Rihanna Gives Paps a Sneak Peek


While Chris Breezy was picking up trash, Rihanna was also caught in a compromising position. The Barbados beauty wore a see-through top that exposed her nipple piercings during a visit to her favorite restaurant Da Silvano in New York City’s West Village on Wednesday (Sept. 16).

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  1. Tracie

    What is wrong with this girl? I think she needs therapy too…smh!


  2. Haaa

    CRAZY chick


  3. Nana

    She gotta keep her name out there some kind of way…so why not expose yourself??? -_-


  4. Taijmonae Parker

    im sorry now if she looked in the mirror 2day n im sure she did. y would u come out thier like that for real…but other than that her outfit is cute


  5. bass_man

    she a freak

    but I don’t think that was on purpose, at all. Those flashing lights are so,so bright. That’s happened on like red carpets before with other celebrities.


  6. enbie

    That’s a fair point about the flashing lights “bass_man” but she could have worn a bra.


  7. UserQQQQ

    word enbie. flashing lights are whatever but why aren’t you wearing a bra girl. my sister would wear a bra with that outfit and she’s 98% sure noone is going to take pictures of her when she steps outside.


  8. Matt.Beezy

    dont really matter. we done already seen the real thing…


  9. Sigh

    This is the SECOND time she has down this though. -_- She wore the same kind of top a year ago and flashed the nipple ring.


  10. Tired

    Yawn* Wake me when she finally puts some soul on… her music.


  11. Harvey

    Attention whore. Lol. Just kidding…or am I?


  12. mal

    No Class, Nothing New…


  13. Onemil02

    Harvey you took the words right out my mouth, she is an attention whore, flat out!


  14. sigh

    she needs some polish


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