Common & Serena Williams Are ‘Just Wright’

Serena Williams and Common

Power couple Common and Serena Williams showed some rare PDA at the wrap party for Just Wright, Common’s romantic comedy with Queen Latifah, at Greenhouse in New York City on Tuesday (Aug. 25). The rapper and tennis champ have kept their relationship relatively private.

Photo credit: Johnny Nunez

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  1. D-Lon

    Nah Man, Common, you can do better than that doug… i mean, Serena is good, but you can do better… man… fo real…


  2. G...

    Nah Ima have to dissagree with you D-Lon, so many n***** would love to tap Ms Williams. I think they look fresh, and that they both real lucky to have each other as partners. Genuine love right there!


  3. blackonblacklove

    D-Lon I hope you don’t think only women who look like Beyonce should find love. Serena is a strong, beautiful, accomplished sister. I hope Common is good for her. Oh and G, could we stop with the “n” word already. Can we leave the plantation for god’s sake people!!


  4. Somadatserena

    I don’t care what anyone saying about this couple, I just wish she would keep her grubby paws off my man. Nope just joking I think its lovely to see such a beautiful open smile on the young lady’s face as she looks adorningly into her mans face. He seems to be just as smitten, which is how it should be, mutual appreciation. Beee-ute-full.



    that relationship is still weird for me! Even weirder is the on-screen romance with Queen Latifah. #imjustsayin.


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