Jay Sean Calls Drake the Next Kanye

Drake and Kanye West

R&B singer-songwriter Jay Sean is bestowing praise upon his Cash Money/ Young Money cohort.

Drake’s labelmate is comparing him to a certain over-the-top rapper. “He’s very talented. I look at him as like the next Kanye,” Sean tells Rap-Up.com. “He’s got this young female audience into him and that’s the lane you need to stay in because it seems to be working. He’s the next big thing.”

Drake may make an appearance on the 26-year-old Brit’s second single, but he’s remaining tight-lipped. “I don’t want to say anything until it’s all final.”

Jay Sean’s U.S. debut All or Nothing features the Lil Wayne-assisted smash “Down,” and will be available November 24.

–Reporting by Rajul Punjabi

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  1. Me

    Well well, Jay Sean, stop smoking.


  2. Michael Marino

    OMG! That Guy is Crazy, Kanye >>>>>> Drake , Kanye is legend drake is a god rapper…


  3. 100% Nikehead

    Yea thats not even a comparison. Kanye produces raps, and directs. Drake Raps, sings, and acts. There two very different people that cant even be compared. Kanyes like one of the reasons Drake is doin his thing commerically now so to say Drake is the next Kanye is irelevant. Drake is most definatly the next big artist but not kanye!


  4. DJ Triumph

    i think he can be but he just wanna be drake.


  5. uhhhhhhhhh

    lol who is Jay Sean and why should his opinion be news? Even if Kanye said Drake was the next him I would have to disagree. Kanye does wayyyyyy more than Drake and does it better. Not saying Drake can’t be the next Kanye, but he hasn’t proven himself to be yet.


  6. ViXMiX

    Um yea, Jay Sean is a respected artist in the U.K. and even though the Brits aren’t my primary source of music trust, he’s the ess and a bag of chips. Jay Sean’s got this pop formula down, even if it’s just for now and if he knows anything, it’s his peers. And anyone’s frikkin opinion is news these days. Are you kidding? Have you ever watched Daisy of Love?


  7. Whaaa

    no i doubt it he will be a 50 cent but lower


  8. Nick


    I don’t know what the hell people see in Drake. Best I Ever Had was trash and Kanye shits out hits without even trying. That’s like comparing Mariah Carey to Cassie. BLASPHEMY!


  9. Jaelani

    Lol, ya’ll are funny. Drake acts like Kanye ALOT. He’s a protege (to Weezy like Kanye wuz to Jay-Z), he’s getting major attention, like Kanye when he came out with “College Dropout”, and i’ve seen him try to wear the lego heart thing like Kanye a couple times (Drizzy’s wuz wack tho). So Jay Sean has a point.


  10. sexiikiim09

    he nowhere close to kanye but dont get me wrong drake can spit heavy too!


  11. dan

    hell no !! i respect drake but not close


  12. sexiikiim09

    kanye is too sick drake a rookie!


  13. gerson

    no freakin way drake is good but not kanye


  14. anderson

    alright jay sean. get out of here with that non-sense.
    kanye is amazing. drake, maybe on the wayne side.


  15. Jay

    lol The next Kanye!?!? I think not

    Drake is the next Drake :)


  16. Karen

    i think he is soooooo right and soooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. raman

    i think that as well he’s hot and correct!!!!!!!


  18. nkosi

    drake has no album to his name
    needs to thank wayne for the fame

    compared to KANYE he is nothing
    Ye can sell a mill
    he decides to rap
    or whether he decides to sing

    ask drake we


  19. themotorcityboy

    Look yall i love kanye but everyone needs to shut their mouth who dont think drake is cold he is the MAN right now he is on a level which some rookies only wish to be my homie drizzle is the NEXT BIG THING for hip hop

    And to all yall haters drake hasnt even dropped an album and look at all they hype he is recieving so keep hating yall making him famous hahahaha


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