Whitney Houston Returns to the Stage

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston worked up a sweat in her much-talked-about comeback performance for the “Good Morning America” Fall Concert Series taped Tuesday (Sept. 1) in New York City’s Central Park. Is the voice still there? Find out when the “GMA” performance airs tomorrow on ABC. We’ll be watching!

Watch a fan-shot video of “I’m Every Woman” from the taping below.

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  1. Achmat

    I was there and the concert was amazing. The voice is not what it use to be but Im glad to have her back





  3. Stacey

    Just came back…Though she did struggle a bit the voice is there. Im rooting for the best


  4. Giselle

    She looks amazing!


  5. What?

    It’s not about Whitney’s age, so sit down somewhere! Whitney’s voice isn’t the same because of reasons she had control over. Aretha is 60 something and she pretty much sounds the same, if her voice isn’t the same it’s because of reasons she has/had control over too.


  6. Vaun

    Aretha DOES NOT SOUND THE SAME As she used to… Please..Whitney looks great, teh vocal sound a little raspy but i kinda like it lol..Cant wait for a real video.


  7. MW

    Clearly you weren’t there. She lost her voice and cracked all the way through and finished after 3 songs. Stop lying. She bombed and blamed it on Oprah. Thankfully, she still will sell well and has plenty of opportunities to make up for this.

    See the reviews for yourself:


  8. alistair

    I was there and she sounded soulful and emotional. She didn’t apologize for her voice until the encore. That’s right encore. People wanted her to sing more. The feeling and emotions behind her voice are amazing. I look to you started off acapella and you could hear that mid belt tone that she has. This girl can still sing!Better than lip syncing. I will take real any time.


  9. Jay

    I will always love Whitney! So glad she’s back! Already got my dvr set for tomorrow!


  10. LaBonquisha

    that was painful to watch …


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