Lil’ Mama: Blame It on New York

Lil' Mama, Jay-Z, and Alicia Keys

Lil’ Mama is singing a new tune. The “Lip Gloss” rapper has issued a statement apologizing for crashing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ VMA performance.

“I did not mean any disrespect towards Jay-Z or Alicia Keys,” she told MTV News. “I admire them and look up to them as role models. ‘Empire State of Mind’ had my emotions running high. In that moment I came up onstage to celebrate my two icons singing about NY.”

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  1. Andre Le Dale

    I here what she’s saying but it’s a time and place for everything! Kanye and this chick runied what would have been a perfect show.


  2. Sirhc

    lil mama and kanye west 2 idiots..


  3. Sharnee Hood

    Lil Mama is one sick KID! she had no right up on the stage. Look how quickly JayZ turned his back on her! hahaha.


  4. oh well

    we are tired of jayz and alicia’s keys.

    Lil Mama we know you still here. ish I would of crashed on their party too.


  5. shonuff

    lil mama is quite the reptile and looked like a new born dinosaur when she stepped on stage, really made me lose my dinner


  6. That's Right

    Jayz look like a thirsty Camel advertising cigarettes.

    Alicia is a home wrecker that takes sloppy seconds.


  7. Kyle

    I agree with the first comment, I bet Lil Mama did feel a rush and I know she loves her hometown as well. But seriously, she should’ve thought of the consequences first because I guarantee you she’s pretty embarrassed. Hip Hop Royalty (Jay-Z) is looking down on her right now, that sucks!


  8. SwaggerAreUs

    This may be true Lil’ Mama but you have to admire from afar…Some people just don’t know how to NOT be apart of something. That wasn’t a moment for Lil’ Mama…I’m sorry.


  9. Giselle

    LOL. I still cannot stop laughing, sorry.



    a fool and money will soon part


  11. kyladreamsmusic

    Ummm….Jay-z & Alicia Keys are like royalty as far as R&B n Hip-hop. That’s alllll I’ma say on this one.


  12. ashlyn bethel

    since when is it accepatable to run on stage during the awards?? they now need security for celebs…wow both kanye and lil mama was trippin


  13. The Explosive, C4

    There were only two good parts in the entire VMAs

    One was Muse

    The other was the Beasties/Spike Jonze getting the award for “Sabotage”

    The rest of it was trash, who listens to this garbage?


  14. MissCandyce

    And then look at what she has on…a true mess


  15. An0thrDream

    publicity stunt


  16. Dominicano

    Lil mama acted like a lil shone that night! str8 hoodrating it!


  17. Neuri (NYMO)

    “Just cuz lil mama is from nyc , dat didn’t give her any right to be on stage with 2 heavyweights . She looked soooo dumb . Jay-z and Alicia looked like the twin towers and Lil mama looked like a street light pole”


  18. MESH



  19. Jamika

    lil mama should b totally embarrassed lmao nobody reconizes her ass then she came up there wit two greats lmao she woulda been better off takin the mic outta taylor swifts hand lik Kanye


  20. mal

    loooooooool the posts are too much, born dinosaur loooool


  21. Kirs

    Lil Mama is a joke! I thought it was hilarious…I didn’t knw who it was until I saw after Jay-Z turned his back on her!


  22. Nay-g

    I thought it was completely hilarious when she fell write in line with the pose at the end like she was part of the act. Even fooled my friend. He looked at her like, who the f*@k is this?!! She’s gonna have a stomach ache about this for nights. But hey, we’re talking about her right? Bad publicity is better than no publicity.


  23. Allboutdamoney

    Man lil mama was a fool lookin like a smaller version of bowow wit a mix of a pitbull. He looked a mess an kanye was a trip an shouldn’t of been sippin on dat hen-a-c dat night. They both should of thought before they acted a fool an then had to apoligize. Personally i think it was a dumb a@# publicity stunt that went wrong for them both.


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