Queen Latifah in Driver’s Seat for ‘Fast’ Video

Queen Latifah and Missy Elliott

Queen Latifah will go behind the wheel in the video for her new single featuring Missy Elliott.

The rapper-turned-actress will shoot a video for “Fast Car,” the next single from her new album Persona, later this month. Missy will race across the finish line with her fellow femcee in the clip, which will be directed by Chris Robinson.

Expect something fast and furious from the Oscar nominee. “We’re thinking of doing something a little more in-depth, creating a short film for her record,” Robinson tells Rap-Up.com.

Queen Latifah’s ninth studio album Persona is due out August 25.

–Reporting by Steven J. Horowitz

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  1. DJ Triumph

    nice song. video should be good.


  2. ericthered

    Not I’m a namebrand bitch, she just OldNavy! I love Missy for that one.


  3. joey

    missys verse is amazing its so funny. and latifahs voice is great


  4. Nacho



  5. Nacho

    Also, who does Missy think she’s foolin? This is the perfect collab tho, they are both SO SIMILAR (an not in music)..


  6. pdc

    lol @ nacho


  7. mnm

    Lol @ Nacho


  8. Jay

    Man dope song! Love Latifah!


  9. Yvonne Collins

    Hi Queen Latifah, I like the song that you and Missy Elliot did called fast cars that video is hot. You have a good voice when you sing and I admire you for that Queen Latifah.I wish that I could meet you in person because I heard that you are a reaaly cool person with others. You are my favorite actor because when you do your movies you make me laugh. I wish that I was rich like you Queen latifah but I’m not I’m not. I listen to your new ablum called Persona and I love the music and the way you sing on it. I’ve been looking for your new album in the stores but I haven’t seen it yet. I like the movie that you play in called bringing down the house I watched it on the computer at the college and I thought it was a good movie and you played a good part in the movie. But the part when you and ashley got into a fight you wipe her ass. I like the put when you was wearing that short skirt because you looked sexy looking in that skirt what you was wearing in the movie. Holla Back at me Mama


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