Backstreet Boy Wants to Work with Q-Tip

Nick Carter and Q-Tip

The Backstreet Boys may be mostly known for their Top 40 hits, but the boy band also gets down with hip-hop.

Nick Carter, one quarter of the group, is professing his admiration for Q-Tip. “I love Q-Tip. He’s my favorite rapper, so I’d love to do a song with him one day,” Carter tells “I know he did that song back in the day with Janet, ‘Got ’Til It’s Gone,’ and I loved his last album [The Renaissance]. I’m a big Q-Tip fan.”

The pop star has never met the Tribe Called Quest frontman, but would love to work with him one day. “When we released Millennium, we were over in Japan and all I would do was listen to Tribe’s album Beats, Rhymes, & Life. I would listen to that album all the time and I would talk to [Senior VP, A&R at Zomba Label Group] Jeff Fenster like, ‘C’mon man, lemme meet him. C’mon, let’s do something with him.’”

Nick, Howie, Brian, and A.J. also had another rapper on their wish list of collaborators. “We wanted to do some stuff with Lil Wayne as well, but I know he’s been on a lot of stuff lately.”

The Backstreet Boys will release their seventh studio album This Is Us on October 6 featuring contributions from T-Pain, RedOne, Jim Jonsin, Ryan Tedder, and Claude Kelly.

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  1. O_star

    This gets a big ‘ol noooooooooooooo from me!


  2. NicksShawty

    That would be so interesting to collab with Q-Tip. Maybe next album? Lil Wayne…not so much. Too saturated on the radio. Be different BSB!!


  3. Jaelani

    It’s cool that he’s a fan. I’m a Q-Tip fan myself && his last album wuz good. I’m sure Q-Tip will do something with Nick soon!


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