Jay-Z and Lady Gaga Added to 2009 VMAs

Jay-Z and Lady Gaga

Jay-Z and Lady Gaga are the latest artists set to perform at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

The rapper and nine-time VMA nominee join previously announced performers Pink, Taylor Swift, Green Day, and Muse. Jay-Z, nominated for Best Hip-Hop Video and Best Male Video, will perform a song off The Blueprint 3, while Gaga will perform one of her chart-topping hits.

“I’m simply gutted to be both a performer and nominee at the 2009 VMAs,” said Gaga. “In fact, I’m so happy, I could die.”

Nelly Furtado, Katy Perry, and Ne-Yo are among the presenters at the 26th annual show, which airs live from New York City’s Radio City Music Hall on September 13 at 9 p.m.

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  1. Jay-z allll day

    YES YES YES!! Jay-Z!! Blueprint 3 ya’ll!!
    Run this town on itunes now!! lets go and get ‘em.


  2. Vaun

    Jay should SOOOOOOOO Perform Run This Town with Rihanna & Kanye

    Yes people go support Buy Run This Town on Itunes and request it on your Radio stations!



    YES JAY-Z PLZ PERFORM RUN THIS TOWN DATZ DA HOTTES TRAK OUT RITE NOW. .rihanna killed dat trak gotta love her


  4. louis!

    i hate this gaga bitch ahaha
    def jay do remix
    doa into run this town . def with rihanna and kanye

    and britney spears gotta perform with justin timberlakee
    they should get whitney to peform i look to you or million dollar bill


  5. malcolm

    why do we give gaga so much time on black blogs don’t she have enough white blogs kissing her ass.
    Only beyonce & Rihanna as black artist get mention on white blogs. just use the blog to promote black artist ,because they don’t have much outlet to promote themselves.


  6. DJ Triumph

    should be a good show.


  7. MaZ

    I wanna see Whitney and Beyoncé perform!


  8. flofan09

    Jay-Z sucks. Death of Autotune was a flop. I wanted Flo Rida or Soulja Boy too perform.


  9. Holly

    I wanted Soulja Boy or Flo Rida too perform.


  10. anothagansta

    I’m ok with lady gaga but jay-z??? Kiss Me Thru The Phone was suppose to be nominated for Best Hip Hop Video.


  11. nikehead

    Kiss me through the Phone nominated for best hip hop video??? u gotta be kidding me right? thats not Hip Hop thats Kid Hop lets be serious lmfao! who came up with these nominations like seriously!


  12. Nick

    Malcolm race shouldn’t even be an issue here! Why should it matter whether a person be White, Black, Asian, etc. to be posted here? That’s such a bleak comment to make, it’s just plain stupidity/ignorance! Race should not even be questioned when it comes to posting on blogs regardless of who it’s so say “aimed” at. I commend Rap-Up for being a blog that posts artists of all races which is really great, diversity should be embraced.


  13. BP86

    Dear Malcolm,

    Music should cross ALL races. Regardless of what/who other blogs MAY or MAY NOT promote, Rap-Up deserves it’s props because this blog includes all the hottest acts, no matter the person’s race. Kudos to Rap-Up for being an equal opportunity blog.:)


  14. Nick

    Amen to what BP86 just said, I couldn’t agree with you more.


  15. Jay

    @ Vaun Jay most likely will perform Run This Town it would make since.

    and I just knew Lady Gaga would perform! I wonder what song she’s gonna do She has so many hits.

    I can’t wait for Nelly Furtado’s english album too!

    and maan I wish Ciara and Justin would perform :(

    Beyonce should do Sweet Dreams and hopefully Kanye and Mariah should do her next single


  16. twitter.com/amarj1

    I want Mariah Carey to perform.


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