Video: 50 Cent – ‘Flight 187’

Curtis Jackson racks up his frequent-flyer miles in the video for “Flight 187,” the first single from his upcoming mixtape The 50th Law of Power.

Fif fires shots at Jay-Z in the song: “While Jay’s rockin’ that Urkel look, man, isn’t he from Marcy?/ They say he’s growin’ dreads and now he’s talkin’ like a Yardie/ Man, everything is changin’, I don’t understand a thing.”

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  1. ugh

    sounds alot like eminem when hes doing the verses. is anyone even looking for this guy anymore? hes so cheesy and his 15 minutes were over a long time ago. time to move on.


  2. me

    its not shots a jay-z … did u listen to the track or just look at the visuals ? He only points out the differences Jay-z from then to now – but i guess you Ross up in the background so you probably dont like 50 cent here anyway… lol
    Hot track 4 out 5 stars


  3. lyric_lee

    is he still going at it? he was played out during the whole kanye “battle” – he hasnt had a hit or released anything relevant since – wow 50 – gotta pick fights to stay relevant – has it really come to this?



    Dont like it


  5. 100% Nikehead

    Um wasnt 50 cent supposed to drop Before i self destruct the same day as Blueprint 3??? This dude has been struggling to make a hit for his album, Get up flopped majorly, I get it in flopped, Ok Your right flopped, so whats next 50.


  6. buddyreal

    he aint beefn wit jay, its all love, it seem like thats the only way 50 know how ta show it..but over all his music is like cinematography..hella better than wuts playn on stations today


  7. bellA

    He needs to grow the F–K up. He has a a good role model..and make good music..


  8. Big-A

    I dig this one!


  9. Urban Noize

    yea hes hating cuz he’s no longer hot lol..he knows that his album is gonna tank if he releases. he no longer has the buzz that he use to have. its a shame what people will do for attention, smh, even ppl with money lol. its like he said before on one his songs..” i smell”…nvm


  10. J

    sounds like em’s flow to me


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