Video: Bill O’Reilly Goes ‘Off’ on Jay-Z

Bill O’Reilly is back at it. This time, he’s directed his aim at Jay-Z (again) after Hov name checks the conservative talk-show host in his Blueprint 3 song “Off That.” “This ain’t black vs. white, my ni**a, we off that/ Please tell Bill O’Reilly to fall back,” he raps.

“A regular Otis Redding, isn’t he?” O’Reilly responded. He must be checking for hip-hop because rap is a popular topic on “The O’Reilly Factor,” from Jay-Z to Ludacris to Nas.

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  1. Jess

    O’ Rielly is a racist and Jay-Z just called him out on it….I’m glad Jay said it. Come on O’Reilly we’re off those racist comments like the ones he made in 2007 about African Americans and education.


  2. Whaaa

    one day all the rappers T.I. Lil Wayne Jay Z Kanye West Ludacris Nas Young Jeezy are all going to make a diss that he wont know what to respond and he would look like a idiot


  3. buddyreal

    does this guy thinks everyone who watches his show is his damn age?…cuzz, who the f*** is Otis Redding???


  4. buddyreal

    if anything, dude is jus promoting hov’s album


  5. UserQQQQ

    you don’t know otis redding? what’s wrong with YOU. That’s like the episode of “Wait, wait don’t tell me” where Paula Poundstone claimed she didn’t know who Michael Jackson was.


  6. buddyreal

    my fault i put it that way…

    i know otis redding, the soul singer from b4 my time…i mean i have grandparents who have records from that era, but what im saying is how did he fit into this topic from bill orielly..

    cant b nothing but racist crap


  7. pierre

    wow, o’reilly is dead on with the majority of what he talks about… it takes an open minded person, one who understands the true values this country was founded on, to appreciate and understand what he really is saying… and T.I. will not be on that diss song, he is one of the few rappers who understands he can do more good with his own money then the government can do with it!


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