New Music: Mario – ‘Thinkin’ About You’


Mario takes a lap with The Runners on “Thinkin’ About You,” the follow-up single to “Break Up” off his third album D.N.A. (Oct. 13), featuring production from Jim Jonsin, Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, Babyface, Stargate, Eric Hudson, Bangladesh, and more.

Mario – “Thinkin’ About You”

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  1. Giselle

    Love it. It’s actually way better than “Break Up.”


  2. dan

    he looks like a conehead on that pic


  3. Omon Imo

    NOPE!!! Get back to your roots B!!! What’s wrong with y’all artists today? One person does something and all y’all want to jump on the bandwagon. Get a grip Mario and get your album to be what its supposed to sound like: R&B….


  4. 100% Nikehead

    I dont think this should be a single and hell no this is not better than break up smh. Mario needs a better follow up single than this he should seriously reconsider and pick another song!


  5. Nice head...

    Wow…he needs hair!!! He can’t work the bald look…


  6. gee man

    Mario is such an underrated vocalist but imo ballads are his strength.


  7. vmars08

    Great song, but D.N.A. is Mario’s fourth album…

    1. Mario
    2. Turning Point
    3. Go
    4. D.N.A.


  8. jlee

    way 2 go vmars, I was just commenting to point that out too


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