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Amerie’s Album Gone Till November

Amerie is packing her bags and moving her album from September to November.

The R&B siren’s fourth album In Love & War has been pushed back to November 3. It was previously scheduled for September 29. A new single, “Heard ’Em All,” was released last week.

Amerie is pleased with the new date. “Very happy w/my album date! Got the one I wanted,” she tweeted. “So I’m officially putting it out there: In Love & War — November 3, a special date…”

In Love & War will feature production from The Buchanans, Teddy Riley (“Tell Me You Love Me”), Sean Garrett and Eric Hudson (“Heard ’Em All”), Jim Jonsin and Rico Love (“Swagback”), and Bryan-Michael Cox (“Red Eye”).

Upcoming appearances include the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (Sept. 13) and VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2009 (Sept. 23).

  • Mikey Martin

    I’m excited either way, it gives more time for people to get excited for the album. Plus “Why R U” is in heavy rotation at the moment (which I love) & the second single “Heard ‘Em All” is getting alot of good feedback, it could be big for her. All she needs is good promo & epic videos. Its time to wake up people…

  • Devon

    That bytch betta work!! I love her new single Heard Em All it is better than that other song! Can’t wait to see her on the MTV awards and hope the video slays! Work bytch! WORK!

  • Burmy

    November 3 BETTER be the FINAL date…Def Jam looks like they’re handling this like Columbia did “Because I Love It”…

    Then again, because I listen to plenty of disgruntled rappers, the “if they push your album back a lot, they’re screwing you over and you need to get a release from your contract with them.” I hear everybody say “Labels can’t do EVERYTHING”…

    After all, Def Jam doesn’t want a repeat of Unladylike or Willy Northpole (their albums didn’t even make Soundscan)

  • Don

    I don’t get the angle of this album, seriously. There’s no direction, common link between the first or second single. Amerie, I need a press release with an explanation.

  • dan

    i see, her cd will never come out

    or it will come out like ciara’s…
    you have all songs except one and they are wondering why the sells aren’t rolling.

    these push backs dont make people excited, they make them bored

    personally speaking, i lose all interest when i have to wait that long

    where are the times, when the first single came out and the album two weeks later?

    dont wanna hear an album with songs i know for half a year…

  • Lil’ Nello

    Well whenever it comes out I’m getting it can’t wait! And this will most likely be the final date because she mentioned on her twitter earlier that it was the date that she had wanted to drop it! Something about the day being special or something!

  • Bestofbothworlds

    Thats actually the smartest thing for Def Jam to do that just shows they want the proper release and for the album to do well. It gives her time to drop a music video for heard em all and work on new tracks if she wants meaning the album wont be packaged early. If they were to release it in september the album most likely wont do that good. Shes getting that A list treatment with her album release unlike a lot of artists whos labels dont give a fuk and release there shit a week after there video drops and then there album flops majorly.

  • B

    Yeah I would have to agree with Dan. All theses push backs make you like whatever next. I’m a huge Amerie fan but all these push backs make you think ok is it coming out or not. Maybe she needs to do some tweeking to the album before she releaes it like adding some new tracks or even some new guess appearance. I know Trey Songz is on the album and Fablous. As far as songs goes we all know WHY R U is on it the remix of WHY R U w/NAS, RICK ROSS, JADAKISS and CAIN. Tell Me U Love Me, RED EYE and HEARD’EM ALL. I mean I hope we don’t get to here the whole album before it comes out. Love Hear’em All and can’t wait for the video! I think November is to far away but if they think this is the right move then so be it. Either way I will be getting the album.
    Either way I will be downloaing the album in

  • !LOL!

    Ooh I can’t wait! I’m tired of bytch’s with no talent thinking they can sing. Amerie is gonna kill it. And I love Heard Em All too, I just wish they handle this correctly & the artwork was once again amazing!!

  • DJ Triumph

    man so many push back y.

  • AJ


  • Chinadoll

    definitely looking forward to this video! song is crazy and if promoted right can be her first hit from this album!