song of this summer and on. But I also listen to Sexy Bitch with Akon and I was like, man this gonna be another hit. I can wait for a tour of the ONE LOVE album with all those artists. It will be a BANG. Live David already.


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