Video: R. Kelly f/ Keri Hilson – ‘Number One’

R. Kelly x Keri Hilson

R. Keri rockets to the “Number One” spot in the video for the first single off R. Kelly’s Untitled album (Oct. 13). Kellz and Keri put on their Michael Jackson-inspired jackets and pay tribute to the late King of Pop in the Chris Robinson-directed clip.

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  1. urban noize

    visually this is a beautiful video. chris robinson makes people look like superstars. i like the video :)…and of couse keri even more!


  2. ugh

    i loved this song when i heard it last year and i love it even more now that they added more vocals and took off all the autotune. r.keri lookin fly in this video. could have done without the MJ jackets, it seems cheezy.


  3. D

    Miss Keri baby! haha :D
    This is a pretty good video.
    I’ve always loved Keri Hilson and she’s looking pretty bad (good way) in here.
    I hope for the best for R. Keri :)


  4. 100% Nikehead

    R KERI BABYYYYYYYYYY! This video right here is fire the whole concept goes with the song very well. All chris robinsons videos are hot. The best music video director in the game right now. I seen Keri Hilson on Rising icons last night and was like yeah shes gonna be here for a long time she has undeniable talent. Timbo even cosigned sayin in the studio shes in her zone. Im lookin so foward to what her second album will sound like, i kno its gon be a monster!


  5. Omon Imo

    That is a tight jam and vid. I hope this shoots Keri Hilson to another level especially since as someone said, the vid makes her look like a superstar.


  6. Lucresse

    it’s a beautiful song!!And R kelly is back.I feel good and Keri hilson is beautiful like usual!!!


  7. DJ Triumph

    it a good video and song. r.kelly makin good music again


  8. malfred

    i think those word pat and leather kanye yeezys



    That’s so good that everyone likes the Video and Song..And there is no HATE…YET anyway lol

    Keri is an amazing singer-songwriter and it’s good to see her just shoot up and get better and better she has an undeniable talent and i can’t wait for the second album…Kellz you looking good there lol hottest rnb song out right now ! ! ! ! !


    NU NU NU NUMBER 111111111111111 ! ! ! ! !


  10. Yan

    R.Keri Baaaaaby!


  11. Whaaa

    Another Hit for R .Keri Babyy


  12. FiddleB

    The song is wack point blank. “number one sex”….wtf…but radio is gonna love it. The vid looks nice tho, maybe i dnt like it cuz i dnt like mister pedo r. kelly.




    First punk ass little hater….I take it your sex is whack as hell that’s why you have no “Girl or Guy” so I can understand your hate…

    But when you got that #1…..Boy oh Boy ! ! ! LOL ! !


    Hi Hater….


  14. FiddleB

    Wow so if you dnt like a song or a person your automatically a hater…wow dats crazy to me. I live my life by the bible….that statement smashes what u say point blank. Plus the song is wack idk why would he come out wit a song called “number one sex” know dat “birthday sex” just lost heat…idk….but i still dnt support pedos..


  15. bla'cappuccino

    Kellz rocks… R&B king!


  16. Southern Grl

    I like this song!!!! R.Kelly will always be a R&B king. I c alot of people dnt like him but who cares. He has talent and he knw what will sell. Only god can judge him.


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