New Music: Leona Lewis f/ Justin Timberlake – ‘Don’t Let Me Down’

Leona Lewis

Justin Timberlake puts his handprint on a midtempo cut from Leona Lewis’ sophomore album. While some sources are reporting this as a Timbaland production, The Y’s (Timberlake, James Fauntleroy, and Rob Knox) are actually behind the record. Leona shifts from her purely pop sound without rocking the boat too much.

Leona Lewis f/ Justin Timberlake – “Don’t Let Me Down”

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  1. Josh Hurt

    What is the FIRST word she says? I swear it sounds like a curse word, but I think I’m tripping… lol

    Nice song, not single-material at all though…


  2. Kevin

    I’m almost sure she says, “Fork in the road”.


  3. crunkpoet

    yea i thought she said fuck..but its a cool song..real laid back!


  4. crunkpoet

    yea i thought she dropped the F Bomb…but its a nice song..real laid back


  5. mal

    HARDLY a feature of JT lol but ok song all the same


  6. Kolocho Kitler

    this is better than STRANGER..



  7. DJ Triumph

    kevin is right fork in the road. a good song.


  8. thedevil

    doesnt even sound like her


  9. Jay

    lol yeah it did sound like she said the f word! I was like woooow! I think it was “fork in the road” though

    I think it sounds like her.

    Nice song!


  10. listen



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