R. Kelly’s Advice for Whitney Houston: ‘Go Get Clean’

R. Kelly and Whitney Houston

R. Kelly and Whitney Houston may have their differences, but at the end of the day, it’s all love.

The Pied Piper of R&B and superstar diva worked together on Houston’s new album I Look to You. R. Kelly crafted two records, including the title track and “Salute.”

Houston spoke about her collaborator at a listening session in Beverly Hills last month, hinting that it was somewhat of a challenge working with The R. “Some people just have their own world and R. Kelly, he has his own world,” she joked. “I kinda stepped in and stepped out for a minute.”

At a listening for his album, Untitled, earlier this week in Chicago, R. Kelly turned the tables, revealing the advice he gave his friend to stage a successful comeback. “Go get clean and go get refreshed,” he told Houston. “If you sing [like you did on] ‘I Will Always Love You,’ you’ll be right back on top.”

Kellz said the two share a sibling-like relationship. “That’s like my sister,” he continued, lovingly referring to her as “Buckethead.” “We get into it all the time. Toni [Braxton] didn’t understand it either.”

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  1. Warren

    I’m very surprised at R, Kelly, Whitney is doing great and you are just dissing her like that. That is so cold and I think she is sounding good and looking good than she has in years. I am a big fan of her and have been a fan of yours since the beginning. She is clean and for you to just say is cold. My friend, R, you are no so innocent and we all have made mistakes. Remember this, If you have nothing to say nice, don’t say it at all.


  2. Jacques Theprophetblog

    Whitney should speak out to the press and say this.

    “R. Kelly told me to get clean. I told him to stop sleeping and peeing on underage hoodrats then showering their family with gifts to keep his ass out of jail”.


  3. rockon

    ^^^Grow up people. If Whitney is a woman then she would and did embrace R. Kelly’s advice.

    Secondly, grow up and move on, he was exonerated, “you people” worry about the wrong thangs!

    Celebrate two people who have overcome and still living to do what they have been blessed to do, share their talent.


  4. Carl

    ^ LMAO!


  5. freelandmeis



  6. LaBonquisha

    ki @ R. Kelly’s shade …


  7. Sarah

    I love R. Kelly, but he shouldn’t be revealing the advice he gives to anyone publicly. He’s a genius, but we all know he needs some advice of his own. lol.


  8. twitter.com/amarj1

    LMFAO @Jacques Theprophetblog. I was thinking the exact same thing while I was reading the post.


  9. i love ciara

    it was a joke


  10. trillafood

    I don’t think he met it as a diss. People are so quick to jump to conclusion lol.


  11. Brian

    Wow, Whitney is blazing on this track eh eh eh!


  12. Glam

    HA! R.Kelly’s trying to give people advice???

    GTFOH with that bullshit.

    That was R.Kelly on that video. The ONLY reason he wasn’t found guilty is because the prosecution couldn’t bring in the girl. I’ll have to research again the reason why. From CNN, according to one of the jurors, “It was absolutely him. The tape that was viewed was not the tape floating around the streets. This video was crystal clear and it was definitely him.”

    He was found not guilty. But that’s alright. Karma is real. Karma is real.

    And i don’t give no bullshit about how the lil’girl wanted too. (The only ppl that I hear saying things like that are black ppl, and it is so disgusting and embarrassing). That’s fucking bullshit. She was 13 years old! 13 year olds, can not sign contracts therefore, they don’t have the RIGHT to CONSENT, that includes SEX. What R.Kelly did was statutory RAPE.

    I see Karma has already hit him a little because it’s like everyone has forgot about him. His star power is shit. But Karma’s not finished. There’s more to come.


  13. thakiNG

    Poor you.
    Mad, lonely, pathetic and sad.
    Get over it and while your at it, go do something productive instead of hating on celebrities on blogs who doesn’t give a flying fukk about you.


  14. Libra

    Oh 4 real R. KELLY?


    OK I’m back to reading those Jackie Christian sex books that R. KELLY Loves so much!

    Wow R. You really cant get enuf of the Jackie Christian sex books can you dirty one?


  15. EclecticE

    R u serious “Kellz”??? You’re giving WHITNEY FREAKIN’ HOUSTON advice??? Dude…sometimes you NEED to know when to STFU…we don’t even need to pull out the pedophile records on you. Chill and work on making this whack music you put out now a hit!


  16. Ebony

    Whitney is one of those icons who opened more doors to black people in the music industry. Because of that ALONE, RKelly shouldn’t speak ill of her, especially when he’s far from being an angel. Whitney did HERSELF wrong with the drugs, she didn’t take advantage of an underage child. People living in glass houses shouldn’t cast stone. And RKelly is gifted but not a “genius” (his music is extra repetitive). Stevie Wonder? Yes. Miles Davis? Yes. RKelly? In the words of Whitney, hayell to da naww.


  17. Kevin

    I hope R. Kelly reads this…U idiot, you should be last person to ever give anyone advice..You Pervet!!!!


  18. wal

    It’s not a diss He sait that:

    I told her to go get clean and refreshed and sing my song like ‘And I’ll Always Love You’ and we gonna be alright,” he laughed.


  19. Marc

    hey dummies, if r. kelly ain’t this and r. kelly ain’t that, then why is the great whitney putting all of his songs on her album, whitney needs a hit and who else is going to write it for her. u whack mutherf*ckers need to get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!


  20. najeeah freeman

    come on guys.R.kelly knows whitney better than we do and like he said she’s like a sister to him. He was just joking with her. drama queens and kings go sit down some where!!!lmfao


  21. H

    if Whitney thought it was a diss or thought ill of R. Kelly period, she wouldn’t have flown in to Chicago and went to his studio to record the songs. some of you are so judgemental for no dang reason and it’s pathetic.


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