Whitney Houston ‘I Look to You’ Album Snippets

I Look to You

Preview all 11 tracks off Whitney Houston’s highly-anticipated new album I Look to You ahead of its August 31 release. Find out who wrote and produced what here. The album is currently No. 5 on the Amazon.com Bestsellers list.

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  1. B. Rillz

    Solid album! Classic Whitney! This is what we’ve been waiting on, well @ least I have. Superb job! Welcome back Whitney!


  2. Tierra

    Love it! I’m mad though when will she come out of hiding, her album comes out in two weeks! The video needs to premiere too…hopefully sometime this week.

    Love Nothin But Love. I got a few people that I need to dedicate that song to.

    A Song For You sounds like a major dance hit. Vocals are surprisingly good.

    Worth It makes me want to go make babies aaaah Whitney is gonna kill that song.

    Promising album. Her performing live will take those songs to another level imo.


  3. arietis

    I’m not feelin these snippetts (it really sounds insipid to me) but wishing her all the best for her comeback.


  4. andy0666

    I love it, it great rnb, it’s exactly what I was expecting. Go Whitney!!!


  5. Reginald Theworldismyplayground Judge

    lol…DO IT BIG mama whit. Is she saying she a soldier girl in that last part of the snippet? COMEDY! I really hope she makes major appearances. WELCOME BACK


  6. essejae

    Ehhh, I don’t know how I feel about it. It just doesn’t feel like Whitney. Oh well. Wish her all the best.


  7. james

    i agree with essejae. I kinda expected more. These type of songs do nothing good to accentuate her voice but wish her the best.


  8. Tim

    I agree with Tierra. Whitney singing live will really push those songs to another level. I think people forget how great of a live performer she is. Mark your calendars for Sept. 2nd GMA. I also hear she’s doing VH1 Divas Live in Sept. 17? and X Factor Oct. 17th.


  9. listen

    MAJOR disappointment. They created all this hype and now they’ve gone silent. I can’t believe I was reading that every song was getting standing ovations? For what? It’s it because of the music or is it because it’s Whitney Houston? WAKE UP MUSIC INDUSTRY. I think she’s going to have a hard time going 2x platinum.


  10. Jen

    The calm before the storm. Let me go get my rain coat and umbrella now. People gave her great reviews because it’s great music. She’s staying true to herself and not conforming to the ridiculous mainstream crap that’s out now. For that reason alone she will always be one of if not the best female vocalist of all time. She’s always setting standards.


  11. twitter.com/amarj1

    Million Dollar Bill, Worth It & Like I Never Left are the best sounding to me but the others sound good too.


  12. Jay

    Sounds like nice album! Whitney sounds great!

    My favorite track is Million Dollar Bill!

    Salute sounds good too

    and so glad they kept Like I Never Left


  13. M!ke

    Im glad to hear these snippets. . . im really lookin forward to buying this album. . . sme ppl are so close minded and are use to hearing that crap they play on the radio and arent use to real music and thats wht Whitney is putting out. She staying true to herself and that more than i can say about some of these female artist out here. . .Welcome Back Whitney


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