New Music: Drake f/ Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & Eminem – ‘Forever’ [Untagged]

Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, Eminem

Drake has already worked with hip-hop heavyweights Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne. Now he can check Eminem off his list. Drizzy, ’Ye, Weezy, and Em come together on the Boi-1da-produced “Forever” from the More Than a Game soundtrack. Props to 2dopeboyz for the untagged version.

Drake f/ Kanye West, Lil Wayne, & Eminem – “Forever” [CDQ]

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  1. LilWayneHQ

    Thanks Rap-Up :)


  2. SwaggerAreUs

    I heard this before…but not in full. They could’ve left Eminem out…and the track is hella tagged…it’s almost too annoying.

    This comment sounds hella negative. I got a headache too so…


  3. dairo zebeda

    i hope its gone bee a number unoo


  4. dairo zebeda

    hahah butt its dont goo about the track goose aout the name´s


  5. bobby

    yeah OMG those tags earlier…. smh lol pains in the asses


  6. Urban Noize

    the minute i turned this on, i couldnt stop listenin to it for 15 minutes listenin for about a good minute, i think kanye had the hardest verse. then after kanye comes drake, lil wayne, and em. this song is going to official put drake over. now hes got a lot more to prove lol


  7. AAWesome

    DRAKE IS COLOSSAL!”Last name EVER, first name GREATEST. Like a sprain ankle, BOY, I AINT NOTHING TO PLAY WITH!” – Drake This dude SSSHHHIIITTTEEEDDD! FIYAH!


  8. let's be real

    are ya’ll crazy Eminem killed this track! Then Drake , then Kanye. Lil Wayne could’ve been off. Did ya’ll listen to Eminem’s verse.? You understand flow?


  9. DJ

    @ Swagga

    Eminem had the best verse, y in the hell should he not be on the track?

    anywayz this song is betta than Swagga Like Us. I can see this reaching #1 especially with the wayne, kanye and em on the track

    In order from best to worst verse

    Eminem>Drake>Kanye>Lil Wayne



    EMINEMS VERSE:::There they go, back in stadiums as Shady spits his flow,nuts they go, cant contain me and they go so balistic whoa,
    He can make them look like bozos hes wonderin if ***HE SHOULD SPIT THIS SLOW**,Fuck no, go for broke



  11. iZIK

    always liked the original version, now Em and Ye on the track AND drake and weezy re-did their verses….. I LIKE THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE


  12. DJ Triumph

    thank for the track.


  13. DJ Triumph

    drake, kanye lilwayne then eminem. really like this track.


  14. emil

    Eminem murdered the track. Lil Wayne as usual keeps showing us why he sucks.


  15. J

    Em Went insane on that then drake, Ye, Weezy



    what the fuck’s wrong with weezy’s verse? sure it wasn’t his best but hey it was fun to listen to….no doubt eminems got the best one on there and i’m not even a fan of him..hes white haha
    but kanye’s and weezy’s and drakes were all on par with one another, eminems was just to high up there for anyone to touch him.


  17. Sirhc

    Em went in and murdered everyone on the track hhahahaha


  18. Quilt

    Doppee! Em murdered it!


  19. Dayhaaler

    Really nice track!

    Would have been better imo without em!

    He needs to stay dissing pop acts who cant fight back, thats his thing!


  20. kira

    Eminem owns this track, his flow is just on a whole another level.
    Eminem> Drake> wayne=kanye



    i love weezy to death but kiras got the right idea actually


  22. gee man

    Even though the hiphop power players are on this track I feel like everyone did not give their best. I feel like Eminem is proving his obsessed feelings because at every turn there is a Mimi jab or diss at this point its seems corny and outdated. But I must admit his verse was crazy as was Drake and Mr. West Weezy seemed out of place.


  23. Facebook User

    I totally agree with Gee Man…it’s really getting fuckin old and he’s becoming more and more lame by the second he lays down tracks….oh BTW: Mariah Carey f/ Gucci Mane – Obsessed (Remix) is #1 on 106 & Park….


  24. Hi

    i dont think drake should be on it. The verses were pretty hot but the chorus and his verse was ok.


  25. Em Killed it..

    Em proved why Lil’ Wayne is wack..


  26. sexiikiim09

    its ok


  27. giorgi

    i’m is georgian. i love lil wayne


  28. giorgi

    eminem. lil wayne and kanye west is the best reper


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