Chris Brown Sentenced to Probation, Community Labor

Chris Brown

Chris Brown’s fate has finally been decided. The pop star was sentenced in his assault case against Rihanna on Tuesday.

Brown was sentenced two days early in a Los Angeles courtroom, stemming from felony charges that he assaulted his former girlfriend in February.

The judge placed Brown on felony probation for five years with six months of community labor. He must report to probation within 72 hours.

The “Forever” singer, who appeared in court wearing a dark three-piece pinstriped suit, will perform community labor at the Commonwealth Catholic Charities and enroll in a 52-week domestic violence course in Richmond, Va. He is subject to search and seizure at any time over the next five years and cannot own any dangerous weapons. He also may not travel outside of the country without prior court approval.

“I am not immune to the chatter on the airwaves,” Judge Patricia Schnegg told Brown in reference to reports that he and Rihanna have been in contact.

The 20-year-old must stay 100 yards away from Rihanna except when attending industry events where the distance is reduced to 10 yards. The stay-away order is in effect for five years. If he violates the probation, the judge will consider sending him to prison.

He is due back in court November 19 for a progress report.

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  1. Mono

    about time….
    Hopefully he wont be at the vmas this year
    And will focus on his sentence instead of clubbing and party and shit


  2. O*

    Man, Chris really f*cked up his life!
    No matter how much a woman or any other person prevokes you, don’t give in.
    It’s not worth it. It’s just not worthed!

    I hate when people fail at protecting themself, because it’s really easy to do. Rather than all the consequences you have to deal with when you don’t protect yourself.

    I wish him all the best of luck with closing this chapter of his life.

    Love & Music


  3. Jus

    Glad hes in the dv classes because he really does need them. I doubt they will help tho. It seems like he doesnt want to change his ways unless its to save face or save his career and image. He thinks hes above the law. But maybe the classes will help him realize his issues.
    Having a P.O. might actually help him slow down on the drinking too.
    Maybe now we can get a break from him also.


  4. Haha

    thank god now he can go disappear
    hes lucky hes not in prison for beating her


  5. l

    justice isnt served he is still in our streets…
    I’ve heard today that run it costar, juelz santan


  6. l

    santana try to kill his own wife.
    is this a coincidence?
    was run it a women beater song? lfmao


  7. U.N.E (Urban Noize)

    man they been to hard on the man. they treatin him like if he a murder…not a good look.


  8. skysy

    OMG he doesn’t desrve all dis i know what he did was wrong but damm five year they jus trynna ruin his carreer i love u even more chris don let the hater get to u and i don y the fuck the rest of ya laughing imagine urself in this position dumb bitches


  9. skysy

    i love u chris don let the haters put u down even if they try they will NOT achieve and shit is 2 much they need to bring that shit down like month not years and chris stay awy away from riri its not worth going to jail for no 1 i love u boo


  10. dee

    search and seizure at anytime??? now thats a little excessive i mean damn! They overdoing it a bi with the search and seizure thing, I mean he deserves a lil privacy sheesh! that means the popo can just go to his house at anytime and take his television because it looks suspicious, mmmhmm! whatever, atleast it aint me lol


  11. Catie

    That’s nothing, he should have received a harsher punishment. He’s disgusting, he should just go away.


  12. haha

    damn. at least he looked nice in his suit. =)


  13. !LOL!

    @ Skysy, I believe 5 years is perfect. He should have gone to jail for what he did but instead he gets probation. I believe the sentencing was sufficient because he is a celebrity and so this is actually going easy on him. Just thank the lord he aint gon let men, who haven’t seen a woman in years, do him way he did Rihanna. Now we can truly forget him because justice has more than been served, now we can forget about him.


  14. DJ Triumph

    man nice hair cut and now it over stay positive chris.


  15. Giselle

    That’s a fair sentence, it could have been worse. I’m glad that the judge said what she said about the protective order, for obvious reasons. I wish him well.



    What about Rihanna. This bitch deserve to be punish to.



    Rihanna’s ass need to be made an example of too. Chris stay away from this talentless alien. She is not even a citizen of the US. Why fuk up your life and career over that piece of filt. If you want to date a non american girl; go for a London chick. They much better


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