Keri Hilson Teases in ‘Slow Dance’ Video

Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson is taking things nice and slow in the video for the latest single off her debut album In a Perfect World…

Miss Keri shot the video for “Slow Dance” this week in Los Angeles with Chris Robinson, who directed “Knock You Down” and R. Kelly’s “Number One,” in which she co-stars.

Robinson explained the concept to “It’s a really sexy song, but we don’t want to fall into the typical love, love, love R&B vibe with that,” he revealed. “So it’s a misdirection, so to speak. I won’t give too much away, but it starts where you think, ‘Oh, it’s about her and being sexy.’”

But things take an unexpected turn when Hilson’s friends catch her feeling herself a little too much. “She’s in her house and by herself, and you kind of think it could be serious, but the song drops out in the middle and her friends catch her being all sexy, basically like, ‘What the f**k are you doing? You are not singing by yourself.’”

The twist portrays her as a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. “Keri Hilson has a great personality and is a real girl. That’s what we want to get across.”

–Reporting by Steven J. Horowitz

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  1. Carl

    Lol. Sounds. GOOD. Not a fan but I do anticipate the video!!!!!!!!


  2. iShoosh

    Im definitely a fan & CANT WAIT!!!!


  3. Music Junkie

    Lame, this video is a tease, lots of anticipation & nothing behind it, lol.


  4. Talisa

    This gawn be g00d!


  5. Phillybul

    I’m confused… I thought Paul Hunter Directed Slow Dance… Thought they shot it like a month ago


  6. Whaaa

    Keri Hilsion is Hot but she would look better with hair like Ciara


  7. 100% Nikehead

    @Phillybul i was about to say the same thing im mad confused now cause on her twitter yesterday she said she was shooting a video for another song but it wasnt specified which song it would be. Many reliable sources said the Slow Dance video was shot on july 6th with Paul hunter. Idk whats going on i just hope shes doing the video for Get Your Money up cause that needs to be a single!


  8. Yan

    This is wrong! She already said that Paul Hunter directed Slow Dance video (sorry for my bad english, i’m brazilian)


  9. REM

    Cant Wait! and yeah i heard the video was shot over a month ago. Although she did say that “Get Your Money Up” was going to be a single. Maybe shes shot both? Not sure


  10. Yan

    this isnt for Slow Dance, Keri has announced that the video for that has already BEEN shot with Paul Hunter, unless she’s re-shooting it which i highly doubt.


  11. pdc

    yes! idk wats goin on either doe. so i guess we’ll see. but keri is mah wife so w/e she do. um iight wit it hopefully. ha


  12. DJ Triumph

    i know it goin to be good. keri has the it factor.


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  14. 100% Nikehead

    Keri Hilson and chris brown made cameos in Ester Deans new video for Drop It Low 2 days ago(Chris browns first music video appearance since rihanna incident) and Keri hilson shot a video yesterday for another single. Hopefully its get your money up cause i heard theres gonna be a lot of cameos in the video. Keri Hilson is takin over 2009 forreel she is just EVERYWHERE!


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  17. Michael Howard

    sounds like Ciara Never Ever to me LOL


  18. stephen

    i love the slow dance video! check out the keri hilson performance at soundcheck. it’s great!


  19. breeonna

    keri you are an inspiration to me an you are my idol.
    lol!!. one day i wish to see you !!!


  20. breeonna

    my birthday is december 10th. and in turning 13 and i cant wait buit can you send a shout out .


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