You’re a Jerk: Kanye West Edition

Kanye West and Taylor Swift

Kanye West, apparently drunk off the Henny, rudely interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. The poor girl was accepting her first-ever Moonman when West decided to steal her shine.

“I’m really happy for you. I’mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time,” the rapper told the startled country singer.

Mr. West was kicked out of Radio City Music Hall and later apologized, saying, “I’m sooooo sorry to Taylor Swift and her fans and her mom. I spoke to her mother right after and she said the same thing my mother would’ve said. She is very talented! I like the lyrics about being a cheerleader and she’s in the bleachers! I’m in the wrong for going on stage and taking away from her moment!”

Beyoncé made up for his rudeness during her Video of the Year win by graciously inviting Swift back on stage to make her acceptance speech. “This is amazing, I remember being 17 years old, up for my first MTV award with Destiny’s Child, it was one of the most exciting moments in my life,” said B. “So I’d like for Taylor to come out and have her moment.”

Next year, ‘Ye is in the balcony.

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  1. Giselle

    I feel very ashamed to be a Kanye West fan right now. What he did was ignorant. Taylor has sold more records than anybody this whole year, she deserves whatever they give her. Kanye is an asshole.


  2. Keri

    I say…BIG UPS TO BEYONCE!!!!! That was a very selfless and gracious moment from Beyonce. I have so much respect for her, love ya B!!


  3. lolollmfaolmfaolol

    Kanye West is a funny guy.


    respect to Kanye, for stealing the spotlight no matter what!


  4. tahirah

    kanye was wrong but rite. he should have waited to voice his views if he wanted to share them.

    the awards were ok considering they had more time than bet they should have gave mj a real least bet showed him love….

    nobody is talking bout jack black worshipping satan or lady gaga saying this is for god and gays but worryin bout kanye and his usaual behavior….what’s the world coming to


  5. dan

    kanye is such an asshole…every year he is disturbing during the vma’s

    why the hell do they invite him?


  6. dr

    i am also very ashamed to b a fan
    he cross the line in the worst way
    did you see their faces they were like is he serious?
    i thought it was a part of the shoe for a sec then i realized no kanye does this shit alll the time dumbassssss!!!


  7. Kyle

    I was really expecting Beyonce to take that award as well and found it sort of random that Taylor won it, but I still feel like Kanye is 100% in the wrong for what he did. After Beyonce won Video Of The Year and brought Taylor back out on stage it made me happy that Taylor won an award. She seems so sweet and innocent. F*** you Kanye!


  8. omg

    Even though beyonce should’ve won that categorie I was like ok she lost it but whatever cuz she still won the biggest award of the night.. kanye really queen out out.. he really shows his gay side when he passinate about something.. I wonder does amber know yet


  9. mal

    Kanye is 32 years old, how pathetic can he get to try and take a 19yo spot light. Beyonce is just such a gracious person, she was raised soo well! Love that woman! lol


  10. An0thrDream

    kanye west was an asshole and had NO right to disrespect a 19 yr old young lady.

    His MoM would be ASHAMED and Disgraced by him.
    that was disgusting

    Her first time at VMA’s, her First Moonman and he has to go up there????


    I gained so much more respect for Beyonce after letting taylor finish her speech, that was so ladylike and humble of beyonce!

    I hope Beyonce gives kanye a piece of her mind cuz that WAS extremely uncomfortable for Kanye to put her in that position.

    FUCK kanye



    Whether you’re a fan of Kanye or not,You got to admit that he was out of line and foul.Before the show started,Talor was interview and thought that she wasn’t going to win. Shes humble and I’m glad she won it and she deserved it.She didn’t ask for it,it was giving to her.Beyonce can’t win all the time,which she usually does,she won that catogory in ’03 or ’04.Age have nothing to do with it,for those who are saying that Taylor is only 19,and she needs more time,hell beyonce won her first vma when she was just 17 years old.If you don’t know about Taylor google her or ask billboard about her.I’m so proud of beyonce for standing up for whats right,real classy.


  12. Dillon_68

    Love Kanye to death, but that was wrong. Taylor worked hard for that award, she deserved it, he shouldnt have did that to her.


  13. Bhe

    I think he was just upset off of what happened to Obama last week. Cause he did the same thing.


  14. Adrian

    Hell if anything Taylor Swift should thank Kanye. I never heard of her before until this. He just gave her a career boost if anything.


  15. Aton

    I agree ADRIAN. Kanye fans don’t give an f about Taylor Swift (and vice versa). I think Kanye did this because of the 2007 VMA fiasco where he was supposed to open the show and they replaced him with Britney’s HORRIBLE performance. I wasn’t even going to watch this lame, rigged, show but leave it to Kanye to say whats on people’s minds anyway (even though it was rude). If Chris Brown can hit Rihanna and RKelly can piss on 14 year olds then Kanye will keep making DOPE music, dope beats, selling out stadiums, and getting Louis Vuitton/Nike endorsements.


  16. Keith Carey



  17. Burmy

    Well Taylor, that’s what ya get when you stole Jazmine Sullivan’s album title for your own!


  18. Sirhc

    man F*ck Kanye man…. that was unnecessary man i lost respect 4 dat dude taking Taylor’s shine..


  19. G...

    I truely cant believe Kanye did that! Grown ass man hurting such a young girls feelings??…Spoiled bitch…I mean this poor girl didn’t choose to get that award, it was awarded to her! He is so insensitive! Kanye is a B I T C H!!!!


  20. Catie

    What Kayne did was immature, period. There’s no way anyone can justify the situation. The incident also took the attention away from the incredible opening tribute to Michael which isn’t right.


  21. UserQQQQ

    I, like many people, have been operating under the assumption for quite a while that Kanye West might be retarded. Personally I haven’t seen a music video in like 6 years so, while I have a hard time believing Beyonce has a video that could be anywhere near greatest of all time, even operating under that premise there’s no way you can justify his actions. Sounds like he pulled a Zoolander. Just walked up on stage even though his name wasn’t called? I know mentally retarded people who wouldn’t do something so inane.

    So now I’m operating under a new assumption. Kanye went from making wicked awesome rap albums to auto-tuned trash and the trash still sold. I think he’s trying to see how bad a person he can be and still sell a no 1 album.



    Kanye is the ultimate media whore, tugging their strings whenever he wants. It’s genius….recognize true game, has all of you talking….


  23. Rida

    im proud to be kanye fan he is really right the mtvs are so racists they give award every year to britney and i dont know why . kanye is a angry black man he cant stand thats somebody hurts the wife of his boss


  24. Ejatu

    hmm kanye really had this one ;p
    he truly a jerk


  25. Noble Opoku Mensah

    What Kanye did was not all that cool but everyone in Africa loves him and i do too.Kanye!They all knew you were drunk right?And they are still taking it far.Ignore them all and come and visit me in Ghana one day.Love you man.


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