Whitney Houston Soars to No. 1

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston has every reason to feel like a “Million Dollar Bill.” The pop diva’s new album enters the charts at No. 1, becoming the biggest first-week sales of her career and the best-selling first week by a female artist this year.

Houston’s first album in seven years, I Look to You, debuts with 304,801 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. This is her fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200. Outside the U.S., she holds the No. 1 spot in Canada, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

These numbers are Houston’s best opening sales week since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991. Her previous best first week was in 2002 with Just Whitney (205,000). I Look to You is also the singer’s first No. 1 since The Bodyguard soundtrack spent 20 weeks at No. 1 in 1993.

Elsewhere on the charts, Trey Songz’s Ready has the second-biggest debut of the week, landing at No. 3 with 131,000, while Pitbull’s Rebelution makes it way in at No. 8 with 41,000.

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  1. sosiccwitswagga

    Congradulations whitney on the number 1 album n the country you so deserve..


  2. Giselle

    Congrats. She deserves it.


  3. April

    Gon head Nippy!!! What an excellent write-up Rap-Up! I love your site. Whitney Houston is most definitely back! I’m seriously in loooove with her new album.

    Whitney Houston’s new video, “I Look To You,” is set to premiere tomorrow at WhitneyHouston.com after a first look on Oprah! Can’t wait to see it!


  4. Sugar Rush

    Go Whitney!!!!

    Im so happy for her, she did well to get those numbers considering there was no video and no hit single on radio..


  5. keyjhad

    Go whitney, we did it.ahhhhhhhhhh i got mine too, btw where is i look at you video? any news of?


  6. Shayleen

    Congrats to her. That’s great to hear. She better enjoy it when it last… Mariah is going to take that “biggest first week from a female” in a couple weeks. Love them both though.


  7. rockwitu




  8. lovewhitneyhouston

    whitney Congrats!! to you. the hard work pays off. You deserve it. for the people that didnt get a copy make sure you go pick it up. Make this a 2 week number one!!! TRUE DIVA+TRUE MUSIC=SUCESS!!!!


  9. Catie

    Wow, congrats Whitney! The album is seriously one of the best albums of the year, there are absolutely no filler tracks on the album.


  10. Craig

    @Shayleen LMAO! Talk to me when MC sells well worldwide. Whitney is set to go #1 in 18 countries. MC is only a US hit. She doesn’t hold a candle to Whitney worldwide.

    MC should be focused on giving the performance of her life on Oprah b/c after Oprah tweeted that Whitney “BLEW THE ROOF OFF of Harpo” MC might fall in the shadows of Whitney once AGAIN! LMAO!


  11. Jeremy

    To Craig:

    Cant you just be happy for Whitney? You are the only jackass on here that decided to post something negative!! I believe Whitney and Mariah have nothing to prove to anyone at thus point in their career!!


  12. Craig

    I am happy for Whitney, but I’m not gonna let somebody throw shade at her and pretend like it never happened.


  13. Jeremy

    Well, don’t hate on Mariah!! She ain’t done nothing to you besides give you hit after hit for years!!


  14. Craig

    I’m not LMAO!She can have “hit” after “hit” all she wants. Tell me when her “hits” will be remembered and celebrated in the future. IMO she’s too busy focusing on getting that #1 with music that’s current instead of making music that will last 10-20 years from now.


  15. keyjhad

    lol i never think about that, is truth, in the world people celebrating more whitney music than mariah


  16. LOL

    Whitney could do bether than that.


  17. tee

    and yall thought beyonce was the number 1 queen think again beyonce is a fraud and copycat whitney derserves this have you guys heard beyonces fans they are callin her the new michael jackson are they serious


  18. gee man

    Good for Whitney but I expected bigger numbers since this was one of those albums most in demand. Despite no solid hit or real promotion I say job well done. Please let’s stop the Whitney vs Mariah battle both have had their good and bad times and are still around in this business when the world wrote them off.


  19. Kilyan

    to CraiG…

    Excuse you …?

    MC doesn’t sell worldiwde..?
    U need to check your source cause as far aS I know…MC is overselling W in ANY WAYS…and not Nation wiSe onlY..So..

    Since when MC did fall back on WH shadow…?

    Your comment is just ridiculous and pointleSs.

    MC could still sit on your face while eating popcorn…She will sell more than 300.000 units on her opening week.

    Your comment was just stupid and useless.


  20. Craig

    I’m not gonna address anyone in particular:

    To put things into perspective BEP sold 304K it’s first week with a #1 hit song, video and massive promo.

    Maxwell sold 316K with a hit song, massive promo and video.

    Jay-Z is set to sell 300-350K with a hit song, promo and video.

    Which leaves me with Whitney official sales of 311K (6,000 included sales 2 days before release) with no promo, no hit song and no video.

    Whitney debuted #1 worldwide and will have a #1 debut worldwide in 18 countries.

    Thanks, I’m done.


  21. Tahsa K.

    ^^^ DAAAMMMM you shut them up LMAO!!!


  22. Whitneysfan2002 (KylanJacobs23)

    This thing is bigger than Whitney Houston. This is what you must understand. Whitney & “I Look To You” in on some next level s***.


  23. JO-J0



  24. Danielstylz

    Congrats!!!! Whit-Whit…an ORIGINAL DIVA (& NO…NOT a female definition of a hustler!!!)yawn..LOL


  25. Daniel

    Nothing but Love!!!!
    Just Believe in her.


  26. Nick

    There is no comparison between Mariah and Whitney.
    Whitney has been in this game longer than Mariah. Though Mariah has sold more, Tommy Mattolla worked her to death, releasing an album almost every year in the ’90s.
    Whitney has sold over 170million records with far less albums than Mariah. That should tell you something.
    Whitney is THE VOICE. She doesnt need a hit single or video to sell records. Her Name sells itself. That’s when you know you are a Legend.

    Not only that, her 2 DAYS on Oprah along with 2 New Music Video Debuts will catapult her sales and make the album have longevity. She is a huge contender for the 2010 Grammy’s. Mariah adores Whitney and has respect for her that she pushed her album back b/c everyone is talking about Whitney!!


  27. essejae

    Both are talented. Let’s just let the numbers settle it. MC’s new record will be out in a couple weeks. Let’s cool it til then.


  28. Jay2009

    love the album, it’s a classic Whitney, that would B so weird to hear club bangers from her so she keeps it natural and simple and true fans love it


  29. Kilyan

    and W wont be #1 in 18 countrieS…Thats pure fantaSy..


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