New Music: Chamillionaire – ‘Good Morning’


Chamillionaire makes the most radio-friendly ode to haters since Maino’s “Hi Hater” with “Good Morning,” which samples Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin’.” In June, Cham announced that he was retiring from mixtapes to focus on his third studio album, due December 8. Put your lighters up.

Chamillionaire – “Good Morning”

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  1. Mo Azzam

    Nice switch up on the style.
    I hope this gets airplay..Cham is a talented artist and doesn’t get the airplay he deserves..


  2. kanyeezy``

    that sucked. leave tom petty alone.


  3. ugh

    how you gonna go from ridin dirty to this? boy stop! your gimmicks aint shit. take your dinosaur lookin ass back to the drawing board.


  4. GooN_K6

    Je préfère Creepin avec Ludacris


  5. kyra



  6. reupvick

    its aight
    good stuff tho


  7. TicToc

    Chamillionaire was done when he stopped cursing. Can’t start out and then stop, you lose your core fanbase.

    Only rapper I know that can get away with not cursing and be as ill as anybody is Prote-J. Remember his name, he’s the next Drake.


  8. jk

    LOLOL! this is wayyy tooo fackin hilarious!! is he fo real?? Ugh’s comment…’dino lookin ass’?! LOL!


  9. Kevin

    Yuck, does Tom Petty know about this? ‘Cause if he do then we got bigger problems. I AM TOO THROUGH with this track. S.M.H.


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