Christina Milian & The-Dream’s Late Nights at Walmart

The-Dream x Christina Milian x Walmart

It’s 3 a.m. Where are Christina Milian and The-Dream? Christina appeared on MTV’s “It’s On with Alexa Chung” on Tuesday and revealed what she and her fiancé (or her “boo” as she calls him) like to do for fun.

“We kinda go to bed really late, so we’ll go to Walmart at like 3 o’clock in the morning,” she said. “They have a 24-hour one, so we’ll go in the middle of the night when nobody’s there and buy up everything.” Watch the interview below.

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  1. Eddie R

    Wow! Why did she get engaged so soon? How long has she known The Cream? I mean dream.


  2. G...

    Lol, look at how she’s holding his six…I mean one pack…Nah, for real though. I wonder if these two are going to last…for some reason I still get the feeling that Christina still has the hearts for Nick…don’t take it into any consideration, it’s just a personal thought.


  3. dee

    awww how romantic! lmao


  4. pecanrican

    dont hate! i aint mad at cha’..
    i got a sweet girl too.


  5. fida



  6. fida

    the dream is a ugly dude the worst couple ever


  7. Catie

    I love Christina but i don’t see them going through with their engagement.


  8. june

    Christina is one busy girl, movies, new husband, music career. She is off the hook. I loved the new Bring it On movie. Cody and Christina worked so well together



  9. andrea

    i think she is realy cool


  10. MEME

    luk 4 all yall hater plz get the fuck off the dream dick and 4 yall hoz put sum in yo mouf lmfao on dat f**kz wit yo gurl and il f**kz wit you back udig duzzes


  11. Delanda

    i didnt kno she grem up in!


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