NY Fashion Week: Ciara, Amerie, Amber Rose, Melody Thornton, Teyana Taylor

Amerie, Ciara, and Amber Rose

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2010 tripled the star power when Amerie, Ciara, and Amber Rose sat front row at the Nicole Miller show on Friday (Sept. 11). Kelly Rowland, Melody Thornton, Teyana Taylor, and Sean Paul also attended the weekend’s festivities, including Christian Siriano’s show.

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  1. IAmMe

    Amerie lookin hot!!! Can’t wait to see her new video this week!


  2. Burmy

    Amerie & Ciara in the same spot-if I’da been there, my heart woulda melted!


    Amber Rose REALLY needs to grow her hair back! Seriously-if she INSISTS on the shaved look, at LEAST make the fuzz dark!
    Kelly Rowland-STILL. FINE. AS. EVER. That style looks MUCH better on her than it does on Cassie.
    Melody Thornton-THAT’S how a female’s supposed to pull off that do!
    Teyana Taylor makes the hipster/nerd trend look FINE in a lady-she’s waiting for marriage tho, so I’mma wait too-something tells me she’s worth it.


  3. Burmy

    Oh, and I KNOW “Beydabess” will leave a HATER comment in 3…2…1…But (s)he should answer this question from me first:

    Why does (s)he NEVER comment on anything Beyonce’s actually involved in? All his/her posts are on is other females and how they’re “inferior” just because they actually look like REAL PEOPLE rather than those born with platinum spoons in their mouth! (Beydabess was born with a platinum foot in his/hers!)


  4. thugslye

    ci look HOT..nd who is dat bald chick???


  5. CB

    ciara looks stunnin


  6. An0thrDream

    Get it cici!

    Thats a cool picture of the three of them – i bet the fashion planners were estatic to have the three ladies front row. Everyone looks hot


  7. scofield

    go girll
    cici lookin firce!!
    love her to death


  8. Go Girl

    Amber Rose has that I don’t give a sh!t attitude. Amerie looks like she’s lost. Sean Paul & Melody are looking nice, Kelly looks nice as well. And… Ciara is fabulous, my favorite. Can’t comment on that girl, don’t know her, except that she was on Sweet 16.


  9. tell'em

    Amerie stylin’ on em’ as usual. Amber looks cool and sophisticated. Melody looks hott, I’d rather a solo album from her than that Nicole chick. Its nice to see Kelly, looking good too.

    Teyana Taylor needs get off twitter and ustream to about her lame friends chris brown and soulja boy and release a hit. Thats if she’s capable. And she should’ve stayed home if she had nothing to wear. lookin’ like someone’s little brother…


  10. miasa

    ahh lookin gr8 cici


  11. Carl

    Get em cici!


  12. Deontae

    Ciara lookin extra sexy! I can’t wait to see the pictures of her on the runway at Versace


  13. BestRapSongs.Net

    Oh my god. That chick Amber is incredibly sexy.


  14. Ali Adnan Dawood

    The hottest is Melody, Sean and Kelly… the rest are bullsh!t


  15. Kyle

    wow, everyone looks super sexy. Especially Ciara and Kelly Rowland. Glad Ciara is back to rockin the long hair.


  16. mike

    IN LUV WIT KELLY!!! Ciara finally hittin on something u can tell when someone else dresses her!!Amber Rose does no wrong in my eyes…like Amerie and Melody they need to get things poppin on the solo tip.


  17. TASHA404



  18. Globals

    all good things


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