Nicki Minaj Becomes Young Money’s First Lady

Nicki Minaj

Just when you thought she was already on Young Money, the official announcement comes today that Nicki Minaj has indeed signed to Lil Wayne’s label after an intense bidding war.

The femcee, who has been making noise on the underground circuit with her mixtapes Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free, and Beam Me Up Scotty, has joined the Young Money roster, also home to Drake.

“I am honored to have Nicki Minaj as Young Money’s First Lady. She is a star,” Lil Wayne said in a statement.

The battle among labels to sign Minaj heightened this summer and finalized with Minaj signing an exceptional and very unique deal with Young Money/Universal, where she retains and owns all of her 360 rights, including merchandising, sponsorships, endorsements, touring, and publishing.

“To say I’m excited would be an understatement. It’s validation. It’s proof. It’s empowerment. I represent every little girl in a ’hood near you,” stated Minaj. “To everyone that supported me two years ago when I was on underground mixtapes and DVDs and to the people that only caught on two weeks ago, I say thank you. Be proud of yourself. You’ve given girls all around the world the permission to change the face of female rap.”

Minaj’s debut album is scheduled for an early 2010 release and will be distributed through Universal Motown.

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  1. listen

    i smell bs. there weren’t any labels in an ‘intense bidding war’ for this girl. get the f out of here.


  2. Devin

    She kind of looks like Jazmine Sullivan. But I can tell she is not as talented.


  3. buddyreal

    shes like the female cory gunz


  4. buddyreal

    which is dope by the way


  5. Oops...

    The bottom of her skirt (dark part) looks interesting…actually kinda funny and gross…a hairy situation!!!!


  6. Superk09

    Wasn’t D.woods Sister Sign To The Label Before Her… And I Never Heard Of Her… Like Everyone Else On That Label….


  7. Kendra

    Sorry but we dont need a new Lil’ Kim. She is like such a biter, she isn’t doing anything unique. Everything she has to say Lil’ Kim and Trina have already said it…girl please go sit down. There goes Young Money wasting money!!


  8. flipoff

    ok uumm nicki minaj iz da ish nd anybody who got sumthing 2 say about it can go out nd make their own cd nd c who buyz it. ha skirt iz cute….i wannna c wtf u wearin nd wtf iz d.woodz sista???? cuz i aint neva heard off ha nd if u aint heard of nicki minaj den u a flippin lame. dont nun f yall kn wtf iz goin on so therefore u should just shut the flip up


  9. 100% Nikehead

    Nicki minaj is somethin female rap has needed for a long time. She got a unique flow that has never been heard before. on a female tip she got as much buzz as Drake does, many artists are gonna work with her. If anything shes the only Female Rap artist that could actually sell records now.


  10. BARBIE



  11. Marie

    Personally, I like her, she has mad style and not to mention her flow is crazy and very unique. But I could have sworn she was the leading girl in Yo Gotti video 5 star chic, correct me if I’m wrong. Congrats Niki, and I have to agree with flipoff.


  12. musicjones59

    who in the hell is talking about Nicki Minaj ?!? this girl is nothing like Lil Kim Nor Trina …. she slays when she raps and none of her songs are sexual .. check before yu comment and dont judge a book by its cover … this girl is a force to be wreckin with … there arent may female nor male rappers i enjoy cause most are BS but this chick right here is the truth … glad she signed get into Ms. Minaj

    its Barbie B**** !


  13. vickstuhh758

    Nicki Minaj’s flow is sick and if ya’ll aint heard her then i suggest you do that. you cant have an opinion of her if you havent even heard her. I jus heard of her a lil over a year ago and i been bumpin her shit ever since. She aint like otha female emcees…shes got her own style and she dont say shit like trina or lil kim who all suck my pussy this fuck me like dat haha i aint hatin on them tho, but nicki minaj is def the female emcee hip-hop needed to keep tha game alive.


  14. GooN_K6

    Sacré paire!
    En tout faut voir si elle a le talent qui va avec…


  15. Haujukah Barbie ;]

    this goes out to all the haters ;]
    hi you see her up there thats onika maerig,
    and shes a bad bitch, doing her own thing! spitting some pretty fire our way, now if you looking sideways sit yo self down, lil wayne been had her own his label [but you would only know that if you was a REAL fan] she sick with her words and if you actully took the time to listen, you would understand shes real and just as crazzzy as any REAl female outcha. now do yo self a favor a pop in her mixtape, better yet google it, and listen to what Trina & lil Kim wished they done, [remy was close but she had to go and shoot a trick] now step yo coookies up ladies


  16. Salaiah

    This chik is garbage. I hate the way she sounds and im sorry but she is not the new face of female rap i heard about some other female mc’s that can eat her up on the mic and with their looks. Watch and see who’s getting signed next…


  17. G girl the bay mayne yaddamean

    Nicki is a beast & is just what female hip hop needs she is the truth fck anyone who thinks otherwise cuz it’s Barbie bitch step ya cookies up.


  18. Catie

    Yeah, wasn’t Shanell signed before her?


  19. mike

    Nicki is truly a sick femcee/lyricist and as a fan of hip hop and hot emcees i can truly say that shes unique and I thought Shanelle (D.Woods sis) was already there too….peace and really research an artist and listen to what theyre sayin.


  20. GK



  21. realreppinhiphop

    Sorry just because u Cute don’t make her flow sick, nor the next best thing, this Microwavable BArbie shit is tired Kim used barbie how many yrs ago?? then Trina, Nicki talking that same slick sex shit as well, she has a sickly annoying flow trying too hard to be different!!!!

    Keep it real all her tiny booping ass fans are very young and dumb, no real bad bitch is listening to her, she is clearly being pulled by Wayne, there was never a bidding war, get fucking real!!! She been signed to young money and fucking Gucci Mane!! Wayne had to check his hoe and said no no u Yung money No tour wit Gucci

    Lil’Gayne ain’t neva letting nobody under him over shadow him, bitch nor nicca cause he very bitchy!!
    Hell i’ll give u full 360 rights, ur album will neva c the light of day!! Real talk


  22. realreppinhiphop

    Simple ass Gimmicky Rhymes and whole person!! hell what is this Mutt made of?? Teiriaki??


  23. Dhat718Babii

    She’s Just Anotha Trina Fuc Wat Yall Heard…Mad Ppl Jockiin Ha Cause She A Bad Bitch,Dats Whyy Yall Claimiin She Culd Rap…N Hop 0Ff Ha Clit


  24. lolollmfaolmfaolol

    I think i successfully managed to jizz in my pants without moving a muscle thanks to this pic!

    Thanks!! :D


  25. Kevin

    I have to be honest, I just like those TITTAYS on that girl.


  26. Mi$$ B

    Nicki is coo, she jus tries a lil bit toooo hard, she says that she reoresents “every lil girl in the hood”, honestly i would never wanna have my lil niece listen to her sexuall lyrics, she okay dont get me wrong but if you wanna speak for the ladies do it in a proper way u aint neccesarily gotta be pussy this pusssy that, diverse sexual personalities and fukin on married men that aint the business…i know nicki grew up in a disfunctional home but damn atleast have the courage to rap about gettin out the hood or not havin ta sell yo self for money…
    she can spit and she does have a great delivery her topics jus need to change…hopefully soon!!!


  27. dc84

    she’s a beast on the mic but I think she’ll end up like trina.. she’s way more sexual than she needs to be.


  28. mr.minaj

    all u fuckin bastards hatin on nicki need to shut the fuck up yall always talkin shit n dont kno facks n even if u do u dont kno wut she went thru so stop hatin step ya coockies up n eat her pussy cuz she a bad bitch one of the baddest n she go hard as hell


  29. Jaelani

    Nicki Minaj is my gurl! Good for her =)


  30. bdai

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love nicki! shes the one! & u trippin if u dnt like her! im glad shes got the deal she deserves and shes already changed the game,now its time for everybody to catch up! congrats nicki!


  31. realreppin

    Sad you can read the comments and tell right off what age group her small fan base consist of 16yrs and under, no real woman on here defending no slutty Minaj she is Wack Trina was Wack but in this biz ass gets u very far, and nice fake ass, and tits will get u signed under an subsidirary label i thought u had Major labels bidding, lies!!
    Young money is not a Major u under Yung money Cash money Universal, Where ur Label name nicki?? boss bitch?? no u tool the hoe route
    All these gimmicks sure the kids love her, no grown ass person is listening nor looking for Nicki minaj know that!
    Her Album will have a Parental advisory because of her slut lyrics, and u know white people ain’t buying that shit, so that leaves the lil dumb black kids that will download ur shit, so yea she is sure to brick it up her first week!!!!


  32. not16

    Come on now Nicki got it… She’s absolutely beautiful and extremely talanted. She’s only going up from here. Haters need to fall back… cause Im sure aint none of ya’ll stickin moves like she is. And please dont say white people wont be buying “that shit”… I’m Crayola white and will gladly purchase her album… F*** outta here


  33. brittany

    I Love Nicki she has a nice flow ,and a bad attitude thats what makes her a hot rapper if i was a dude ill drill her lol .


  34. shyeshia rushing

    fuck all yall who hating on mi girl nicki minaj ion see none of yall fake ass wanna be rappers getting signed she da shit point blank end of descussion its barbie bitch!!!!


  35. rockstar renzo

    i love this bitch she got it going on i will fuck the shit out of her


  36. nenaacupcakex3

    iFuckinq Love Nicki Manaj iWish i was herr


  37. Laughin

    Yeah she’s nad until wayne gets her pregnant LMAO


  38. ms.yung tunchi minja

    I sware I love this girl she the truth with everything she speaks best female rapped alive


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