Update: Janet Jackson to Pay Tribute to Michael at VMAs

Janet and Michael Jackson

If there ever was a reason to watch this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, this is it. Janet Jackson will reportedly perform a dance tribute to her late brother at Sunday’s show.

According to TMZ, Ms. Jackson has been rehearsing for a Michael Jackson tribute to air live on the VMAs this Sunday, September 13, at 9 p.m. EST.

The youngest Jackson’s homage to her big brother is being choreographed in part by Travis Payne (Michael Jackson) and is said to feature 20 backup dancers.

Some rehearsals have lasted as long as 15 hours a day, reveals Kriyss Grant, one of the dancers involved. “There won’t be a dry eye in the house,” he says.

Other performers set to take the stage at New York City’s Radio City Music Hall include Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, BeyoncĂ©, Lady Gaga, Green Day, and Pink.

UPDATE: MTV has confirmed the news, saying, “On Sunday, Janet will make a special appearance at the VMAs to help open the show and honor MJ’s career. Previous reports noting that choreographer Frank Gaston is involved are erroneous.” They did not elaborate on what the appearance would entail.

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  1. Trey

    her and ciara should of did something togather for him


  2. i love ciara

    ^ you never know

    i’ll shut up now


  3. Andre Le Dale

    OMG OMG I just had a heart attack LORD, please don’t let this a LIE, Janet is my number 1 ENTERTAINER and she will be the only reason why I won’t be at work this coming Sunday. Gaga, Beyonce, and now JANET FUCKING JACKSON i’m so done!!!


  4. mr_baxter

    Ciara has nothng to do in an MJ tribute… Janet will do it awesome!


  5. Andre Le Dale

    OMG this shit better not be a LIE, I’m so calling out of work this Sunday.


  6. rockit

    BEYONCE who?

    LOL, this ain’t BET Awards…..


  7. Kyle

    So we got Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Queen Beyonce and now a legend performing a tribute to her late legendary brother? The VMA’s ratings are going to be through the roof this year. They better/should not disappoint.


  8. Vitalize Ent

    im excited for this. there’s no one better to do a tribute. i know she’ll be ready physically, i just hope she is mentally prepared


  9. An0thrDream

    Thats going to be AMAZING

    Im stunned she’s going to do this

    Theres no Doubt she’s going to be outstanding on her own, but def. if there was 1 other person involved it’d have to be ciara, she represents the jacksons the best.

    Go Janet!


  10. amaroth

    other than janet, the only performer worth seeing is pink..


  11. Ahonui

    That must be hard to sing her bro’s songs.


  12. Antonio

    It will be awesome to see her do a tribute for her brother but it will be awsome if Ciara and Chris brown do something because Mj has really inspired them both. They are the best dancer. But Janet will be awesome love her voice


  13. Giselle

    I think i’m gonna faint. Can’t wait to see this.


  14. La La Love

    I know Ciara has nothing to do with MJ, but she’s the only female performer other than Janet to really display the massive impact Michael had on the music industry. No one dances like her & Janet but together, they would be so hot!! As for Chris Brown, I don’t think its a good idea to perform, he’s good but is a better person suited to pay a homeage to OJ Simpson, thank you!!


  15. edjane obama

    Great ,Janet!

    Mike deserves!

    Viva Michael!


  16. Lil' Nello

    Great that Janet is doing that I’m sure it will be real good & great!


  17. Andii

    I love how Janet is seemingly the only person who is not using her brother as a cash cow. Then again, she is the last remaining Jackson with any sort of career, bar possibly Randy Jackson.

    I’m unsure about Ciara, though. Maybe Usher, or Timberlake, as they show some extreme influence from Michael, but Ciara seems quite a random choice to me, personally. She is a fantastic dancer, though, so if it does come about, i won’t be disappointed.

    But Brown, however….I do doubt Michael would approve of someone who’d beaten his girlfriend performing. Plus, i never liked the tribute performance he did last time, it was weak at best.


  18. keyjhad

    physically i think she is strong enough to do something but mentally thats will not be easy for her,i am sure she will cry in the end when everybody will stand up for her and MJ, i like her voice i m fan too but singing MJ is a high level man, u talking about MJ…. anyway i will not miss it………luv u ms jackson


  19. La La Love

    Ciara isn’t random. Usher, Justin T, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, etc. all embody MJ as we well know but Ciara as I had said is one of the only FEMALE performer’s that embodies MJ so. His music has touched us all & as stated dozens of times, its Ciara’s dream to perform or record with Janet/Michael. Too many male artists today all have the MJ persona, its not a male dominated society anymore, wouldn’t it be better to show his music went beyond man, but to everybody? Oh well, if she doesn’t I guess that’s ok, we still get to see Janet. . .

    Hopefully if the rumors are true.


  20. Jaelani

    YAY! OMG, my mom looks like her..


  21. SwaggerAreUs

    I love Janet…more than any artist alive. So…this better not be a false accusation. I would be very disappointed. You haven’t let me down yet Rap-Up. I hope this is not the 1st time. :/


  22. Demar

    I cannot wait to see this performance. I know the tribute is going to be amazing. Plus, this might be what Janet needs to revitalize her singing career. She’s going to be a problem for the VMA stage! Long live the Jacksons!


  23. Jes

    ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!!!!!! “screams” That would be CRAZY!!!!! I love Janet and the whole Ciara thing, I don’t know if that is true or not but, Ciara said something on twitter that she is going to NYC she said she has ALOT of work to do. Who knows. Whether Janet performs with or without Ciara, I am sure she will blow everybody out of the water!!! Go JANET!!!!!!!!
    .RIP Michael.


  24. An0thrDream

    Janet is gonna OWN the VMA’s

    Ciara would be the icing on the cake


  25. k

    hope it’s true, hope it’s true, hope it’s true…


  26. Pah-Leeze

    Ciara, what f*ck ya’ll talking about??

    BEYONCE should do 2 acts, helping Janet & her own performance.

    Ciara can’t do shit, she’s a little b*tch & your all freaking dumb people saying she of all people should perform with Janet. Beyonce should be in all ya’ll mouth’s not Ci-Error, pah-leeze, BEYONCE would be a better person to help Janet on stage. Ciara can’t sing for freak & can sit down, why do people support her flopping career when the queen Bey is making hits? ALL HAIL BEYONCE, no inferior ci-error!!!!!!!!!!! BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!

    Beyonce +Janet=extreme f’n hot!!! Forget Ciara, she’s nothing & Beyonce is everything!!!!!!!!!!! Ciara is nothing & will never be in Beyonce’s league!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciara who?? Beyonce yeah, yeah!!!!!!


  27. Antonio

    @Pah-Leeze Wat the fuck beyonce need to do 2 acts wat the fuck luv beyonce but she cant do nothin M.J. Can do ciara is only female singer/dancer/performer who can dance fantastic there is always a hater comin on here damn. if janet do a tribute by herself it will be fine i would lv it , but if ciara do somethin it will be great lookin forwards to see janet i know she going to do well and going to killed the vma


  28. Andre Le Dale

    @ Pah-Leeze No thank you, Beyonce fans are always trying way to hard to prove way they thinks she’s the best, and clearly for this situation Ciara, Usher, Chris Brown, Neyo, Justin, or Britney would be the better than Beyonce. Janet Jackson just stole the spot light, deal with it. Janet Jackson can just stand on stage and it would be the most talked about performance of the night. The VMA’s are now getting so much HYPE becuase of Janet Jackson not no damn Beyonce.


  29. Catie

    I can’t wait!


  30. An0thrDream

    Yeah – i love beyonce and she’s one of my favs but she wouldnt do MJ or the jacksons justice like ciara could.

    I was stoked to see Lady Gaga and Beyonce perform

    but since janets been announced its like royalty will be at the VMA’s – so much more exciting.

    ciara twitted that she’s heading to new york this weekend cuz she has tons of work to do and she cant wait for us to see what it is : )

    Im excited for Lady Gaga, taylor swift, beyonce, and katy perry too!


  31. Pah-Leeze!

    No one can compete with Beyonce, period! Beyonce is a singer/songwriter/actress/designer, etc, so she can rock a performance better than any chick out now. Ciara is just a fake, she can’t sing/write/act (volleyball movie was stupid!)/model, so she’s beneath Beyonce. Say what you want but Beyonce has the most nominations & how many does Ciara have?? Yeah I think the critics have spoken, thank you! She’ll blow that other man over the edge, stealing all the awards from him, what’s her name? Manly Gaga? Yeah, Beyonce is a beast so pah-leeze. Beyonce is the closest thing to Michael Jackson other than Janet, so pah-leeze! Beyonce-toligy! Learn it, live it, love it!


  32. Andre Le Dale

    ^^^^You’re still here trying to prove what??????? Pah-leeze go the hell away!^^^^^


  33. Lane

    All I know is Ciara just said on twitter that she had to get up for a fitting. I can see Janet letting her perform with her. They should know each other pretty well since jd and bow wow are close and ciara used to date bow wow. I think it was the jacksons that wanted ciara at the BET awards this year. Beyonce fans are always trying to make her seem bigger than everybody but most will be watching for Janet. Let’s pray Ciara comes out with Janet. *fingers crossed*


  34. Andre Le Dale

    We will see, we will see….


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