New Music: Janet Jackson – ‘Make Me’

Janet Jackson

After honoring her brother at the VMAs, Janet Jackson keeps his memory alive by releasing “Make Me,” an uptempo disco throwback produced by Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins that invokes Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough.” The song, which Janet calls a “very special gift” to her fans, may be featured on her new album due in early 2010.

Janet Jackson – “Make Me”

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  1. listen

    nice of her…song is cool…but i’d rather hear what jimmy jam and terry lewis are going to give her for this next project. i want something fresh and has the impact that rhythm nation/janet/velvet rope had.


  2. SwaggerAreUs

    I been loving Janet album for years…people haven’t even gave Janet a listen the past few albums and I feel that it’s a shame that they’re jumping high band wagons right now…don’t abandon Janet. She’s still amazing and always will be.


  3. Will

    The song sounds fresh, upbeat and it’s not to graphic. My question to ‘listen’ is why work with the same old people again?


  4. Will

    The song is fresh, upbeat and it’s not too graphic. My question to ‘listen’ is why work with the same old people again?


  5. listen

    because the “old people” gave her better music, more memorable records thant the “new” people.


  6. Giselle

    It sounds very 80′s-ish. I love it.


  7. ChiChi Rodriguez

    All of Michael’s disco tracks are still his most beloved. If the new album is more of this Janet will have her biggest hit album of all time on her hands! Perfect timing!!!

    GO JANET!!!!!!


  8. dan

    come on, her last cds weren’t bad…especially discipline was a great cd!

    people just didnt gave her a chance

    sad that they are giving her one now, just because of michaels death…


  9. irong7

    love the new track. better than anything she has put out in a while………tho feedback is still my sh…t. darkchild and janet a perfect combo


  10. Rico

    The dancing at the VMA’s was cool, but I’m really tired of Janet lip-synching. I’m glad she did a tribute but I like Latoya’s song Home tribute better. Latoya’s vocals are much better and she is the only one with any personality in the family and she was the first there at the hospital, signed the death certificate, and planned the memorial, and has since promoted Michael’s charities. Janet went right back to work on Tyler Perry’s movie and back in the studio to record yet another sex song just after her brother’s death. Sad, Sad, Sad.


  11. DJ Triumph

    sound good.


  12. batman98341049

    I love the song. Cant wait for the album to come out I have been a Janet fan for years seen her in concerts and have all her albums. I hope she goes back on tour. Love the new song keep up the work and make it funky and fresh.


  13. SoDandy

    I feel like im back in the 1990s!!!

    Whintney and Mariah releasing ballads!!

    Toni braxton released an amazing track, and now it’s Janet!!!

    I’m LOVING IT!!!

    Welcome back DIVAS!!!


  14. chocolate

    I love me some JANET….Whatelse can I say she is our BLACK QUEEN of POP!!! Support her and Stop HATING BLACK PEOPLE, damn….WHite folks support MADONNA at 52, Here is Janet at 43 and we ready to retire her WTF!!! after all she has done and been through!!! oh paleaseeee. She been doing this since 10 33 YEARSSSSS!!!! and still that BITCH! I love you JANET and remember alot of haters are out here but I love the fact that she keeps on keeping on regardless of the haters and RADIO!!!! – they better play her this time around.


  15. J man

    Rico, I think you need to get off the Coke, cause you are obviously higher than Whitney at the 1995 VMA’s if you think that LaToya has the better voice, that Janet lip synched, and that LaToya has more personality.
    LOL EVERYBODY knows LaToya cant sing, why is it that she recorded 11 albums, and not a single top 20 album or single?
    It’s more obvious that Janet didnt lip synch at that award show than pretty much any other because she was clearly tired in her voice, any idiot could tell that.
    Wow, you haters kill me, I love how you think Janet owes us ANYTHING because she lost her brother, you are an ignorant hating jackass, hope you get yur rehab that you badly need
    But enough of this retard.

    Anyway, Janets new song is awsome and definately a chart topper


  16. Grownassboi

    I agree with with J man. Im sure latoya is sincere, but at the same time she`s still doin damage control for all the circus acts she use put on back in the day. I wont go into any details but check her out on wiki. Janet, on the other hand, was working on Tyler Perry`s movie and announced an album and book release BEFORE michaels death AND Janet is not in need of funds because before she released velvet rope, she signed an 80 million dollar contract. She also had endorsements with JAGUAR.Along with movies, concerts, dvds, etc Janet doesnt even had time to be broke. Sad ass people these days think that nobody exists outside black entertainment besides Beyonce, Soulja Brat, Kanye Mess and all these lil one hit wonder dance songs floatin aroung. I dont even know why I felt myself get offended by “RICO”. This is the damn internet, of course there is always somebody to something tacky out of ignorance or on purpose.


  17. Grownassboi

    Oh yeah i forgot to mention that this song is FIIIYAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!


  18. whatever

    To the person who siad this was a sex track??? listen again its about dance no sex. Also she was already working her movie with tyler and her album which she did take a month off, but there is a thing called deadlines. PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS; might I add that this song features lyrics from a MJ song (don’t stop till you get enough) as she planned. Song is in no way about sex, but about dancing.


  19. LILCUTIEbab3

    i luv u janet u r tha best


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