Report: Ashanti and Nelly Call It Quits

Ashanti and Nelly

Hip-hop power couple Ashanti and Nelly are reportedly going their separate ways.

The New York Daily News reports that the lovers split because Ashanti wanted to get married, while Nelly wasn’t ready to settle down. The “Country Grammar” rapper was rumored to be seen with model-actress Melyssa Ford in Las Vegas and Miami.

Ashanti and Nelly began dating nearly six years ago. “I met her at the MTV [Video Music] Awards one year,” Nelly told Rap-Up in 2008. “And we just exchanged numbers and we started talking and stuff like that, and we just started hanging out.”

When asked about marriage at the time, he said, “Right now, we not thinking about that. It’s just all about the work.”

No official confirmation has been made from either camp.

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  1. queen beyonce

    awww i thought these too were going to get married


  2. AlekWekJunkie

    Typical (Nellie) wanna continue to play the field.


  3. dee

    hmmm…nelly a trifling lil f***, how yall been together for 6 years and you still wanna f*** around when u got a good woman on ya arms, ashanti can do better anyway


  4. MaZ

    He was seen earliyer this week with Melody Thorton from P*ssycat dolls


  5. lb

    it’s a lie, go to his twitter page and u will khow that this is nothihg but a rumor


    alicia Reply:

    @lb, wot they’re still together yh?


  6. LisaLisa

    Umm, what r u reading? Nelly never actually denied this on Twitter


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  8. Jay

    Nooo I can’t believe it! I thought for sure they was gon stay together. Man hope it ain’t true


  9. DJ Triumph

    man they were a good couple.


  10. crunkpoet

    oh well..moving on lol


  11. Dangelo

    i doubt it, yall need to listen to what my boy drake say “don’t listen to the rumors and what they assume’ if you aint hear it from either of them or have any proof or evidence it aint true so wateva ashanti sexy, nelly aint that stupid and they seem really happy together so ya…. but hey yall twitter me follow ya boi thx =-)


  12. angel

    They were the HOTTEST couple!
    watever nelly ur loss Ashanti is BAAAADDD!
    Hope this isnt true!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Rachelle

    Ashanti and Nelly Over?
    I hope NOT!
    If this is true..ashanti will have NO problem finding a new man lol They were so cute though


  14. reny

    Nooo! :( They were great couple


  15. t

    Man I hope not…ha ashanti there always a place in my heart 4 ya. She is hotttt!


  16. lb

    lisalisa what r u reading he stated he never even met any of the girls from relachance and he also stated he was not at dinner with melody either, so allthis cramp is bullshit, rightnow he is in L.A. and so is ashanti. Yall are the fouls who believe everything yall read, like i said before go to the source and then comment on what u know not what u heard.


  17. Keykey

    I Think Nelly Is still Focusing on His career and His money and Ashanti is ready to Get Married and have a family. But I cant be mad at Ashanti for wonderng wheres the Ring after 6 years..I would of been like wheres the Ring after 4years!!!


  18. sexaaeee baybeeegirl

    theyre the hottest couple after jay and b.. but like nas ans kelis, even this sexy pair were just 2 good 2 be true=[



    Nelly & ashanti was the cutest cuple out here… if nelly really left ashanti 2 f**k around wit melissa ford he’s a damn fool.. Everybody had that.. Down grades 4reall nelly if these rumors r so.. Ashanti is sexy as hell & got her own $$$.. I would like 2 marry her n hit that every nite.. Lmao.. Oh well his loss.. Lol..


  20. LindaBaby26

    Jay Z and Beyonce been together for 7 years before Jay Z asked her 2 marry him, what people don’t understand is its not how long you<e been with a person to determaine if your really in love, what matters is how you feel for one another and if either of them wasn't ready to get married then why rush into something that could destory what ya built for so long. Love is not a game or a one night stand, its not easy nor is it hard and Love don't come over night its something that could come with a lifetime.


  21. tiff

    wow. they were my favorite couple.they were so cute together and she looked so happy, but i guess i just wasnt ment to be. well hopefully they rekendle



    I LOVE U


  23. key0key

    thats crazy


  24. newii_babbii

    yo yu know how long dis ppl beenn going out they should get married and have 2 kids and get it over with ..but cutest couple every


  25. chelley

    u guys act like u actually know nelly and ashanti… none of us do so stop speculating .if they r breakin up aint nun ya gettin with either one so myob


  26. panky

    I will like to know why this a cute couple don’t break up work it out!!


  27. TreyDay

    they make a good couple



    you guys look good together?


  29. jessica g

    first of all, im glad he is not marryin her. jus cause she was ready and rushin doesnt mean he was. 6yrs, 10yrs, 20yrs, it doesnt matter. if she wasnt rite for him then so be it. anyways he can do better den dat.


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