Aubrey O’Day’s Sex Tape Comes Out Next Week

Aubrey O'Day

Now that Aubrey O’Day has your attention, we can focus on the launch of Dare to Love from her Heart on My Sleeve clothing line at Owl’s Lab in New York on Thursday. Her dog Ginger was dyed green for the occasion. Poor thing.

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  1. Ann

    LOL. That poor lil dog


  2. Trent

    Yesss i have that same tee and i get ask all the time where did i get it from or they say i love it


  3. dee

    lol lets hope PETA doesnt hear bout this they will be all up in aubrey’s @$$ lol


  4. Jay

    Lol that poor dog :)


  5. bijan

    its startin to get hard to recognize her lol


  6. Jaelani

    Great way to get attention Brey, u still a lame… lol jk jk. Poor doggy =(

    Add ya gurl, boo!


  7. lolollmfaolmfaolol

    Is it just me, or does this picture give me a bonar…


  8. Catie

    I don’t understand why she wears so much make-up, it only makes her look older and somewhat like a drag queen.


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