Leave Kanye West Alone!

Kanye West

Kanye West lashed out at a cameraman filming him while shopping with girlfriend Amber Rose on the pap-filled streets of Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood on Thursday (Sept. 3).

“Don’t follow me, do not follow me!” he repeatedly told the apologetic paparazzo. Note to Kanye: If you want to avoid the paps, try shopping somewhere else. Watch his tirade below.

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  1. HappyGoLucky

    What a lame


  2. dan



  3. Bhe

    they dont even look they are shopping just walking around the store. WHACK!


  4. Kevin

    I like Kanye but honestly what does he expect? That he’ll say go away and the paparazzi will magically disappear? He’s a celebrity and, sadly, the paparazzi come with that territory. He shouldn’t complain though, there are many other celebrities who have it much worse than him. The ironic thing is these kinds of outburst are the reason so many paparazzi follow him. They’re just waiting for him to go completely insane to make a headline out of it. And seriously, if you don’t wanna get followed, don’t go on the most popular celebrity shopping street in Hollywood.


  5. Marty McFly

    Those paparazzi show no respect…they should be arrested.


  6. Karin4

    Was wonderin when someone was gonna make that Britney joke on him


  7. Cheezydodo

    Why the hell should he stop LIVING HIS LIFE,cuz some creepy ass paparazzi wants to harrass him with they cameras.Shit is sad really having cameras stuck in ya face everytime u step aside.But it comes with this game,that doesnt make it right tho


  8. bijan

    hes in hollywood wtf does he expect


  9. Jaelani

    Kanye needs to calm down. It really wasn’t that serious…


  10. ..

    wasnt that serious but kanye too is just human and can get parranoid at times too, i would get sick of it myself, but yea, as some said already, go shop elsewhere then


  11. DJ Triumph

    let kanye live.


  12. Jay

    Kanye is STILL the man and one of the greatest artist of all-time!!

    The whole getting out of the car thing was a lil over the top though :)


  13. make.it.P0P!

    Kanye can do whatever the hell he wants! He’s the man! :D


  14. Sandra Rose

    LOL, tryna seem all badass. He tryna act like “I’m the victim,” “I can talk a lot of shit & speak my mind,” “but I can’t stand it some lens in my face.” He’s just craving for attension & sure enough he got it.

    He’s looking like the male version of Britney Spears minus the insanity + “give me the headline.”


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