Def Jam Repackages Jay-Z’s ‘Blueprint’

The Blueprint Collector's Edition

Now that Jay-Z has left Def Jam, Hov’s former label is looking to cash in on Jay one last time.

Def Jam will release The Blueprint Collector’s Edition consisting of Jigga’s first two classic albums, The Blueprint and The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse.

Much like Mariah’s collector’s set, Jay-Z’s edition will be packaged in a collectible slipcase with a poster. There will be space to insert a third CD.

The Blueprint Collector’s Edition releases September 8, three days before The Blueprint 3 arrives on September 11 through Atlantic Records.

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  1. dee move def jam…losing one of your best selling artists but cashing in on there shit still, trifling asses lmao


  2. ron.e

    isn’t mariah’s album also her last with def jam? if i remember correctly, her contract was to release 3 albums, with an option for a 4th (i.e. charmbracelet, emancipation, e=mc2, and then memoirs).

    mariah is likely taking an extensive break after this last album and start a family.


  3. anyway

    I would not buy it. I think Jay is not really happy about that.

    Awesome that Jay changed label. Atlantic records promotes Jay-z so much more than Deflame.


  4. Malcolm

    I feel like most people wont buy this album. Its a last ditch effort for Def jam to make money off Hov but this album probably wont crack 300K unless they roll out one hell of a marketing campaign.


  5. carl

    WTF is going on with Def Jam.


  6. Kevin

    First that lame ass Def Jam game, where you can rap and sing (wtf?) and now they’re milking off Hov’s success? Haha, so pathetic


  7. Domi

    Ha y’all are clowns. Why would Jay-a care about this? In fact, he’s probably glad. Why? HE’S MAKING MONEY OFF THIS! They’re basically re-releasing hid old albums with a new marketing push, and he doesn’t have to do anything.


  8. Reginald Theworldismyplayground Judge

    This may actually be good on jay’s behalf. When people listen to the first two, they will definitely buy the third…who wouldnt. Jay is still going to get profit from the collectors ablum as well.


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