Video: Michael Jackson Flashmob Birthday Tribute

Michael Jackson Flashmob

A flashmob gathered at Trafalgar Square in London on Saturday (Aug. 29), Michael Jackson’s 51st birthday, to recreate the iconic zombie dance from the “Thriller” music video. Although they didn’t break the world record for most people to dance to “Thriller” at one time—1,227 people set last October—it was still a fitting tribute to the late King of Pop. Watch below.

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  1. mal



  2. v

    sorry but that was the worst flashmob i ever saw


  3. keyjhad

    yeah reaaly,but they did hv fun,its was for


  4. steven

    that shit was an insult to the king of pop


  5. Facebook User

    hmm….I don’t know about this one…


  6. ..

    lol, that was terrible

    Agreeing with Steven here..


  7. Tim

    It really should not matter if it is terrible its what they did that matters. They were out there doing something while you sit there and talk about it. thats real nice…….IDIOTS…..this is to every one who had something bad to say about what these ppl went out to do.


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