Soulja Boy Eyes Jay-Z & Eminem Collabos

Soulja Boy, Jay-Z, and Eminem

He can check Lil Wayne and Kanye West off his list. Now Soulja Boy Tell’em has his sights set on a bigger prize: Jay-Z and Eminem.

A lot has changed in a year for the “Turn My Swag On” rapper. “When I first came out, everybody was like, ‘Fuck Soulja Boy.’ And now everybody’s calling me to get on their songs,” he tells

Case in point: Everyone from Usher to R. Kelly to Lil’ Kim has been asking to work with him. “I see the difference and I feel the difference. I got Kanye calling me, Jeezy calling me. I guess I’m in that circle now.”

But he’s still got a lot of work to put in before he can join the elite ranks of MCs like Jay-Z and Eminem. “I got a long, long, long way to go to get up there with Wayne and Jay-Z,” he reveals, while adding, “Look how much rank Jay-Z got, but look how long he in the game. Look how much rank I got, but look at the short amount of time I’ve been in the game. It’s about how hard you work.”

Soulja Boy is feeling so confident that he’s even trying to get Jay and Em for his third album The DeAndre Way. “I want Jay-Z and Eminem on the album, but I don’t think I’m in that circle yet because I can’t just call Jay-Z like that,” he laughs. “I can call Diddy and he can put a word in for me, but I just think that I gotta do work. Maybe after I put Wayne on this album and we make something historical, me and Kanye work together and make something historical, and me and Drake spit something hot as hell together, I think that’s what’s going to determine the future.”

Maybe then Hov will come calling. “After I put this album out and it’s successful, then I might get a call from Jay-Z to say, ‘Hey, you know what, let’s work.’”

As for Eminem, he can start by asking his pal 50 Cent to put in a good word. “I think I have a better chance of getting Eminem on my album than Jay-Z. I don’t know nothin’ about Jay-Z, but I’m affiliated with Eminem ’cause we on the same label and I know a lot of people that know him.”

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  1. Sofia

    Well, I hope that doesn’t happen for him.

    If this had come BEFORE the “Forever” collab Ems just done, I would have been like hell NAH is Eminem going to do a song with Soulja Boy. Now.. I’m not so sure. But.. SB is very different from the likes of the three on Forever. I HOPE it doesn’t happen (but if it does it’ll be a good way to see a toe to toe comparison for all the young ones who are 100% sure that SB can spit the best right now.. LMFAO I KNOW)If Em does this song it’ll make me think that dudes really trying hard to get his era back (you know the 1999 – 2004 era where Eminem was the shit to most people)

    As for Jay Z. I heard him say in an interview that he respects Soulja but thats not the type of music he would listen to – if he does a song with Soulja Boy than that will cement in my mind that all Jay Z is concerned with is hyping up his name and “gettin money”. Jay Z is such a fake to me. I used to like Jay but now.. not so much.



  2. Natalia

    I really like Soulja Boy. I just wish he could use proper sentences. “Look how much rank I got…” is not correct. So I’m sure if he fixes that little issue, there might be more of a chance that Jay-Z calls. But there’s still because that’s not his type of music.


  3. Vaun

    UGH Im So ova this lil boy


  4. Blueprint 3 in stores TODAY!

    #sofia You are so wrong. Jay said that he likes Soulja boy and respects his music.
    Jay is the greatest off all time. He selling out concerts around the world in 20 seconds.
    Of course Soulja boy has to earn hovs respect but if you see jay partying at some event and soulja boy is there too. Im sure jay would give him high 5 and talk with him about business. Hov is a smart and very down to earth, cool person. Im sure Soulja is getting his chance.


  5. SL

    soulja boy needs to back down from his own hype. thats a bold statement sayin slim will collab before jayz regardless of what label he’s signed to. Do you know how long it took for em to collab wit wayne? Forever is the first track they side by side and waynes been hot for a whileeeee now. I just dont see the best lyricist saying yea lets make a track. I think he has a certain level of respect for himself when it comes to doing features with other artists, especially soulja boy who is known for club bangers, not rippin a beat. I think it’s fair to say that if em’s gonna collab, he’s gonna do it with the hottest rappers in the game, and soulja boy is not one of them. He’s an entertainer, not a rapper.


  6. Urban Noize

    SL said it best, soulja boy is an entertainer, not a rapper. i guess he sees how much drake has and the fact that people are lookin to him for the future or hip hop music. because right now theres a list of people is hip hop music that’s already changing the old fashion bling bling, sex in the club, blah blah formula. the people that are making this change for hip hop are Drake, Kid Cudi, Wale, J. Cole, The Cool Kids, Asher Roth and Etc. The Reason why music is going in this direction is because most of these Emcees are talking about real life experiences, stuff people can relate.


  7. j

    jayz knows soulja boy is fake. All that oh yea i shot someone when they tried to rob me..NIGGA U TRYNA BE GUCCI MANE NO ONE TRIED TO ROB YOUR ASS. And that whole ohh yea gd 7-4 till the world please jayz part of that gangsta shit you can die for knowing about thats why hes publicly said he WOULD NOT DO A RECORD WITH SOULJA BOY


  8. Ego

    SB has no rank at all in hip hop. He feelin his self to much.
    And I have noticed hes tryna be like gucci and oj and its fake because 1st you were one way when you came out but after that got old and you start hanging with gucci you wanna ride his dick and do whole fuckin 360, change your whole style and what you rap about. FAKE. He just tries to do whats everyone else is doing thats hot. Hes a follower.
    He cant even rap only lame niggaz and lil girls rock with sb.
    He wack. Singers rap better than him.
    If he get the Kanye collab its because Kanye is generous. The wayne collab dont mean shit because wayne will rap with anyone and most of his verses be weak anyway.
    SB dont talk about shit at all.
    His time will soon be up.
    Oh and cosign on the wale and j.cole.


  9. mike

    eminem is too raw to do this. he knows sb is wack so he wont do it.


  10. gerson

    lol no way this is gonna happen kanye will accept cause he loves doing collabs with anyone


  11. Sofia

    No @ “Blueprint 3 In Stores Today”. (BTW You sound like a commercial). I heard the interview, Jay Z said all the things you said he said except for the part about how he likes Soulja’s music. In the interview the interviwer said “But would you listen to that music?” and he said “No. I couldn’t rock to that”.



  12. Shane

    I dunno if i believe him saying about Young Jeezy, R. Kelly n Lil’ Kim callin him up for collabs they are all pretty big artists and im sure they would know he’s just a 1 hit wonder as for Jay-Z n Eminem i think he’s Dreamin!


  13. Shane

    also i think Lil’ Kim is due for a come back…


  14. yOuNg_MuLa

    jigga n eminem bigger than wayne!? damn hes fucked up! soulja, kanye n em r dope but shit!


  15. shox

    (((hey, is dat somebody could gimme da website where i can buy soulja’s monster beats?!?!?)) PLEASE


  16. From Cali To Cali

    if this happens im going classical and country..


  17. roderick

    hey souljaboy what you been up to man i just chill man you is a best rapper man forever


  18. roderick

    hey lil wayne is bigger them younger_mula is right


  19. ASID


    Jay and Eminem will forever be in my list of best rappers ever

    if ur talking about “big” then i guess i can get sales in…Eminem is the artist of the decade..while wayne is the felon of the year


  20. Black Diva!!

    wat u ol talkin BULSHIT, soljaboy is de best u ol haters.hes fine 2 me I WANNA MAKE BABYS WID U SOULJABOY gooodluck.


  21. sandra

    glupost,on nikada nece biti kao ova dvojica.mada ako ga narod prihvati to je onda ok.


  22. The Real Slim Shady

    Fuck soulja boy the only people that listen to that shit are 15 year old bitches. he’s not rap. Slim won’t. He has more respect for himself then that. And soulja boy needs to let his ego go. “when I first came out everyone was saying fuck soulja boy” the still are you stupid bitch. Fuck soulja boy and his corny ass music.


  23. Ozzy

    Hahahhaahab stupid wack ass nigga soulja boy has the nerve and the balls to momentarily think that he has a chance to get a collab from em and jay Hahah lmao.. Em, jay & nas are the 3 hip-hop elites of our time and they wouldn’t succumb to the level of one hit wonder soulja boy


  24. A2daK

    Soulja boy is wack


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