Sean Kingston Offers Chris Brown Support

Sean Kingston and Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s career is on the road to recovery and some of his peers, including Sean Kingston, are offering their support for the embattled pop star.

The “Fire Burning” singer feels his friend deserves another chance. “At the end of the day, he’s human. People make mistakes. Let it go,” Kingston tells, before adding that the public shouldn’t jump to any conclusions. “I don’t [believe] in somebody beating a woman, but we don’t know what happened in that car. All I’m gonna say is let the man be him.”

The 19-year-old met Brown when he toured with him in 2007. “He’s a great person. He’s cool.”

After seeing his former tourmate’s video apology last month, Kingston is convinced he’s sincere. “He sent the apology out. I could tell it came from his heart, so they should give him another chance.”

Sean Kingston is writing for Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna’s new album and promoting his sophomore effort Tomorrow, in stores September 22.

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  1. carl

    M O V E ON!!!!


  2. L

    You are forgetting something :Its not the fat Sean Kingston or someone else who decide if a carreer is over:Its the public and the public will neva neva support a woman beater!


  3. Dee

    Who cares about this fat pig… i no longer support that woman beater, we the public decide not u plus i might not support ur ass either !!!!


  4. Ms.Breezy

    Acctually “L” Its Not Up To The Public For Shit!! Public can what the hell they want thats not gunna top him making music so u can shove that little comment were the sun dont shine!!


  5. E-ROC



  6. Mistake

    how do you mistakenly beat someone?
    Did he learn that from his step dad?
    wanting to be just like him
    CB wont get my support what so ever no ringtones no download no cds no concerts no radio request no nothing or Sean


  7. Shameless

    sean is gonna flop he just wants to see if he can get some sympathy buys from CBs stans
    since his ablum comes out in like a month
    so basically hes just using CB


  8. Shameless

    How do you mistakenly beat someone?


  9. L

    beating someone and especially a woman isnt an ordinary mistake. He should go in jail with others criminals not hanging in the street
    He gonna floppin’ hard just like Akon when he beats this youg boy in his concert!


  10. YAYA



  11. Ashley

    Y’all are off your rocker if you think his career is over…….


  12. Ashley

    And can you all read? It says he said “NO ONE knows what happened in that car,” which is absolutely fucking true.

    Get over yourselves, Chris isn’t going anywhere. Your old bitter asses have no say in this.


  13. skc79

    Quit hating!! Ya’ll can say what you want, but his career is still going to come back. So get over it already.


  14. starr

    chris i luv ur the best we make mistake, and life goes on so look forward and dont look back. n 2 the rest dont judge.


  15. yessir

    Everybody is entitled to there own opinion…Mine personally is he will come back n his fans will support him…I juss know that I wn’t…Love rihanna tho…but she type trippen to if she seein him on the low…


  16. DIllon_68

    Sean has a point, let my homie Chris breathe, he deserves another chance.


  17. Steph

    Does who are still bitter and angry with Chris Brown still, must of experienced getting beat up by a man, If Rihanna who got beat by him, can move on and forget about it, why can’t everyone else, I don’t care, so why care about something what happen to her back in feb, that’s her problem, worry about yours, she is still alive and screwing other men.


  18. Hypeman

    People try to read between the lines…Sean is in insider, he can easily find out from his friends (chris and rihanna) what happened…he saying no on knows what really happened that night aka that police report yall think is the Bible is BS, that same report that was throw away by the judge before the preliminary trial on June 22 is BS…i don’t get how ppl can’t understand this…what yall THINK happened…DIDN’T happen like that!! if it did happen like that he woulda been in jail, but he’s not cuz it didn’t happen like that…Stop blaming the court system and start blaming the media for feeding you that BS proaganda and made you believe whatever they say…How you simple people gonna believe the media, the same media that said rihanna was pregrant and that they wre married, and that they were making songs together, and that said they were hooking up a couple weeks ago, over the judicial system and judge??…smh…And people who think Chris isn’t gonna make a comeback are insane, that kid’s fans go hard! And altho he lost a few, he gained a bunch too, so I can see him being big again like next year…


  19. Rick

    This fat f*ck needs to shut the hell up, I’m tired of dudes defending that type of sh*t. CB’s friends need to keep their mouths shut, I don’t hear Rihanna’s friends saying anything, REGARDLESS of what happened in the car, what that PUNK did was UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! Stop trying to put the blame on Rihanna, that what all his defenders keep trying to do. With theire, “we don’t know what happened in the car”.. GTFOH!!!!

    To the groupie whores who defend that Punk, CB don’t want y’all so stop dreaming!!


  20. L

    To all the people who think that the carreer of the woman beater isnt over:

    “Following his arrest, several of his commercial ads were suspended, his music was withdrawn from multiple radio stations, and he withdrew from public appearances, including one at the 2009 Grammy Awards, where he was replaced by Justin Timberlake and Al Green. “


  21. Ms.Breezy

    One More thing
    Yall Acting Like Your The 1′s Tht Got Hit FFS!! If Rhianna Has Gone && Got Up && Moved On With Her Life Y Dont Yall Damn!! sitting Here Saying What Shuld Happen && Shit Well It’s Not Happened Move On && STFU About Dis Damn Situaton Startin 2 Get On My Last Nerve!!!!


  22. goons

    please all these five rihanna stuns here can go suck chris browns fist..

    nobody gives a hella about..his career is far from over..not so long ago he came in number 3 on itnues for a song he released over a year about over ha???? talk about the public not caring ha???? viral vid was watched over 15mill times with his, techinically your little so called commennts are dumb..The public seems to like him music, the public could give a fuck a bout rihanna..sean knows what happened so take it from someone who knows.. the media fed you bullshit and you fell for it..

    kudos sean and i look forward to buying your cd!!!


  23. goons

    what happened to mu comment..was jus telling the five rihanna stins in here to go to hell..chirs is far from over and he will back..was on the top 10 itunes for a song he released over a year about over????

    and so you, the five of you in here do not detect to the public coz they were clealy buying his song on itunes..sean k, i will be buying your cd..even when an insider tells you not to believe the media, he is fat guys are dumb as hell and can go support you H%e…she is sleeping with everything that walks..


  24. truth be told

    Goons thanx for laying it down. It seems to be the same 5 or 6 Rihanna stans going on different sites with their hate filled rants.
    If chris had done half the things in that affividit he’d be locked up for attempted murder. Try thinking for yourself and stop believing everything the media feeds you. Rihanna and chris did not get married in miami at P diddy’s house but the media said they did. Rihanna is not pregnant but the media said she is.

    Move on with your lives and enjoy the life you’ve got. This happened 6 months ago and we still to this day have not got the details about what happened. Rihanna has not said a word.

    Please stop hating and calling him a woman beater, he is not.
    It is apparent that his fans do go hard as his 1 year old song Forever went to number 1 on the rnb charts all over the world.
    He is a very talented singer and entertainer and he will be bigger than ever.

    Please for Gods sake move on. If you are a Rihanna fan support her and send positive energy and blessings her way. Stop hating Chris cause you dont know exactly what happened and you might never find out.


  25. CB FAN

    The women who have yet to forgive Chris are probably women who have experienced abuse first hand and I’m so sorry for you, but forgiveness is important in any healing process. Good luck to you ladies. We all know why some guys are still hating because they ain’t got nothing on Chris and their girl still getting wet for Breezy! LMAO!! Chris is going to be fine and so will Rihanna! There always have been and always will be haters, but at the end of the day talent will not be denied and Chris has it…believe that!


  26. Twiggy

    @truth be told
    Kudos to you. I totally agree. Everyone makes mistakes. Ppl on this site are mis-interpreting the word “mistake” with the word “accident”, and it’s very fustraiting. They say “O, he beat a woman, that’s not a mistake”, when it is. It’s a mistake, NOT an accident, so get it right.


  27. L

    I’m not even a Rihanna Fan, she is a talentless dam whore!
    But she dont diserve what CB has do to her!
    Its unfair a woman beater has to go to jail but since he is a celeb…

    Plus someone who thinks that woman beaters should be in jail isn’t a hater so wake up from your fake world!
    Beating a woman is not normal and will never be!
    CB is definitively over the associations which have decided that he will not perform at BET awards will make their jobs and he will be forbidden everywhere!
    Rihanna has not talk about the incident because she was the victim, it’s au traumatizing ! She has dignity that this hoodboy will neva neva have


  28. ComeOn

    how did he man up when he ran away like a coward then denied it
    Hes far from a man


  29. L


    I hope that one day you will be beaten and that you will consider that as a “mistake”

    this is not a mistake IT’s A CRIME HE IS NOT A WOMEN BEATER BUT A CRIMINAL


  30. Jaz

    How can you mistakenly beat someone?
    Plz explain that to me?
    And him being on itunes just mean you guys(his stans) brought his old single
    No ones denying that he still has stans supporting him. Some ppl are just stating they wont support him. You dont have to attack ppl because their opinion is different than yours.
    It seems like all his stans are that way…..
    And what do you call a male that beats a woman?
    A womanbeater so dont get all defensive when in fact he is one.


  31. Rizzy

    hahaha…to the person claiming CB supporters are blaming Rihanna….

    “Stop trying to put the blame on Rihanna, that what all his defenders keep trying to do. With theire, “we don’t know what happened in the car”.. GTFOH!!!!”

    How in the HELL do you get “its Rihanna’s fault” from “we don’t know what really happened” ??? HAHAHAHA…sorry but that doesn’t make any sense

    and to this person: “To all the people who think that the carreer of the woman beater isnt over:

    “Following his arrest, several of his commercial ads were suspended, his music was withdrawn from multiple radio stations, and he withdrew from public appearances, including one at the 2009 Grammy Awards, where he was replaced by Justin Timberlake and Al Green.”

    Buddy, that was back in February!! It’s August!! I’ve been hearing Chris on the radio, I’ve been seeing him on tv, seen his stuff on 106 and Park just last month, they were showing his concert on TV too! like other ppl said, his song ‘Forever’ is #1 on the itunes top 10 R&B charts all over the world! not just north america, but in europe too! How many ppl were pissed off he wasn’t at the BET awards? Even ppl who don’t like him were pissed off haha. It was even a trending topic that night. He was on stage with Young Money and them couple weeks ago and he got MAD LOVE from the audience…ppl wanna see this kid perform cuz he’s talented and its undeniable! Stop being in denial and accept the fact that this kid is gonna be on top again…just deal with it, and stop being soo mad at him, he is not your abuser. God help you all…and God Bless Chris Brown…lol, yea i know that pissed you off!


  32. Real

    @ CB Fan
    Chris is a good at doing choreography
    What other talents does he have?
    His acting sucked, he can barely sing(he got a lil around the house voice), hes not a great performer(he just dances most of his show & makes the crowd sing entertainers do both balanced he doesnt because he cant sing well live unless its one song)

    So what is his talents?


  33. L

    Yes we are in august and guess what?I have an article from august 6th:

    AUG 6
    08:33 PM ET
    Comments (2)
    Chris Brown fired as Wrigley spokesman
    by Christine Spines
    Categories: Music, News, Uncategorized
    Reuters reports that Wrigley, the chewing gum maker, terminated Chris Brown’s contract to appear in the company’s commercials, following the singer’s guilty plea on charges of assaulting his former girlfriend, Rihanna. When Brown was first arrested in February, Wrigley said it was “concerned,” but the company waited until the case was resolved until it made its final decision to end the relationship with Brown.

    CB career Is Over! He is criminal and a women beater and will be considered as that “Forever”!
    Even if he wants to come to an event people will saying “Damn Look at him, it is the boy who beat Rihanna. Did You see The TMZ pix
    -Yes I did!He is a criminal”
    He has to realize the truth he is not a normal guy or singer he is just the boy who beat a woman and no one will handle that!
    Wake up from your fake world!


  34. Truth

    And same folks that listen to wayne and SB wack ass are cb fans which explains the reaction from the crowd at the ym concert
    That doesnt mean that the majority of folks like him


  35. Truth

    All the women gonna buy his shit cuz of his looks and they believe he was provoked which in their minds makes him innocent and justified
    All the dudes still jocking are homos
    You can forgive
    But rewarding him for his actions(supporting his music) is just plain dumb How is it that hes so sorry yet hes more focused on releasing music so that he can drop an album soon?
    How many songs of his have been released so far since the guilty plea? Like fuckin 12
    Hes not bothered by the dv or caring about it
    He will say whatever just so he can continue his career.
    If he woulda hit a regular chick he still would have been charge. Period. What kind of woman makes excuses for a man?
    What kind of man beats a chick, runs away like a coward, denies it then finally admits to it for the sake of their career? Whoever buys his music takes a big L


  36. goons

    lmaoo at these five rihanna stans..y’all still at it..even bringing up dumb ass stories to support thier stupid arguments that his career to over..i am rolling with laughter right now..ha ha..y’all are funny..was rihanna ever beaten??? dnt recall that…sorry, have a short memory!!!lmaoooooooo

    chris will go to number one and i for one will buy the album..he will have my money and rihanna wont get the cent!!!!! ha ha ha!!


  37. L


    you dont respect your mama dude
    you’re a fooled stan!


  38. Hunnii

    Thanks Sean K for supportin your boy!! CHRIS BROWN…ALL DAYY WHAT IT DO BIATCH!!! haha can’t f*ckin WAIT for Graffiti to come out!! Definitely coppin that album!!!

    ….*side eye* why do some people who hate Chris linger on this article about Chris to argue with Chris fans about Chris?? Why you keep coming back for lol, I don’t get it??


  39. cheery

    like u said lil wayne fans are chris brown fans, lil wayne sold over a million albums in his first week. chris will do the same because his fans are loyal. i am a proud chris brown fan and i dont give a rat ass about what the general public thinks, why cus the general public dont buy cb album or go to his concerts we the fans do and thats what matters


  40. @goons

    You’re a fooled, helpless person. I pray that you get beat down hard so that some sense be knocked into you, preferably Chick Brown. Chris Brown did the unforgivable & will have a failed career. Idk how you can mistankingly beat someone, he knew what he was doing. He said his mother was a victim of abuse & brown still beats rihanna hideosly. I was an true at heart brown fan, I’ve been to five shows in the past, but I can’t forgive him. No he didn’t do anything to me & I was never or have ever witnessed abuse but his songs were of true love and respecting your lover but he didn’t really believe that cause he beat her ugly. He’s a fake & sexy as hell but I’m not ready to be beatin so f’n ugly. Brown can drop dead. & I get where “GOONS” about the 5 so called rihanna stans but you are exactly if not worse than those stans you attack. Chris Brown needs to go to jail & his supporters need to watch LAW & ORDER SVU!!!


  41. emil

    L get a life. Don’t you have anything better to do with your time. Chris Brown we forgive you, everyone makes mistakes.


  42. cheery

    chris will sell more than a million copies in his first week , so if chris looses fake fans like u, thats for the better, so beat it, we dont want u at the concert cos all of his show are sold out, if u dont come the better so there will be enough tickets and cd for the real fans. go to cb’s fansite and see millions and millions of his true fans are still supporting him.


  43. truth be told


    You are so sad its heartbreaking.

    I said go and send rihanna some positive energy and blessings. That would be a better use of your time but instead of doing that you want to sit here and go on about something that happened 6 months ago and it had nothing to do with you personally.

    So are you going to spend all your time and energy hating on Chris Brown, while he is getting on with his life?

    If you hate him so much why are you hanging on here reading about him. You must be one of those sad fools with no friends sitting here worrying about if chris brown has a career to come back to?

    Honey chris brown’s fans havent gone no where and he is going to sell like crazy.
    While you are sitting there hating and driving yourself crazy.


  44. L


    you’re kinda crazy!I dont care about CB as person
    but as every women I feel concerned when a woman is beated, even if the woman beater is a celeb.
    I dont consider that blaming a womenbeater is a waist of time: Prevention is very important and young people have to understand that domestic violence is unforgettable.
    What I find Heartbreaking is the fact that there is sill idiots in the world who are totally fooled by a womenbeater who just want money.
    Loser always use the “hater” argument when they now they are wrong! Its not hate its justice:He beats a woman he has to go to jail and trust in me he will probably go.


  45. emil

    L above, get a life. you must be so sad.


  46. L

    get a life too emil and ask your man to beat you!


  47. nikehead

    Haha i agree 100% with Hypeman and rizzy those r the two comments on here that make sense as for the other ones yall definately got the media f’kin with your minds. As i can recall i think Chris Brown is the one that has moved on from Rihanna she still wants him back and sorry to say but thats the truth. And to whoever said Chris Browns Career is over smfh lol do u know how much buzz his new single is gonna have when it drops? Not only that but Forever was back in the top 10 on Itunes and that shit came out last Year all because of a wedding video hahaha. That says a lot. I cant wait till CB takes back the crown like hes never left and leaves u haters dug into ground along with the media.


  48. Teddy

    Umm idk why this got this many comment but I think Sean just wants to sell a few more cds like someone else said to try and get some of Chris’ fans to buy Sean Kingstons new album
    Which I think might be wack on its own

    But where were all these people when this shit first happen? Why wait til now to be buddy buddy with your so called friend?
    Support him publicly when he was first getting some backlash.
    Like Soulja Boy did I think he was the first to say he still had Chris’ back even tho he caught a case.
    For Sean to say some shit now that just makes him look fake and like an opportunist.
    Me personally wont support CB but then again I never was a fan. he cant sing IMO but whatever floats ya boat
    But SOME of these rappers and singers want to act like his friends AFTER he done already been tho all the bullshit.
    Why wasnt they showin him love during?
    A real friend would have rode with him even with a case pending!
    CB need to watch the leeches tryna come up off of him.
    He shouldnt surround his self with some of these folks.


  49. Teddy

    CB aint never held a crown in the game maybe prince of pop but thats it
    To any REAL music heads


  50. Alissa

    You haters have to get over yourselves!!! You think you are all perfect!?! Hell NO!!! Chris Brown is coming back so move on with your damn lives you HATERS!!!!


  51. ms kayjelly

    @ Real be quiet bcuz your statement dont make any damn sense chris is a great performer u r freaking lyig 2 say the audience does the singing while he just dance .its obvious u dont have no damn tv. get your ass out of your butt. chris brown always dances and sings and his audience just sing along with him i want 2 know which entertainers dont? hes a songwriter its obvious u r too blind to see hes the one who gave rihanna 5th #1 hit with disturbia. he wrote songs for himself and the pussycatdolls so check the creidts before u talk shit. if u dont know 1 jackshit dont comment. period. btw chris brown wrote a song for letoya luckett and mary j blige so take that run with it and be quiet


  52. kay

    some ppl will buy the album some wont–me
    so just get over it


  53. Woowzer

    cosign Chris is decent but he never had a crown you movin way to fast and living in a whole nother world
    Chris can barely blow anyone out the water he gotta get his voice up Trey got that R&B crown so are you talking about the pop crown?


  54. Hunnii

    @ L
    Just curious…you seem to have been on this article about Chris all damn day. Within like 8 hours, you left about 9 comments talking mostly about Chris and his career and how you want him to flop. You said you don’t care about CB as a person, then why do you continue to come on this page and disparage the character of someone you claim not care about and someone you do not know personally? Why are you so pressed to put a label on him and convince others that other people should label him?

    Apart from quoting articles that attempt to put Chris in a bad light and apart from arguing with Chris fans on an article about one of Chris’ friends showing him support, what else have you done today to fight the battle against domestic violence? What other celebrities that have beaten their girlfriends/wives (Charlie Sheen, Sham Wow Guy, Akon, Gucci Mane, Sean Penn, Tommy Lee, Don Cornelius, BeBe Winans, Steve Harvey just to name a few) do you find articles on to quote and bash them and talk about how they no longer will have a career to their fans? Did you send an angry email to the FOX station for allowing Mike Tyson on the Teen Choice Awards this weekend? Cause I mean, if you’re so against domestic violence, you’d bash all the “woman beaters” right? Not just Chris right? Because bashing Chris Brown clearly is not going to help the cause.

    If you feel so strongly about domestic violence (and bravo for wanting to take a stand!), why are you here talking about his endorsement deals? Why are you talking about his music not being played on radios? Why don’t you try to spend more of your time volunteering at a battered woman’s shelter? Or if you don’t have the time to volunteer because you’re too busy online, why not donate some money to raise awareness? Why not start an organization in your community? And, most importantly, if you feel so strongly against domestic violence towards women, how the hell are you going to hope that another woman gets beat up??…This is your quote, not mine:
    August 11th, 2009 at 10:51 am


    I hope that one day you will be beaten and that you will consider that as a “mistake””

    Kinda of backwards, don’t you think?

    To everyone else, if you are going to take a stand against domestic violence, then take a stand against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE not on a celebrity (especially one that has apologized, and will pay their debt to society as well as receive counseling) and their career!! How is that going to solve anything?? DV is a real and a huge problem that ruins lives, maybe some people’s live on here have been ruined and they feel that bashing Chris is going to make them feel better, I don’t know. But if you are here only to talk about Chris being a “woman beater”, you don’t care about DV in general, you just want to, and yea I’m gonna say it, BE A HATER!!



  55. nikehead

    Um actually teddy have u checked chris browns stats? He was the first male solo artist in music history to have his debut single(Run It) stay at #1 for 5 weeks straight in the history of billboard. U know how big that is? Usher is the only other male artist that i can say has the crown but Chris Brown is a better all around entertainer.


  56. !LoL!

    Sean Kingston whack but oh well, CB don’t need a fat, greasy, wish he could be C-Breezy wannabe. Chris’ll be fine on his own, I mean look at the so called 4 “LOYAL” fans defendin his vag- so vigorisly. Lmao!!!


  57. Stop Hatin

    Do Sean Kingston or Chris Brown pay any of yall motha fuckin bills? Hell no they dont. Yall speaking on these 2 young rich niggas like their decisions affect yall lives immediately. And check your stats because I aint a fan of Sean Kingston but he getting money regardless of how yall feel.


  58. alexis



  59. [email protected]


    What did you know about my life?
    Who tell you that I was not a volunteer?
    The fact is that woman beater is a celeb and he should be an example.
    He beats a woman and has to pay for it.
    If he thinks that he will be considered as a normal guy he is wrong!you will see

    so wait n see …


  60. Jay

    I just wish celebs would just say no comment.


  61. huh????

    Usher sings better than chris period so how is he better?
    Tell CB to make a classic album or just a classic video 1st THEN he can try to have a crown
    Cuz he has yet to do either and i dont think he ever will
    His music is just for this time its trendy
    He hasnt released anything classic YET
    Yall are just delusional


  62. Hunnii

    @ [email protected]

    lol…oh believe me, i can’t hardly wait =)



  63. eres

    sean wants the chris brown dong!


  64. Sean Kingston on Chris Brown: “People make mistakes. Let it go…” | Cupid Gossip.Com

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  65. Gumiee Bear

    Do you know what i don’t get yall wen a person who is not famous does summin like this yall don’t give a shit buh wen he beats rihanna yall qet on his jock sayin its wronq! yall should qive him a break cos not many people would admit to wat they did was wronq and for all yall judqin him shut dha fuck up cos its not like yall qood yoorselfs so yall wanna say you have never qott in to a fiqht bullshxt yeah & especially some ppl that are hatin on Chris you should think about it cos first you be like “thats my man” or ” i love Chris Brown” ect… and now you wanna hate pathetic he knows wah he did was a mistake so leave him alone man he doesnt want to be reminded of dha past JUST MOVE DHA FXCK ON Gosh


  66. Sean Kingston On Chris Brown: “Dey Boy Be Good” « The FADER

    [...] (pause) with more suspect gold chains than hits to calm everyone down. In a recent interview with Rap-Up, the rude boy told folks to chillax and mind their own when it comes to judging public figures like [...]

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