New Music: Beyoncé – ‘Poison’


Beyoncé injects “Poison” into an unreleased track off DJ Haze’s Big R&B Ego mixtape. The effect is potent, but not quite fatal.

Beyoncé – “Poison”

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  1. fa



  2. anonymous

    i like it


  3. DJ Triumph

    sound good to me.






  5. Jay

    Man that’s what I’m talkin bout! B keep on movin! I love how unique the sound is! With music like this song and Sweet Dreams Beyonce’s really creating her own style…this is hott! I could heard DC on this with her doing some more harmonies or something. and that beat is SO NICE!!! I know it’s probably just a demo, but I love it


    emy Reply:

    @Jay, saw ur comment on this info,pls can i know where the single is being placed.


  6. babybenz

    I def loves this, thanks Rap-up, hey Dj Triumph!


  7. Bryxxx

    This song is hot, but when i listen to it, i think polow was behind. And It’s Usher’s Style


  8. !LOL!

    I like it! Its kinda weird but that makes it unique!


  9. Grown

    Nothing to get excited about, ok song though.


  10. da baddest

    i love it. b neva disappoints. she wrapped up how im feelin bout sum1 perfecly…poison


  11. #1 Stunna

    B ant do shit
    all her songs r writen by sum1 else, I used to like her but she a bit too arrogant and lost too much weight. Maybe livin wit Jay Z does dat to ya, but still she need to be thick and sexy again and let the rest of dese yung girls get der shine. Keri Hilson shall soon take over, Rihanna is overrated to


  12. fatu sankoh

    i love bey song bey always give 10010 all the time bey is here to stay we her love her i will never any one the way i love beyonce god bless her for giving me the best musice


  13. Lisha

    yea she talented and stuff but come on now is beyonce really being herself in her music. I dont think so, she tryin too much to get radio play and do wat everybody else doing. She never had no songs like diva and ego i no people change but i dont feel like she being true to her craft. She was good wit her soulful pretty voice singin real music man all her new shit is not real music wat da hell kinda point does ego and diva have, none, its just catchy wit a good beat. I’m tired of all da artist tryna sell ringtones and get radio play dat aint wat music is about and if beyonce so true to music like she say she is then she would see dat. I wish MONICA come back wit some fire like her old days and shut all these bithes down. on the real da only female singer right now makin meaningful music is keyshia cole. Has she made 3 songs wit just a good beat and repeating lyrics..NO.. her music got meaning and she still making it high on da charts and gettin radio play. Look at her song “trust” a big hit and it got meaning and purpose. Diva has no meaning its just pumpin hoes heads up for no reason. I’m not tryna take away from beyonce talent i just wish she would be real and pick who da hell she wanna be “sasha fierce” or beyonce


  14. fatu sankoh

    i love it very much beyonce is always on her game god blrss our bey


  15. Diesha

    man i love dis song so much and it appear to me and i understand where she is cumin from. I jus wish that others were more like Beyonce’ she is the most pretties woman with a strong mind. I love u Beyonce’!!!!!!!!


  16. becky

    love the hair!!


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