Pitbull Rips Into Kanye West

Pitbull and Kanye West

Pitbull is joining the Kanye West bashing. The Miami MC was not afraid to sink his teeth into West after he interrupted Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech.

“Kanye, what a fu**in’ disrespectful motherf**ker,” he told TMZ. “I tell you one thing, he know who to do that to though.”

What would Pitbull do if ’Ye did that to him? “Ay ya yay! I come from a neighborhood where they say, ‘Don’t talk about it, be about it.’”

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  1. SwaggerAreUs

    #1….what does that mean? Pitbull…you’re not gonna do much of anything to Yeezy…have you seen his crew?!?!??


  2. JC

    here’s what I hate about the media…ya’ll a bunch of real instigators…

    What exactly did he rip into Kanye rap-up? There’s a youtube video of me dissing Kanye too…post that up.

    I’m bigger than Pitbull.


  3. Aton

    Of course pitbull’s opinion counts! He makes AMAZING, PROLIFIC music tha……wait. smh


  4. EmpireState

    JC, you sound like a real stan. Nobody wants to hear about u cause we dont know who u r


  5. JC

    My bad EmpireState…I just feel like this whole Kanye/Taylor thing has blown up like Kanye literally beat Taylor with a baseball bat…

    People need to stop thriving on this for real.

    My apologies once again.


  6. EmpireState

    No need to apologize, but you do realize that the media would not be talking about this if we didn’t care. they’re just feeding the fire


  7. JC

    ‘They’re just feeding the fire’ <<– that's the problem! (in my opinion)

    Plus anyone bashing Kanye will most likely be attending his concert with Lady GaGa…so the hypocritical factor is definitely there as well. If Kanye listed Pitbull to tour with him I wonder what his response would be LOL!

    On to the next one, folks.


  8. EmpireState

    Kanye makes good music, but that doesn’t give him or anyone else a pass. what he did was downright rude. it’s amazing to see ppl stick up for him.

    kudos to pitbull and pink for saying what kanye’s peers are afraid to say because it may ruin their chance to work with him


  9. efkanye

    id f that fool up myself and im a nobody…..im boycotting that idiot also……


  10. Gera

    that’s right PIT…..

    F that kanye bitch….
    what a fucken fag…


  11. Wave

    Whoa,”don’t talk about it,be about it?” GTFOH Pit.


  12. brittneyfu

    I think it was pretty rude of Kanye to interupt her like that, she’s very sweet and was really excited about her first vma, but its not like he was straight up dissing her he was just saying he thought Beyonce had one of the greatest videos of all time, I’m sure alot of other people were thinking the same thing but no one else except Kanye would ever get up there and voice what they think in that way, but just because you’re famous and make amazing music doesn’t mean you can disrespect someone like that and get away with it.
    either way I still love his music.


  13. brittneyfu

    and Pitbull isn’t shit compared to Kanye I mean come on now his music is annoying and I bet you anything he would never talk shit to Kanye’s face


  14. kanye=douchebag

    @ brittneyfu, u obviously never seen that vid of pit knocking some dude out on stage.


  15. G...

    Pitbull…Big ups!


  16. lovelyD

    YO pits 100% right. what that idiot did was un called for. Hes shit to me and every one else and now he will get what he deserves. What comes around goes around and now itz going to really bite him in the ass. Pit bull kan kick his ass any time any place…


  17. Romey

    Kanye is b****h. Kanyes crew…LMAO….You have no idea who Pitbull knows. Has Kanye seen Pitbulls crew??? Pitbull would make Kanye his B****H


  18. Pitbull Rips Into Kanye West

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  19. Thuban

    Lol Romey.

    Pitbull is a f***ing piece of sh*t who make weak music. He talks but he’ll never do anything.

    Kanye was wrong and he need to rest.


  20. intro

    kanye is engulfed in his cash and achievements he’s drunk with it n if he is not careful it mite kill him………..and pitbul to kanye is like pinky to godzilla


  21. FD

    Kanye is a drunken fool. Not to mention Beyonce, who is hot as an artist, but the video was weak. Best of all time… dude your a fucking idiot. You shoulda been more critical on that onesie your fugly beeatch wore to the show. Grow up you douche. Your music aint all that either. Don’t take much now adays to copy and paste sum samples and try to rhyme


  22. jay

    dude, pitbull would have socked that cocky 80′s wearing clown up on stage then & there… so yea… he knew who to pick on. Did anyone see that vid where Pit knocks out that dumbass fan who through money @ him on stage? lol


  23. RealTalk

    so whose boycotting Chris Brown????
    When he actually beat a girl.
    if you boycott Kanye then boycott Chris Brown


  24. Reppin

    Kanye clowned this chick. No doubt he feelin Beyonce and we all got our feelin B moments but d*mn man… the public gave this chick her shine, let her have her moment. B went on to win Video of the Year… she got her’s. Plus…reppin for B is her man’s job Jay.. U aint that 1. Enough … he should not be invited 2 anymore award shows for this latest in a LONG list of immature antics… Someone needs 2 let Ye know it aint all about him and his opinions.


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