Mariah’s ‘Memoirs’ Pushed Back Again

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is turning back the page on her Memoirs. Mimi’s new album has been pushed back again.

Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel will now arrive two weeks later on September 29, has exclusively learned. This is the second delay for Mariah’s 12th studio album. Memoirs was originally scheduled for an August 25 release before being moved to September 15. In addition, the three CD collector’s set has been postponed.

The “Obsessed” singer has pulled out of a string of appearances surrounding the album’s release, including “VH1 Storytellers,” the “Today” show concert series, 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and her Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony.

Mariah recently signed with Chris Lighty and Violator Management, which represents 50 Cent, Diddy, and Soulja Boy, among others.

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  1. dan

    choose a better single, then come with the cd

    think she’s scared, because she knows whitney will do better

    love mariah, but she has to come harder

    she needs a “we belong together” to push the sales…

    obsessed isnt a good choice..would have been good for a fun single, but not a first one


  2. Lance

    hahahaha this is too funny. you know what they say about karma. how DUMB is her management group? Sept. 29th the same day as Madonna? WTF is she thinking? Madge is gonna outsell her by a wide margin. OMG there’s seriously gonna be another nervous breakdown again. poor moo moo! Def Scam is seriously ruining people’s careers. smh.


  3. Mark

    Old add VADGE is not gonna outsell Mariah in Us… and Whitney’s no problem, so those comments are utter crap.


  4. Liz

    Pls pls tell me this isn’t true!!!!
    If so where is the album coming out first?
    Obsessed was a great single but she should release H.A.T.E.U


  5. Lil' Nello

    You positive because it still says September 15 on the Def Jam site?!


  6. Lance

    ok Mark whatever you say must be true b/c you obviously know everything. we will return to this very article when that day comes. omg this just keeps getting better. i can’t stop laughing! she seriously thought that she could compete with whitney? no fuckin way lmao! madge is still popular in the us. all the gays will be buying her album. MC got all bad reviews on her 6 tracks. when a cover song is your best song then that’s a red flag that you better go back in the studio and pray that you come up with some good music.


  7. Liz

    Hopefully its bein released in denmark on the 25th still (a)


  8. Lance

    Whitney’s no problem? Wow now THAT comment made no sense whatsoever. The gays will be buying Madge’s album. I can’t stop laughing right now!


  9. K

    Whitneys not that good anymore so she shouldn’t need to change her date if that’s the reason however moving the albums release date to the same as madonnas is not advisable


  10. linda

    mariah sux


  11. Mc Fan

    I doubt whitney will sell in this era.Mariah pushed her album back bcuz she’s still working on it to perfect it.And about old madon hag on problem..just look at her new single celebration MEGA FLOP….


  12. Mfan

    Madonnas single will get better once the video is released tho :)


  13. DUCK



  14. ross

    bye bye moomoo


  15. Tee

    Mariah is perfecting the album, a lil upset its being pushed back.

    Doubt Madonna or Whitney will out sell Mariah’s album. Mariah’s way too talented and relevant to be worried about Madonna or Whitney, regardless if you like her or not, you still care enough to read this article and comment, so she’s still relevant and always the subject in blogs and entertainment news

    I believe now she’ll have enough time to make this album good like Emancipation of Mimi, Obsessed


  16. DP24

    Why would Mariah be afraid of a 46-year-old shell of a woman,former drug addict,who is coming back 7 years after her last colossal failure ?


  17. Jay ice

    Ok seriously i am alittle dissapointed that its bein pushed bak again but them again its not the end of the world. Just think of it lik this. . . Halloween is right around the corner. U guys will b out partyin while bumpin memoirs. Patients lol times is not of the essence people lol another thing. Mariah is the top bitch. She will never worry about whitney or mandonna seriously they r two old hags. I love whit but she is old as fuck and i hardly doubt my little brother who is 18 and his friends n their girlfriends will b bumbin the new whitney or madge. Now seein that mariah is who she is, her shit will b played out all over which means errbody n they mama will b bumpin her especially when she releases hate u, god i cant wait haha. Which i personally believe is gonna b way better than obsessed. I love obsessed but i love it as far as its lik that. Hate u will b the next we belong together. Yay


  18. HONEY



  19. Ben

    Mariah will easily outsell Madonna and Whitney.


  20. Jay ice

    Wat ben said is so true


  21. Jay ice

    Hate u is gonna b huge! Imagine estelle sayin that! Hahaha joey its estelle! Hahaha thats all i need 2 say. Hate u is the next we belong 2gether. Just lik wbt was way bigger than its lik that, the same thing 4 hate u and obsessed.


  22. leo

    so wat if she is postponing the album!!she is just taking her time and that means hopefully that the album is gonna be a masterpiece.
    remember Mariah is a perfectionist.
    back in The Emancipation of Mimi days she was gonna release the album early but at the last minute she wrote “we belong together”,”it’s like that” and”shake it off” which were the album hits.


  23. Dioni.


    SEPT 29


  24. MaZ

    Go Whitney!!^^


  25. mcfan12

    CRACKney houston is OVER…

    MADGINA is one old fart…


  26. mcfan13

    CRACKNEY and R.KELLY (a.k.a. the guy who lusts on Pampers commercial) ??? The drug addict and the pedophile… lol!

    Mariah & The Dream is tha BOMB


  27. tez

    well mariah has outsold madonna and whitney so their no prob….and also it has been confirmed through my various sources that hate u will be the next’s hot go listen to it,the dream has penned it.


  28. nikehead

    Now i see why ameries album got pushed back to november. Def Jam made a good move Amerie got that whole week dedicated to her and her sales will be so much better. As for Mariahs album Def jam cant make up there minds, i guarantee u they will change the date again!


  29. ron.e

    haters infiltrated this post quick-time. everyone in their right frame of mind knows the album was pushed because mariah is/was still working on the album.


  30. ron.e

    oh and the notion that she’s afraid of whitney’s lp, we’ve barely heard a first single (if there ever was). i’d be surprised if it sells 100k in its first week. re: madonna, it will probably do well in europe but not in the u.s. and if it does sell, not by high standards. a greatest hits compilation will always be just a COMPILATION.


  31. Curvaceous

    Its cool. MC is a perfetionist, she should do it til she gets it right. Smart lady, very talented. I see no worries.


  32. cc

    IN this economy 100k is actually a good thing and i doubt whitney will ever get close to that. This push back is a goood thing because 2 singles will be released instead of 1. I hate how ppl just release and r like hey buy my album, that why they flop like madonna does.


  33. Jay

    Man she must really being trying to get it just perfect. I trust Mariah though. She’s gonna give us a great album. I’ll just be waiting a lil longer to get that album.


  34. tina

    many of the reviews except a couple from MAriah’s listening parties were not great. That is the bottom line and the lambs can call Whitney and MAdonna all the juvenile names they want but that is a fact. LA Reid was not pleased with that and that is why album is pushed back.

    I’m sure that she has recorded lots of songs if her original date was 8/25 so it stands to reason that they are sending her back in the studio to come up with more radio friendly/single type records.

    Add to that, mariah’s voice is sounding deeper and there are not many high notes on this album as reported. Both Whitney’s and Mariah’s voice has declined, granted. Whitney has a reason, what is MAriah’s and at least Whitney is singing a straight melody other than that whispering/layering crap.

    Having said that, i wish her the best and as I’m mature, i won’t stoop to calling her names. that is so first grade.

    p.s where is her PR or management as her press for the last month has been HORRID.


  35. Bestofbothworlds

    Whats the deal with Christina milian’s new album rap-up do yall kno the deal with that and when she will finally drop her new single supersonic?


  36. Yo Momma!

    Release the album already! And talk to us on Twitter for God’s Sake! I thought that was why u got twitter!
    As for Faggy and Haggy (madonna, whitney) They can both kiss my butt. Man arms and crack head’s albums are going to flop just like they always do.


  37. MACH

    kii @ the foolish banter in this post..

    I support Nippy and Mimi.. but for sure Mimi is not “scared” to do a damn thing.. Both of the will sell respectably.. this is not a competition.


  38. casmir22

    The bigger story here is the pattern of mis-steps that seem to be occurring, from responding to Eminem to all of the rap-style music. She is boxing herself in – no disrespect to rap producers- but they have not shown they are diverse enough to embellish MC’s natural and unique voice skills. Also, they keep setting her up around these rap-type stage performances that are only distracting. Had she been on the America Got Talent stage alone, with no dancers and lifts, etc., her performance would have been an ace. Even the music was too loud! I don’t know why she continues to work primarily within that circle. She needs to venture out and work with others like Quincy Jones, Babyface, Prince, to name a few. Her songs, videos are becoming repetitive. She needs to step back and reflect. Something is not working. It’s getting worrisome.


  39. Vic

    Lamb Chop appeals to young people and they don’t go out buying albums. They either download singles they like or they bootleg from the internet b/c they ain’t got money. Now that we’re in a recession I don’t expect her to sell at all. If she knew any better Lamb Chop would make music for folks that have jobs and will actually go out and buy the album. I can’t believe some of these delusional lambs. Yall come up with excuses for everything. Now if this was Whitney doing this yall would be all over her. This story is hilarious. Nobody liked the songs she came out with and pushing back the album 2 weeks isn’t gonna change anything. She basically has to start all over b/c the 6 tracks L.A. Reid previewed were all garbage. She was over the day she released E=MC2. They pushed that back a month and it was still a flop. To the people saying this is gonna be TEOM. You’re in for a rude awakening. You see back then Lamb Chop could actually sing…not so much now.


  40. brandon

    fuck the hate’s I’m a true fan i can wait people that are mad grow the fuck up if you don’t like here then don’t Liston to the new’s and her music damn no wonder people wanna hurt other people cuz some people are so fucking stupid i can wait so that’s that>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  41. !LOL!

    Mariah mariah mariah. I think its good she pushed her album back because Obsessed wasn’t single material nor did it have some motivation behind it other than the Eminem feud that it ensued. Which got her bad publicity & her performances weren’t up to par as the old Mimi. Madonna & Whitney pose good competition & if she does outsell both, she just won’t sell enough like Mariahs sells will be around 163,000 & Madonnas/Whitney’s like 160,000 (not saying that’s all there going to sell). After a so called bad album after E=MC^2 & bad a rep she got for retaliating & her bad performances will make her album drop in sells. Good Luck Mariah, ill buy your album, but DON’T get yourself into more bad publicity.


  42. ask ketchum

    she’ll be fine. she’ll probably get a #1 debut cause madonna’s greatest hits album wont sell more than a 100 thou. her studio album last year only sold 320 000 while mariah’s sold 450 000. i just hope the album has good music that’s all i really want at the end of the day! another daydream!!


  43. Nick

    LMAO @ people thinking that crackhead Whitney is a threat to Mariah. Mariah is a MAINSTREAM artist who still has hits today. Whitney is like freakin’ 46 and the only people buying and listening to her music are old people.

    Mariah can sh*t on her ANY DAY.


  44. CT

    For those of you who are dissing Whitney watch out. Clive and J records knows that her album has to be big and they are going to do everything they can to make sure it’s a success. Whitney pushed up her album and Mariah has pushed her’s back twice. That says a lot and to too add to my point Mariah at first pushed up her album to only push it back twice. So what you want about whitny but’s she back!!!!


  45. gee man

    Keep your head up MC do what you come with good melodies and hooks and write from your heart like you always done and work with other writers and producers that share your passion and vision. Honestly the reviews were mixed.


  46. Jehhan

    Publicity gone bad.

    Eminem must be lauhin’ hard.

    Obsessed is getting nowhere.

    Leona will eat her alive this year.

    Just retire!


  47. reality check

    I sense vibes this album will be Charmbracelet II



  48. Terrence

    Nick Lamb Chop is just a hot mess right now. She’s making commercial music that is so predictable and like everything else on the radio now. She has no originality when it comes to taking risks. “Oh they’re doing auto tune, let me do that to. While I’m at it let me dress like Em so I can get some publicity to promote an album where I’m dressed like a whore.”

    People buying Whitney’s album actually have jobs and money to go out and buy it. These young people ain’t buying Moo Moo’s music. This is a new day and age we’re living in. Can you imagine…

    “Hey mom can I have $14 to buy Moo Moo?”

    “No chile money is tight, plus her music sucks.”

    “Ok I guess I’ll just go download it for free illegally.”


  49. Beyonce Forever

    Pushing her back has her competing with potentially
    Toni Braxton,
    Mary J,
    Leona Lewis,
    Alicia keys,
    Eminem (The Warning single) :)

    She is digging her own grave! :(


  50. BP86

    okay………….. as big of a mariah fan as I am, one must admit that moving the album’s release date so much is an obvious sign that the record company/artist are worried about something… i don’t think this has anything to do with whitney or madonna, what I AM worried about is QUALITY of Mariah’s material. I love ‘obsessed’ , but from the reviews i take it that there are a lot of slow songs on this album which can be a good thing,or a very badthing. it’s a gamble……….


  51. BP86

    OH!!! as for people saying Whitney is old and done….. since when was 46 years old the age that someone needs to retire? Not every pop star has to be 22 years old to make a hit….. and as for you who are saying that Whitney is old and should leave, Mariah carey has ONE MORE YEAR til she turns 40…. and i’ll still love her when she’s 50. be real guys, life doesn’t end after turning 30.


  52. Terrence

    Beyonce Forever you forgot about Xtina and J.Lo oh K Cole too lol MC and her label aren’t thinking ahead.


  53. Grow Up Lambs

    I have nothing better to do with my life than try and save about a 40-year-old with her dwindling career! Next?!


  54. Blitzzy

    @ Grow Up Lambs

    …..good cycnism! :)


  55. Grow Up Lambs

    Another download marathon @ donations from her fan clubs for ‘Obsessed’ next week? Why not buying Itunes shares for god sake?



  56. booda

    Lol @ Terrence, I think jus the ppl who are listed are top go getters while the ones who you mentioned, well they’re not heavy hitters like those mentioned. Xtina is bland & has the vocals but is too busy being commercial to use em. K Cole is an amazing vocalist but she’s too bland for some reason & J Lo, wells she’s in Mariahs league as well. They’re all amazing but they don’t deserve their names to be on that list of heavy hitters. & when Mariah pushes her album bak too many times, it literally displays her fear of losing it. & isn’t Memiors a complition too (@ ron.e)?? Saying those ppl are forgotten on that list, would be saying Cassie needs to be on the list too. Whitney pushed up her album while Mariah had to push it back twice. I’m just saying, if Mariah was so good she would stick it out. I’m just stating the obvious & the apparent (so don’t think I’m hating).


  57. Terrence

    Xtina, JLo, and KCole all have huge fan bases and are just as popular as those other artists. Why would you call them bland? Doesn’t make sense at all.


  58. Nick

    This is gonna end up “Memoirs Of A Delayed Angel”


  59. Brian

    Madonna doesn’t need to sell albums, that is soooo 1990s – She’s racking up major sales by performing, which Whitney can’t stop shaking to do and Mariah, just plain can’t do! Madonna is so ahead of these ladies, it’s pretty insulting to even compare. LMAO


  60. Cari

    Damn , well at least her album IS coming out. she probably just needs more time to work on it.. like she said , she wants it to be PERFECT. LOL at booda. In my opinion, Mariah pushing her album back isn’t out of fear, shes just a perfectionist. We dont want a sloppy ass album do we?

    LMAO at ppl thinking Mariah`s career is over and Madonna and Whitney will outsell her. LOLOLOLOL yall funnyyyy Mariah will literally shxt on their album sales !


  61. Terrence

    Both Whitney (waaaaay ahead) and Madonna are ahead of Moo Moo in presales on Amazon. Cari, Moo Moo is not out selling at least Whitney no way that’s happening. Not to mention Shakira coming out in October too. Get real. Can’t wait to hear your excuses AGAIN when her album flops!


  62. Lexa

    everyone shut up about Obsessed being a weak single! I luv it. I’m a big Mariah fan, so I’m looking forward to her new album. Let me tell ya, u ppl got it all wrong. Mariah will stomp all over Whitney and Madonna, IMO, Mariah’s got them beat!


  63. dan

    madonna will definitely outsell mariah…

    maybe not in the US, but worldwide

    Mariah is worldwide not that big anymore

    and a lot of people anticipate whitney’s cd and love her new stuff…her voice is not the same as it used to, but she has some good material

    mariah made the wrong decision with obsessed…
    its not a party track, therefore her voice sounds too bored and its not a ballad…by the way it is not really outstanding…just something that would have been cool on the album

    i’ll buy her cd anyways, but its not a good sign to push it back that often


  64. davidf



  65. Damion

    First of all, Madonna is not releasing an album; she’s releasing a compilation. Yes it may do well if the public still has a taste for old Madonna, and aren’t compelled to go ahead and download the tracklist for free. Whitney’s album will do good until people start actually listening to it, and hear how bad it was like her last album. Didn’t she have a “comeback” in 2002 or something like that, and the album tanked? People are calling Mariah a has been, but her latest single debuted higher than both Whitney’s and Madonna’s (actually significantly higher), and is still sitting in the top 20 of the charts. But what I really want to get to is, if you hate Mariah so much, why waste time on this site talking about her, keeping track of her sales, and continually bashing her? I hate Jessica Simpson, but I couldn’t tell you the name of her last album, single, if it was successful, how it charted, etc., because I really just don’t care. Your energy could be spent on much better things, but this is the generation of Perez Hilton, where everyone feels the need to hate on people and be mean to people.


  66. Kilyan

    whY would MC be threatened by any of Madonna or Withney sales ? She never has been and never wilL.
    Poeple juSt get real !

    She sold almost 3 millions WW with E=MC2 w/o any promotion. She juSt wanna make sure she do better this time. And of course she gonna make sure to hit a 19th number 1 !
    Even a 20..if she reaches that..She will retire a bit to start a familY..cauSe as far as busineSs is concern …NO ONE is gonna achieve what she did..Its IMPOSSIBLE !


  67. Elena

    LMAO@Kilyan: sorry but E=MC2 never sopld 3m WW, not even close. It was shipped over 2m but only SOLD 1.9m WW. That’s major failure!


  68. Kilyan


    Your birth is a major failure !

    Your mom shud have go to the movie that night..


  69. Drizzy

    @ Elena which was decent for 2008 cause the best album that year sold what? 3 mill? LOL check the state of music that year was the worst in sales distribution. it’s not major failure when out of that album she still broke records. your just a hater get over it mariah sells more than any of these singers/entertainers in the business. Damion set the record straight get over it haters stop wasting your time and efforts in dissing the genius of mariah carey.


  70. Cassie11




    MADONNA will kick mariah scareys ass. I heard somewhere that for every copy of MADONNA’S double cd sold it will actually count as two sales and mariahs won’t because it’s not a double cd it just has extras. World-wide MADONNA will kick her ass cause she has the 47 video double dvd coming out the same day too with the same name, “CELEBRATION”. has already lowered the price of scareys, “memoirs” from $12.99 to $10.99, what does that tell you—-LOW SALES……


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