Christina Milian & The-Dream Elope in Vegas

The-Dream and Christina Milian

“I want to change her name to Mrs. Nash.” And that’s just what happened. After months of constant rumors and speculation, Christina Milian wed Terius Nash (aka The-Dream) in a quick Las Vegas ceremony last week.

The R&B lovers tied the knot at the Little White Wedding Chapel in Sin City, the same site of Britney Spears’ infamous marriage to Jason Alexander in 2004, reports TMZ.

According to Milian’s marriage license, the two exchanged vows at exactly 12:00 a.m. on Friday, September 4.

The wedding wasn’t quite a dream affair. The “Dip It Low” singer reportedly rented her wedding dress for $200 (including shoes and veil) and The-Dream rented his tux for $100 (including shoes, tie, and vest).

The couple applied for a marriage license last month, which was confirmed to TMZ by Milian’s rep.

The newlyweds were first seen together on set of Dream’s video for “Rockin’ That Thang” in January. Milian is rumored to be pregnant with their first child.

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  1. bellA

    congrats 2 them


  2. Giselle

    I don’t understand people who rush to get married. But congrats to them.


  3. rockwitu

    @Giselle you obviously never been asked by someone who thought you were “the one”. Why wait? If the feeling is right, do it!


  4. Giselle

    @rockwitu sometimes the right feeling, isn’t the best one. Besides, a piece of paper shouldn’t assure you of how you feel of a person. But i’m happy for them.


  5. Burmy


    Nivea had the “right feeling” when SHE got married to him…We all see how well THAT turned out.

    Not hatin’, just sayin’…That’s why when the minister says “till death do you part,” nobody takes it seriously anymore!


  6. Pinoy

    The- Dream is lucky son of a biaatchh. Christina Milian must be the best wifey for every man.


  7. dan

    why do celebs always feel the need to marry???

    the cant be together, like normal people, for 3,4,5 years to see if it fits… no…they have to marry them after 6 months!!!

    congrats christina, your cashflow for the next years is saved, cause your album will never see the light of day…

    and im not even a hater, i love her music


  8. Burmy


    You’d rather have more Carmelo & LaLas or Monica & Rockos (engaged for 5 years, but no date in sight??)



    so if shes pregnant that mean no new album n new single :(


  10. DJ Triumph

    congrat to them.


  11. trillafood

    She doesn’t love him.
    She only fucked The-Dream for songs and her flop career.


  12. Catie

    Im happy for them even though it definitely seems rushed.


  13. SwaggerAreUs

    Congratulations Dream. That’s a good catch. Don’t let her slip away…


  14. dan

    @ burmy

    fact is that you are blind within the first 6 to 8 months. thats chemistry.

    after that time you see if it fits or not, so i think every marriage thats rushed up is just a bad idea.

    i dont care if they divorce, but i would wait a little to marry someone


  15. Tiziana

    Congrats to them. Wish them peace, love and happiness. Let me clear something up for that kid who was taped in a store last december. My friend who knows him asked him why he stuck his middle finger up after that remark. 1st, he had surgery that day and was also on pain killers for post-op pain so he wasnt exactly thinking clearly. He’s very religious and wouldnt do that normally. 2nd, he reiterated a funny story I already heard prior about him singing a song about never seeing his loser brother again and he did the same hand motion as christina during the three word portion of the hook, like yeah I’m talking about you b*tch. He was meaninglessly wondering if christina heard about that. While doing so he acknowledged the jealousy and propaganda that led to those circumstances and even him contrasting christina to his mother and it getting spun into similarities by a hater. 3rd, His mother is a very very light skinned woman with thin lips, red hair and freckles that couldnt be anymore opposite of christina and is so disgusting she was temporarily disowned by her own family because she started a false rumor about her sister having an STD because she was so jealous of her. Another time she was flirting with someone’s husband at back to school night and got dissed. As usual she got jealous and called his wife a nappy headed n*gga and got her a** kicked. When the cops came they found about ten illegal perscriptions and I think it was speed on her. She’s a disgrace to him and if he didn’t have such a big heart he wouldn’t even speak to her but he does, he financially supports her and even bought her I think either a lexus or maxima last summer. 4th, his co-dependent @ 30 loser brother who fabricated speech impediments about someone with perfect speech would say he’s wrong even if he’s right just for the sake of propaganda. When he said christina was the complete opposite of their mother, his brother would have definitely said something if it wasnt completely true. The rumor about christina physically or mentally resembling his mother is obsurd and completely NOT TRUE.


  16. berly80

    awww they look so cute together.


  17. Shalie

    They are so cute.. So nice to find love and to get a man that loves you so much that he marries you! I wish them all the best and some beautiful healthy babies.


  18. lakeva

    wow…who would think them to together….i think she was better off with nick cannon…and dream can have marieh care.


  19. lakeva

    thats nice..but she sould of stuck with nick cannon…and the dream can have marieh carey….its crazy who famous people marry…oh well..congrates to them..what ever


  20. LOLingg Gurl

    There` babies will bee cute[:


  21. shantae

    thats true lakeva nick is the perfect 1 for her and she knows it


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