Ciara & Kim Kardashian Shake It Up

Kim Kardashian and Ciara

Ciara mixed it up with Kim Kardashian at Millions of Milkshakes on Saturday (Aug. 29). The BFFs blended their own tasty concoctions at the West Hollywood sweet spot. Kim has a milkshake named after her, which is made out of Snickers topped with whipped cream and a Cadbury Flake.

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  1. bass_man

    Their milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard.

    warm it up


  2. kenneth ''

    two bad ass bitches! they need a show because that youtube is everything.


  3. hungry

    ciara is hungry for…….. Fame!!! hahahah


  4. queen beyonce

    both very gorgeous ladies! woo


  5. Catie

    Kim Kardashian is gorgeous, i love her that color. That must be the new thing for celebrities, Lindsay Lohan made her own milkshake there last month or something and got paid for it.


  6. Ciara>>ya favs

    I loooooooove Ciara! :) I agree her and kim should have their own show. Boss bitches say whatt!!!


  7. Lady Love

    Ciara looks like she’s having fun, but Kim’s looking posed/positioned in every shot. If people start to think Ciara is using Kim, they’re wrong. Kim looks like she’s doing to Ciara what she’s doing to that milkshake (sucking the fame).


  8. ron.e

    wow ciara, how hard is it to make a sundae? deer on headlights much?


  9. rihanna's std

    if ciara wanted publicity she’d have some beat the shit out of her like rihanna


  10. babyboo

    haha ciara looks no comment


  11. fab

    ci loks lovly and actually havin fun y kim k looks like she posein fo da camara smh


  12. gurl stop

    @lady love

    i know kim is poseing really for ever shot..cici looks like she neva done it b4 LOL


  13. Jay

    Two beautiful ladies…looking good Cici!

    I’ll take a Ciara Sundae wit some Ciara on the side!

    I’m so cheesy, but for real :)


  14. @ Lady Love

    Agreed, Kim’s hungry for fame. My advice to her would be to make another sex tape, cause all she’s good at is being a c*nt b*tch. Ciara is real but I still don’t like her too. She needs to make another album because Fantasy Ride bombed.


  15. G...

    @Lady Love, good point. How these two became friends always leaves me scratching my head…Ciara looks hot though. Miss K looks too unatural for my liking…


  16. Jay

    Did I hear right or is Ciara re-releasing Fantasy Ride!? I hope so!

    and I really wish we could download the Work video :( come on Jive!


  17. vick

    i want ci milkshake


  18. buddyreal

    wifey n mistress


  19. BE MINE

    Ciara is like that milkshake. Mmm mmm delicious. I don’t like fake h*’s so Kim just needa make another video cause she’s hot too.


  20. diamond1starr_ci/fan


    both ciara and kim k look stunning…y does every1 have 2 bring sum kinda beef btwn celebs who wanna enjoy themselves like HUMAN BEINGS!?!?1?! and what does rihanna have 2 do with everything??? she had NOTHING 2 do with these images, and has nothing 2 do with ciara!!! shez her own person!!! LEAVE PPL ALONE!!!


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