Remembering Aaliyah: Eight Years Later


It was eight years ago on August 25, 2001 that the music industry lost an angel. We remember the legacy of Aaliyah Dana Haughton, whose voice still resonates well beyond her 22 years on Earth.

In 2003, Aaliyah’s friends, including DMX, Lil’ Kim, Missy Elliott, and Toni Braxton, gathered to film the “Miss You” music video in memory of their late peer (watch below). We’re still missing you, Baby Girl.

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  1. Giselle

    8 years already? time flies. Aaliyah left a beautiful legacy – no matter where you are you can turn on a radio and one of her songs will be playing. More importantly, she was a beautiful person with a beautiful soul. May she rest in peace.


  2. Vha

    the good die young . Aaliyah played a big part in my life when i was growing up and all . her music is classic . i always change my facebook profile pic to a pic of her on Jan 16 and Aug 25th . miss you baby girl but ur not forgotten


  3. Nicky

    Its been 8 Years & Your Still Living In Our Minds.
    You Have Made Beautiful Music & Video’s That Will Always Live On.
    You May Be Gone, But Your Music Is A Reminder Of What A Beautiful Person You Are That Died At Such A Young Age.
    You’ll Always Be In Our Minds..
    Rest In Peace Baby Girl.x



    she’s the best.. I MISS U Babygirl! I think BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna couldn’t be very succesful if this tragedy didn’t happen…


  5. tomatoes

    RIP babygirl… gone but never forgotten. always in my heart x


  6. v

    I’ll always luv her. The queen of rnb.


  7. listen

    A true blessing on Earth…and in Heaven. Rest in Peace Babygirl. We miss you.


  8. Miss

    Love Aaliyah Forever.. Rest In Peace… Watch Over Us..Your Music Lives On <3


  9. Music Critic

    God rest her soul. Aaliyah changed music today, if it weren’t for her then we’d not have Ciara, Rihanna, flop tart Cassie,etc etc. If she had continued(no accident), hip hop/rnb would have been taken to another level, so rest her soul!



    A true Musical Icon….An Icon isn’t some one who sells millioans (Aaliyah has done that) But an Icon is someone who brings something different to the table…and most certainly done that..Like Micheal Jackson..His gloves Moves Shoes Hair…Iconic..Aaliyah..Her Moves Hair Style of Dress that’s Iconic…..She will be missed…





  11. 100% Nikehead

    Its crazy , its been 8 years and ill never forget where i was when i heard the news. But today is a good day cause its a day that we can celebrate her legacy, listen to the classic music she left us, and watch her videos! I must say im very depressed typing this because i know how BIG she would be now. The music industry was definately robbed from a talent that can never be replaced. She had a personality and aura about her that u dont see in any other female celebrities. Gone but never ever forgotten. R.I.P. Baby Girl


  12. brett vance

    rip baby girl. miss you and your music, you will always be missed and remembered and your music will always live on.


  13. An0thrDream

    She was amazing – I Love Her voice and will always listen to her music.


  14. Antonio

    Aaliyah Will Always Be Miss. She Will always be the best if it wasn’t for her it wouldn’t be no Ciara Rihanna Or Keri Hilson She Will Still Be A Writer R.I.P Aaliyah You Will Always Be Missed And Never Be Forgoting


  15. keyjhad

    missssss u girl,still have a h.brok about ur past,luv u


  16. Jay

    I can’t believe it’s been almost 10 years.

    Man it’s still hard to watch that video


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  18. Catie

    Wow, i can’t believe that it’s been 8 years. I’ll always remember where and when i was when i found out that she passed away. R.I.P. Aaliyah


  19. 100% Nikehead

    Ive been listening to 4 page letter, One in a million, At Your Best, Are You that somebody and Try Again. Its so soothing yet so depressing to listen to. Ive been tryna get through today without tearin but i would be lying if i said i didnt drop a tear. I have so many good memories. she was the one artist that not one person i kno had a bad thing to say about. Truely One in a Million!!!


  20. MAgver20Br

    She will always be the best forever!
    No one can compare with this beautiful girl, talented and voice of the angel AALIYAH!
    We will be missing her for so long time….
    She was so authentic in everything that she doing.
    I love HER!



  21. Lil' Nello

    R.I.P. she was such a great talent that was lost way to young! Just thinking & reminiscing about babygirl nearly brings tears to your eyes! Plus she had that natural beauty that was hard to not notice without even really trying to be! Hard to believe she was only 22 since I’m only 23 right now myself just goes to show you should appreciate life as much as you can while you have it! One of my fav videos & songs of all-time right here to!


  22. paula

    truely missed & truely and angel <3


  23. kim

    How many times does cici have to say michael jackson, Janet and Madonna are her influences.


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