Chris Brown Takes Out the Trash

Chris Brown

Chris Brown begins his hard labor sentence in his hometown of Richmond, Va., on Wednesday (Sept. 16). The 20-year-old singer will have to put in 180 days of hard labor, attend a 52-week domestic violence program, and serve five years probation as part of his plea deal for assaulting Rihanna.

Chris Brown Chris Brown

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  1. Urban Noize

    must yall post everything about this man’s life ?…this dude deserves a break…


  2. stefan

    Clean that thrash Chrissssss. lollzzz.


  3. jorge

    fuck that post that losser cleaning up the streets embarrass the shit outta him keep them coming! he wanted to go out and party knowing paparazzi was gonna be there now fuck that i hope they take pics of him all day picking up trash


  4. Chris Brown’s Community Service Begins….

    [...] Rap-Up [...]


    I respect him for doing what is required like a true man! Nothing but respect!


  6. Aly

    SMH. People pick up trash for traffic violations and stuff. Not assault. He should be in jail. Point blank. Period.


  7. borja

    lmao thas whattt his azzzz get. dumbasssss shouldnt have hit rihanna. clean that shitttt chris.. cleannnn thatttt shittttt.


  8. emil

    At least he still has more money than all u haters.


  9. TVA

    No man should hit a woman, however as far as him going to jail for what happened. It’s a degree of the action type thing. She was hurt but she wasn’t that hurt. She was in the street going out within a week and has been on TV like she won an award for something since. To think she did nothing is to be too naive for words, she has a history of violence as well.


  10. Steph

    And when he finishes he still be filthy Rich, it’s not a big deal, his only doing this for 6 months, not a lifetime and his not in jail. He will have the last laugh, wait until his album comes out, haters you still lose.


  11. Ternicka

    Good job Chris. You’re being a man by taking your punishment seriously. ‘Huge Fan.’


  12. Dominicano

    LMAOOO!!! Chris you still my boo but get yo ass back to work!


  13. iCandy

    Justice is sweet…


  14. MissLeaB

    dis is ah hott mesz…
    he jst started pikkin up trash
    dis moring
    yu ppl r already out
    snapping pix!!
    dats ridiculious!!
    on top of dis
    its on ah
    “rap up”
    dis is too mucc
    let him live his life
    go on wit his punishment


  15. John

    Chris Brown is not from Richmond, VA. He is from Tappahannock, VA


  16. Behbah

    Well ya haters need to qo do something else with yaself. WORD
    Like Chris Brown is taking his respondsiblity like a MAN!
    And he is paying for him mistake.
    So ya def. Gotta give him credit. Like seriously.
    Just let him be already.I know NO MAN should put his hands on a woman but
    Everyone deserves a 2nd chance.


  17. 100% Nikehead

    U learn from your mistakes we all make them its part of life gotta forgive him. I think everyone was so used to seeing chris a certain way and perfect but that just goes to show that at anytime shit can change your life forever.


  18. bass_man

    THE LAST PIC KILLS ME! HAHAHAHAHA “ that him? is that Chris Brown?”


  19. Chris Brown Taking Out The Trash - FINDtheSHIT

    [...] Another pic after the jump. Props to RapUp. [...]

  20. bass_man

    Aly & borja = WIN

    He should make a remix to “Throw It In the Bag” and film the video there. I can see it now.”just throw in da bag.”


  21. Tracie

    He even makes that mess look sexy! How does he do it? LOL! I’m proud of this MAN. He is handling his business!


  22. FernandoBR

    who would have thought we’d see Chris Brown in this situation! but he has to pay for what you did!


  23. Bhe



  24. FlyinDutch

    Chris B is not only one person but there is million men who slap woman silly face init..!! man C B ur filthy rich and half No matter but police are hater for 24/7 to arrest people


  25. Elvis Raymond

    Nice 1 C B. It will soon be over. Huge fan


  26. Chris

    This is some funny stuff. Dude is paying for what he did though, so it’s only fair. I think his career will be ok. People will forgive him in time. He’s only human afterall.


  27. Tasha

    Can’t agree with u more Chris, i mean look at him, he looks so sad. Im already feeling sorry, after all mistakes do happen. Oh yeah in dis case HUGE mistake…


  28. Harvey

    L O L


  29. RealTalk

    dude is a loser


  30. tell'em

    This made my day. You missed some trash over there LOSER. Ignant stans fall back..


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