New Music: Ester Dean f/ Chris Brown – ‘Drop It Low’

Ester Dean

Chris Brown lends a hand on “Drop It Low,” the debut single from Ester Dean out of Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 Inc. camp. The singer-songwriter has worked with everyone from Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson to the Pussycat Dolls and Mary J. Blige (“Stronger”). The Polow production can be found on the soundtrack to More Than a Game (Sept. 22). Now if we could only find a photo of Ester…

Ester Dean f/ Chris Brown – “Drop It Low”

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  1. Nick

    I don’t like it!


  2. Me

    Thats the girl that was walking out of the tattoo shop with chris and natalie


  3. Cooly

    This song is wack. Does Polow have some sort of crush on Chris Brown because every beat he has put out lately has had him in it..”Stronger” and the Michael Jackson you doin??


  4. clevontimms

    i was dancing til i heard chris brown then i was like froze then his part pass’d then i was dancing again… the song is fun but she doesnt like she pretty


  5. goons

    love this track..FIYAHHHHHHHHHHH..haters stop hating coz you sound ridic..this song is hot…have been playing it all day and dropping it low..

    lol@cleventims..just drop it low and forget the rest.

    and yes, i need to see a pic of her..looked everywhere but she is doing the vid comming out soon so cant wait..TRACK IS FIYAH!!!!!!!!!!CLUB BANGER FOR REAL!!!!!!drop drop drop it low!!!


  6. Me

    Yeah they making a video for this


  7. + mitch

    what has happened to music
    this is laughable terrible, the lyrics are shit
    and the beat is fuckin shit


  8. + mitch

    throw this song out with the crap
    why would this ester chick waste her time with rubbish, i thought chris brown was better
    but i spose he’s desperate to get his career back together


  9. Burmy

    So Ester, you say everyone wants to see you make ya booty drop low…Well, it would SURE BE NICE IF WE HAD A PIC TO SEE WHAT YA WORKIN’ WITH!!!

    Seriously, she doesn’t even have a Myspace (I googled “Ester Dean” and “Myspace” together…no sure matches)


  10. Lyia

    Chris is on most Polow joints because CB co-wrote most of them. It isn’t like they are saying jump on the track. He Co-writes them with Ester or these two other dudes.


  11. CB's wifey

    @clevontimms and +mitch
    Fuck yall. Yall some damn haterz. I was gonna go on a rant, but i figured it’s not worth it.

    -Team Breezy
    Keep ya head up baby boi!!! :)


  12. ugh

    this cant be serious? im getting in my time machine and going back to the 90′s! fuck this mess!


  13. DJ Triumph

    it ok nothin special.


  14. DJ Triumph

    yea chris brown probably wrote it he a nice songwriter.


  15. Jay

    Not really feelin this kinda style for her. I love the way she sang Stronger though


  16. Jay

    lol @ ugh you funny!!!

    I miss the 90′s music too


  17. cooly

    @DJ Triumph

    Chris Brown does not write those songs. A songwriter named Andre Merritt writes them…


  18. kanyeezy

    anything with chris brown in it is wrecked for me…people say everyone deserves a second chance but how can you lay a hand on a girl? especially a girl as pretty as rihanna.


  19. Burmy


    What if she put hands on him first? (that’s quite a possibility). Then you’d say she didn’t need to apologize!



  20. Reginald Theworldismyplayground Judge

    Im really hoping that CB doesn’t try to go “gangsta” like the attempts of bow wow and become “wack”. He had and still has what it takes to become so major in the industry. Dude is extremely multitalented. He just needs to woooosaaa and let the past (Rhianna) be the past. And hopping on wack tracks like this is not a good look either.


  21. cooly


    How do you know she did put her hands on him? If that was the case she would have been brought up on charges as well but she wasn’t…


  22. Trey

    @ cooly – what are you talking about Chris co-writes most of his songs. Just like he is writing for Britney, Mary, Keri, Jojo, Rich Girls, Nikki 16, Omarion, TT, etc..

    Andre Merritt Co-wrote w/ Chris a couple songs like “Velvet Lipstick” for Britney and “Disturbia” “Hologram” and “Electric Guitar.”


  23. Trey

    and “Forever” forgot CB co-wrote that one too w/ Andre and Rob.


  24. huh

    he is a co writer like beyonce
    Changing one or two words
    until he writes a WHOLE song thats GOOD then he can be a songwriter


  25. crook

    ester dean is a songwriter…dumbass


  26. lii

    datz a real cool song sme people are juss hatin for no reason!! get over it!! like chris breezy said if u dont like it then why u commentin it! seriously!!


  27. TRACIE

    I like it! I bought it on iTunes today! It’s fun to dance to.


  28. support

    I haven’t heard the song yet, I’m just glad Chris is getting back out there, this young man is really talented, and he should be able to entertain just like all the other celebs out there making a hell of alot of mistakes and still doing what they love to do. All you haters need to get a life and focus on your fucked up issues and leave him alone. That’s what haters do, they try to pass judgement on everyone else instead of trying to clean up their messed up lives. Keep it up Chris.


  29. rienn

    Just heard the song, it’s a good club song that has a great beat, I think it will do good, people most definitely will be dancing in the clubs. So all you haters out there, leave Chris alone, it’s not his song, he’s just featured on it, yall need to get a damn life. This young man is talented, we didn’t bless him with talents, so all you haters should stop trying to take it all from him, I wish him all the best. Like the song.


  30. kay`De`

    I Think its riqht that he’s multi talentedd & he does need 2 forqet her & focuse on himself first because it really isn’t doinq anythinq for him positive, he has a restraininq order from her for 5 years & there not quna just keep secretly meetinq, jay’s quna b heated when he finds out bcuz he doesn’t Like Chris but O well… I think they both deserve different people; & This is just killinq him but chris def. needs tah move onn.. & just focuse on himself for a whilee` Hopp off,


  31. diggz

    this track is bullshit. not hating on any of they key players (polow, ester or chris) but this is the same shit we hear all the time. i am ready for Blueprint 3, Clipse, Mary J.. time to take back real music! Tred of this bullshit assed music that has been plagueing the radio over the last 2 years!


  32. cindy

    I am a really big fan of CB. haters “enough already,”He has to eat, and pay bills like the rest of us- this is his job so he has to work.
    Rhianna has been slapping him in his face for some time now- That day he could not condone the attact, he snapped, then suddenly Rhianna became a victim. CB was 19 years of age, so abuse on a minor dosen’t count.


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